Kannada film item numbers

Kannada filmmakers no longer have to scout for glam dolls to do item numbers. Heroines are doing it themselves

If a film’s heroine appears in a glam song number, that would under normal circumstances be dubbed an item number. It is there because the situation demands it, and not because it is meant to titillate. kannada Songs, these days, are situational, say Sandalwood heroines in unison. Which might beat logic as to why they are going all out to up the ante in terms of glam quotient and dancing to chartbusters. But the situational item is the order of the day and in the recent past, actors like Ramya, Sanjjanaa and Ragini Dwivedi have been part of such songs that made many a frontbencher happy.


The actor’s song Mahilpurada Mylari from the film Mylari was touted to be the ultimate mass number, which even the actor agrees to. “Mahilpurada Mylari is the ultimate mass number, like Rakshitha’s Suntara Gaali. I’ve never danced so much for a Kannada film,” said Sanjjanaa.


When Ramya decided to do an item number in her film Johnny Mera Naam, the actor went on a diet to look slim and svelte. She flaunted her curves and gyrated to the beats of Urigoble Padmavathi along with co-star Vijay. And now, she is all set to shake a leg to a raunchy number again. This time around, though, she is not the heroine of the film, and instead will be doing the special number for Kavitha Lankesh’s Crazy Loka. The song, Galabe Galabe will be choreographed by Imran Sardaria.


Ragini’s song Thuppa Beku Thuppa for the film Kalla Malla Sulla has become a huge rage and Ragini Dwivedi is loving it. “I’m the new It girl and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in being remembered for this song. I had told the choreographer that the picturization had to be out of this world. This was my first attempt at an item song. It is an introduction song for my character in the film,” she said.

Yaavanig Gottu - kannada film Paramathma video song lyrics

Kannada Movie: Paramaathma
Music: V Harikrishna
Direction/Lyrics: Yograj Bhat

Naaane Genius... .......
ABCD na.. Aloo Gadde na.. Gode Halli na..
Yaavanig Gottu..
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Enu Madodu Onti Hoovandu Road-alli Siktu.. Road-alli Siktu..
Enu Helodu Intha Time-alli.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
Edeyemba Khaali Dabbakke Ondu Sanna Kallu Biddangaaythu..
Dabba Yaathakke Sound-u Maadutto.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
Ivlu Sikthaala.. Kai Kodthaala.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
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Adu Yaavdo Onti Hakki Saddanna.. Kelutta Malakkondidde Madhyana..
Kaal KG Preethigondu Padyaana.. Baredittu Keredukonde Gaddana..
Kaalidaasa Kaavya Nammappanna Kelri.. Khaali Haalegintha Olle Kaavya Illri..
Hrudayada Mele High Heel-du Haaki Rajakumari Ninthangaaythu..
Intha Time-alli Haadu Bekitta.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
Devadaasanu Enne Bittidna.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
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Kanasalli Yaako Yaavdu Saalalla.. Modana Muddu Maadokaagalla..
Chittege Chaddi Haakokagalla.. Nimge Gottalva Naanu Muttaala..
Matte Matte Bantu Edeyallondu Lahari.. Thumba Olle Kannada Maathaadbitte Kanri..
Moogu Bottaagi Huttidre Naanu Ivala Moothile Irabahudittu..
Nanna Aasegu Meaning Irbahuda.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
Munde Ellaadru Thindi Sigabahuda.. Yaavanig Gottu.. Yaavanig Gottu..
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Sadhu Kokila's kannada film 90 (Ninety)

In terms of volume, kannada films like Jogayya, Sanju Weds Geetha, Kempe Gowda and a few others may have raked in crores at the box office this year. But when it comes to profit as percentage in terms of investment, Sadhu Kokila's new kannada movie 90 (ninty) is creating a record that could be tough to beat. According to trade sources, the budget of the film, made on a modest Rs 80 lakh, has already raked in Rs 2 crore. The budget amount, say trade sources, has been recovered through the satellite telecast rights alone. “Everything that comes from the box office is a profit for the producer,” said the source. (Free download movies, songs, video here)

The producer in this instance is Sadhu himself. Though a director himself, Sadhu handed over direction of this film to Lucky Shankar.

The way kannada film 90 (Ninety) drew the audience to theaters was a big surprise for many.

“Sadhu is a star comedian and a popular composer. But when the film managed to collect a decent share for itself even in some single screen theatres where the weekly rentals were above Rs 3 lakh per week, it made everyone sit up and take notice. Sadhu had claimed that he was confident of the film making the money. But no one expected it to collect three-fold on its investments. Distributors, who purchased the film for various areas, will also be making profit. They paid amount that was huge for a film like this, but none of them will be unhappy after this show,” said an insider. (Free download movies, songs, video here)

For Sadhu, who had a tough time to shore up money to make the kannada film, it is a huge bonus.