ANTHARATHMA - Kannada movie review


ACTORS: Mithun Tejaswi, Vishaka Singh, Umashree, Rangayana Raghu, Rohan

There is a great deal of difference between Indian and Hollywood ghosts. Our ghosts and supernatural beings have a single-minded devotion to scaring the living. Hollywood ghosts, however, come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. Antaratma is first-time director Shankar’s Kannada version of Hollywood’s G h o s t . He proves he is upto task. He does one better by claiming the credit for the story for which Bruce Joel Rubin won an Oscar way back in 1990.

Kannada actor Mithun Tejaswi turns into a ghost very early in the film after he is killed for his money. Only one other person (his colleague Rohan) knows that Rs 14 crore has been mysteriously deposited in his account. The ghost of Mithun has to save his w i f e (Vishaka Singh) from bad elements who are after the money. The poor thing, however, finds that he has a lot to learn as a ghost before he can be of any help or threat to the living. A fake ghostbuster (Umashree) is the only person who can hear him and reluctantly helps him. Rangayana Raghu, a train obsessed dead man helps him learn the tricks of the ghost trade.

This Antharathma is unlike any other atma Kannada audience have seen before. For this and the fact that Shankar manages never to falter in the narrative makes this a very enjoyable watch. Kannada actress Umashree takes over the film with her brilliant performance, especially in the second half. It is worth watching the film again for her alone. Her comic timing is unbelievably perfect. The lead pair chemistry is good and Rohan Gowda proves a future kannada actor. The songs are good. Enjoy watching.