Model-turned-Kannada actor Raghu Mukherjee

Model-turned-Kannada actor Raghu Mukherjee who played one of the male leads in lasts year’s hit film Savaari is fast getting more opportunities.

Currently, he is shooting with Pooja Gandhi for Neenu Illade. Now, he has been signed up for Prema Chandrama to be directed by Sahuraj Shinde. Raghu got the movie through sheer luck after actor Prem was thrown out of the project by the director citing interference.

Kannada actor Prem had a running feud with the director over the film’s publicity. It reached a boiling point last week with Shinde announcing that he had dropped Prem from the project.

Rekha is the female lead of Prema Chandrama, which was launched on Sunday. Renowned cinematographer H C Venu is the cameraman of the movie. Free download kannada film songs MP3 here.

Kiran Srinivas who made the debut through Preetham Gubbi’s Haage Summane is appearing in a special role in this film.

Kannada film Jogayya heroin Sumit Kaur pictures

Mumbai based actor-model Sumit Kaur Athwal has been chosen as the heroine in kannada film Jogayya. The kannada movie is directed by Prem. Prem's wife, kannada actress Rakshitha is producing this already hyped film which is the hundredth film of Shivaraj Kumar.

The names of several Bollywood heroines, Priyanka Chopra, Ameesha Patel, Praachi Desai and some other prominent heroines, were being discussed for long and the final choice is Sumit Kaur.

The film was launched with much fan fare on kannada actor Shivaraj Kumar’s birthday on July 12. Prem says that the film’s shoot will commence in Mysore from September 1. The audition was over a few days ago, but Prem wanted to confirm whether she looks good in a saree and after seeing the results he was extremely happy.

In her Facebook page, Sumit says that she loves to dabble in many creative platforms besides acting. She has said that she wants to work with people who are innovative in creating new ideas. Sumit Kaur had spent some time in Holland and has come back to Mumbai to pursue a career in films. Since she is going to Holland again Prem may have to finish all the portions featuring her before December.

Latest Buzz:

Shivarajkumar's Jogayya shooting rescheduled

Shooting for kannada Hat-trick hero Shivarajkumar's 100th film Jogayya will be delayed further as the actor has signed another film titled Kshatriya.

He is currently busy shooting Mailari, his 99th film, with Sada and Sanjjanaa Archana. Jogayya is the sequel to Jogi, directed by Prem, which was a super-hit.Download kannada film Jogi songs here.

Prem is directing the sequel for which he has written the script. He wanted a schedule without any break.

Shivarajkumar too wants to fulfill all his commitments before shooting for Jogayya. If all goes well, Jogayya will commence shooting from July.

Kshatriya, produced by Telugu producers Ravi and Bhaskar, will be directed by V V Badri. Music is by entrepreneur-turned-composer Ramana Gogula.

The music maestro had stayed away from Kannada film music for a while. Shooting for Kshatriya will commence after kannada film Mailari is complete.Download Mailari MP3 songs for free.

New kannada film Dil Khush

Kannada movie Love Guru director Prashanth Raj is desperately seeking a new face for his next kannada film Dil Khush

It’s a dream opportunity for any aspiring actress. For here is Prashanth Raj, scouring the city for new talent. The young filmmaker, who has to his credit the critically acclaimed Love Guru and now Gaana Bajaana ready for release, is on a hunt for a new face to play the female lead in his next, Dil Khush.

Prashanth tells us he knows she’s somewhere out there and he’s been looking everywhere. “The other day at a mall I was trailing this girl, but she wouldn’t get off her phone for hours, so I didn’t get the opportunity to approach her,” he says. Clearly, finding his next heroine takes up all his energies right now.

The chosen actress, Prashanth says, will be no mere hunk accessory. “Even in Love Guru, Radhika Pandit had a significant role and she went on to win a Filmfare award for it. The female lead in Dil Khush is also central to the storyline,” he adds.

“She should be in her early 20s; beyond that I have no other criteria,” he says, adding, “anyone with a burning desire to act can learn the art.” The director, a student of Subhash Ghai’s film school who went on to work with the Bhatt banner, himself considers a good story told by a passionate team the essence of his film-making, rather than big budgets and hype. “We seem to have confused commerce and art, and that doesn’t bode well for our cinema,” he rues.

Dil Khush will, like his two films until now, be a love story. What’s more, Prashanth will again cast Tharun Chandra in the lead. “Yes, I do tend to work with the same team,” the director says, “but I’m always on the lookout for fresh talent. Alongside my heroine hunt, I’m also inviting anyone with cinematic talent — whether it’s scripting, writing lyrics or choreography — to come up and impress me.”

But top priority is his heroine. “I hope the film will be the perfect launch vehicle for a great new talent. She should always be remembered for having wowed in her first movie,” says the film-maker, who is determined to bring a surge of freshness into Kannada cinema.

Kannada actor Puneet Raj Kumar`s new film Jackie songs

The audio of kannada actor Puneet Raj Kumar`s Jackie is all set to be released on August 20, the Varamahalakshmi festival day.

The audio rights has been obtained by Anand Audio Company which has been releasing many Kannada films including the Yogaraj Bhat directed Pancharangi. Though the audio company is tight-lipped about the money paid for the audio rights, it is stated that the rights have fetched nearly Rs. 45 lakhs to the producers which is the highest amount in these days when the audio market is falling. Jacky songs download.

However, the quality of songs in the film might have really impressed the Anand Audio group which has decide to promote it in a big way. Already the song `Ekka Raja`, which was leaked, has become a big hit. However, Raghavendra Raj Kumar who is in charge of the film says that the song is an uncompleted version. However sources close to the unit say that all the songs in the film including the three songs shot in Namibia, South Africa, Austria and Italy have wonderful music composed by music director Hari Krishna. The lyrics are by kannada director Yogaraj Bhat and Jayanth Kaikini. Download free kannada songs here. Download Ekka Raja here.

New updates:

The hugely popular song from Jackie, Ekka Raja Rani Nanna Kaiyolage, that was leaked on the Internet is nowhere on the OST.

The ‘leaked’ song of Puneeth Rajkumar’s new kannada film Jackie has become an instant hit. The song Ekka Raja Rani Nanna Kaiyolage, however will not be found on the original soundtrack of the film that will be released on 20th. The now all-familiar tune will feature entirely new lyrics Shiva Anta Heloke.

“The lyrics Ekka Raja Rani were used as dummy for the original tune. Somehow that got leaked on the Internet. The same tune is on the CD but not with those words,” said Mohan Chabria of Anand Audio, which is releasing the music. The song that found its way on the Internet and was a popular download talks about gambling and how addictive and ruinous it is. Some of the song’s phrases have become catchwords already.

“True, this is the best commercial film song I have had in some time,” said Mohan. All the five songs in the film directed by Suri have lyrics by director Yograj Bhat. Since the film is a home production of the Rajkumar family, some of the phrases have been deemed inappropriate. There were cuss words and lines like, ‘90 hodi’ (drink 90).

There are changes in the music of Yograj-Bhat directed Pancharangi as well. The song being played on FM radio stations, Lifeu Ishtene, has different words in the soundtrack of the film. “Eleven versions of the lyrics were written and the one being played on FM stations is not in the CD or the film. There are plans to release a separate CD containing all 11 versions of the same song,” said Shyam of Anand Audio.

Eradane maduve for namma Kannada director Dinesh Baboo who marries his assitant Chethana

Well known kannada film director Dinesh Baboo, married his assistant director Chethana five months ago, but had not revealed the news to media.

Chethana had worked as an associate director to Babu in kannada films like Janumada Gelathi, Mr. Painter and Eradaneya Maduve. "Yes, I married five months ago. But I did not want to go ga ga about it as I thought it was purely personal. Even Chethana thought it so and we had a quiet marriage which was attended by a few close relatives. I am answering question about the marriage only because you are asking me. Now, I am happily married", disclosed kannada director Dinesh Baboo.

Dinesh is presently in Hyderabad working on the post production work of his first Telugu film Bhale Mogudu, Bhale Pellam which is a remake of his recent Kannada hit Eradaneya Maduve. He has already been booked for his second directorial venture with Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Presently Dinesh Baboo is working on the script.

Dinesh Baboo had a failed marriage and had divorced his first wife many years ago. About Chethana he said that she is intelligent, understanding and they share many common interests. "She is compatible and can gel with me" added Baboo.

Kannada actress Radhika Pandit pictures

In her two years as kannada actress, Radhika Pandit has bagged a Filmfare award for Best Actress in each. Now, she’s set to host a reality show.

Interview :
Your journey from being a TV artist to an award winning star in the Kannada film industry...
I have always loved acting and to have made a debut in a television serial (Nanda Gokula) that ran for eight months was a great feeling. Then I was lucky to get an opportunity to act in Moggina Manassu, which also did very well. All thanks to my supportive parents.

You have bagged the Best kannada Actress Filmfare award for Love Guru this year. You won the same award in 2009 for Moggina Manassu. Winning twice in a row and so early in your career must be a heady feeling?

It (the award for kannada film Moggina Manassu) came to me as a surprise because at first I was a bit too bothered about how my debut movie would do and if at all the audiences would like my performance. I am not a trained actor so the awards mean a lot to me. Being nominated alone was such a high.

How challenging was it to play a girl from the slums in the kannada film Krishnan Love Story?

It was very challenging. I was clueless about the way of life in the slums and had to train to understand what was required of me for this role. I tried to speak and dress like the slumdwellers.

What about the forthcoming film Gaaja Bajaana, tell us something about that.
It’s a youth-oriented movie with a lot of humour and romance. The story revolves around a dance class where the love story takes off.

Are you hosting the second season of Pyate Hudgeer Halli Lifu (City Girls Village Life, a TV reality show where city-bred girls get a taste of rural living)?

I am the brand ambassador of Halli Haida Petege Banda (Village Boys Come to the City) and I am very excited about hosting the reality show.

Did you always want to be a filmstar?

Oh no. I was good at dancing and would participate in a lot of cultural activities back in school and college. I never took the idea of me wanting to act seriously even though I had enough influences at home — my father was into theatre and has directed many plays.

What do you like about Sandalwood?
It’s a great place with versatile directors, music directors, some great technicians and amazing costume designers.

Favourite kannada actors?

Ananth Nag. As an actor, he’s multifaceted and as a person, a wonderful human being. I also admire Aamir Khan. Julia Roberts is my favourite Hollywood actor.

Any Bollywood director you would love to work with?
I love Ashutosh Gowrikar’s body of work. I cannot stop myself from watching his movies like Jodhaa Akbar, Swades and Lagaan, again and again.

So you are looking Bollywood’s way?
It’s only my second year in the movies, there’s a long way to go.

What’s the best and the worst thing about being an actress?
I love that I get to play a new character everyday. The bad part is the stress and work pressure we have to handle.

WHO'S AT home?
There’s five of us, my parents, my brother Gaurav, my uncle and I.

Who would you love to date.
Bryan Adams.

Favourite place and food?
I want to visit Australia. I love homecooked food, nothing can beat the stuff Mum prepares.

Fitness mantra.
I love to eat but I make it a point to burn those extra calories with a workout. I gym regularly.

Are you single?
Hmmm, yes!

Kannada lyricist Jayanth Kaikini

Award-winning kannada lyricist Jayanth Kaikini’s fame has brought him many things in life, including unsolicited calls. And the genial songwriter finds many of these calls rib-tickling.

“The ones who call late evenings are those who are drunk. Their conversations are amusing. They usually ask me ‘How did you come to know of my story,’ ‘You have written about my life,’ ‘You have driven a knife through my heart,’ they say,” recalls kannada lyricist Jayanth. Then there are some the writer tries very hard to avoid. “There are those who recite their own poems and don’t stop. They do not want anything but praise. One such person is the one whose number is saved in my mobile under the name ‘idiot poet.’ Then there are others who I try to avoid. But they keep calling from other numbers till I answer. The phone book in my mobile has a long list of such numbers.” And Jayanth has stored these numbers under the names fan 1, fan 2 and so on. Will soon publish list of all kannada songs written by jayant kaikini.

After four years as a kannada film lyricist, Jayanth is ready with a book of his songs. “I have written 120 film songs. Of these 20 are from films that are yet to be released. So people may not have heard of these songs. I may use some of the ideas in these lyrics in future, which is why I don’t want these to be published in this book. So the compilation will have only 100 songs,” he says. In about a month, four other books of Jayanth’s will also be released.

Jayanth won the Filmfare award for the best kannada lyrics for Yello Maleyagide Yendu (Manasare) this year. This is his second Filmfare award.

Kannada origin Tamil actress Priyamani pictures

It’s working in the reverse for actress Priyamani. She’s already clinched a National Award, she’s approached for performance-oriented roles but what the actress wants is to go glam on-screen. WE have published a few sexy pictures of actress Priyamani here.

How different has life been after the National Award for Paruthiveeran (Tamil,2007)?
Personally, it’s the same, but professionally it has definitely been a big boost. I have become choosy about my roles. I was always careful but now even more so. Of course, it so happens that now I get approached only for performance-oriented roles.

Do you think that your being so particular about your roles has cost you a standing in commercial cinema?
In fact, that is why I have made a conscious decision to do roles that require me to be glamourous and provide me the scope to act as well. For instance, my Kannada film Ram or my Telugu film Golimaar, in both I have roles that balance the two. Though, even now there seems to be hesitation to approach me for glamorous roles.

The debacle of Raavan must have been a great disappointment...
Well, the Tamil version did do better than the Hindi one. When I spoke to many people here in the south and in Mumbai, they were appreciative of my performance and the cinematography too. Around the country, the press was all compliments too, saying that I was a fresh change. So I am happy about things.

Did the role shape up as it was narrated to you?
Yes, it did. Only some shots from Ranjha Ranjha song were missing. I guess they must have been edited out it due to the length of the film.

Who did you like as Beera, Vikram or Abhishek Bachchan?
Both have interpreted the character in their own styles. It would be unfair to compare. But I feel Vikram was flawless; I tend to favour him.

You were looking for this film to be your stepping stone to Hindi films.
Yes, I was and still am. I have Rakta Charitra, so let’s see what happens.

Tell us about Rakta Charitra.
I play Suriya’s wife. She’s a very earthy character. Everyone knows the film is based on real life experiences yet I can’t give out details about the character.

In recent times, the list of southern actresses wanting to make a mark in Hindi films has only grown. Why not, don’t heroines from there want to work in south films? It’s the same the other round too. Also fresh film concepts like Ishqiya are being made in Hindi. I do hope I get to do such cinema. And I also hope to get to run around trees, shoot in a country like Switzerland for 40 days. I’ll have a blast.

You grew up in Bangalore and have been part of the film industry for about seven years, but we are seeing you in Kannada films only now, and that too one release after another.
Thank God for that. I have been wanting to do Kannada cinema but some how the scripts or the roles did not excite me. My Kannada film Ram with Puneet Rajkumar released in 2009 and went on to become a huge hit. Yeno Ontara with Ganesh had me in a good role too. So am glad to be doing these films.

Now we are going to see you in Vishnuvardhana too. How did that happen?
Yogish — Dwarakish’s son — kept calling me. No, I am kidding. Well, Yogish and I had met a long time ago during my early days in the industry in Chennai. The project we discussed then did not come through. Once he narrated this script, I liked my role in it and here I am working with Sudeep.

Do you dub for yourself in all the languages that you act in?
Yes, I do. For Raavan, I spoke in Hindi and even Rakta Charitra (Download free rakta charitra songs, lyrics here), which is being shot in sync sound, has my voice.

What next?
I am working with Nagarjuna in a Telugu film. He is so suave and so down to earth. I have another Telugu film which is heroine oriented. I have just finished shooting for a Malayalam film with Mammootty sir, directed by Ranjit. It is titled Prajettan and the Saint.