Kannada actor Aditya becomes director

The Deadly Soma star will direct kannada actor Upendra in his directorial debut.

He’s had a rather chequered career as an actor. But that could change once he turns director this year. And Aditya is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that his directorial debut goes on the floors with a bang. For starters, he’s approached his favourite actor Upendra to star in the film. “I met Uppi and told him that I have this script and had him in mind to play a primary role in it. Uppi was very encouraging and said, ‘Definitely, why not?’” (Downlaod songs,movies here)

The kannada film, which as of now remains untitled, will get rolling on October 22, Aditya’s father, veteran kannada director Rajendra Singh Babu’s birthday. Though he prefers not to slot the film in any particular category, Aditya tells us his directorial debut film will be an entertainer. “And Uppi will make his entry just before the interval and give the plot a different twist,” says Aditya, who says he wanted the Real Star’s presence in the movie to be a secret.

“But now that it’s out, I might as well talk about it,” says the actor. So why Uppi? “Uppi, being the versatile artiste he is, has done various roles. But nobody has tapped his comic side much. His role in my film has a shade of comedy, though he won’t be playing a comic character,” explains AD, adding, “Uppi has such fantastic comic timing and people got a glimpse of it in Buddhivanta.”

Besides, Aditya admits he’d be comfortable working with Uppi. “We’ve already worked with him in two films made by our production house — Bhimoo’s Bang Bang Kids and Buddhivanta. Yes, there are many artistes who could play this role. But I think Uppi suits this character best. He’s a complete actor,” feels Aditya. A debutant directing an established actor and director like Upendra — isn’t that a daunting task? And what about ego hassles? “I’ll be asking Uppi for his inputs because he’s such a fab technician. And I’m in awe of him. He’s already proved himself as a director. And if he gives me suggestions, it makes perfect sense. Yes, I’d take a call whether to incorporate it, but I’m sure Uppi will only give worthwhile tips,” states Aditya. As for turning director at this juncture, Aditya tells us he loves the art of storytelling. “I could make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop following my passion. My father and all the directors I’ve worked with have been my inspiration,” he signs off. (free download songs, movies, pictures here).