Dwarakish new kannada film Vishnuvardhana in trouble

Kannada actor Sudeep will soon be seen in Vishnuvardhana, a kannada film launched by veteran actor and film producer Dwarakish is in controversy now.

The kannada film 'Vishnuvardhana' is sure to excite millions of fans of legendary Kannada actor Dr Vishnuvardhan who died just six months ago.

Priyamani and Bhavana have been selected as the two heroines of the film. Sonu Sood will be playing an important role in the film which will be directed by debutant V Kumar, who has worked with well-known Tamil film director K S Ravikumar in films like Dashavathaaram and Villain.

"We finalised the title of this big budget film after lot of brainstorming sessions with the team of technicians and also some well wishers. I don't know how the news about the title has spread. We finalised the title on Monday evening, but my mobile has been flooded with calls from more than two hundred Vishnu fans," said Dwarakish.

He said the title perfectly suits the action-oriented entertainer because Vishnuvardhan was called as Sahasa Simha (Lion of Action) by his fans.

Vishnuvardhan's original name was Sampath Kumar, which was changed to Vishnuvardhana by legendary kannada film director Puttanna Kanagal when he launched the actor in the 1972 blockbuster Nagarahaavu.

Vishnu had acted in a small role in the award winning film Vamsha Vruksha directed by Girish Kasaravalli and B V Karanth jointly and the titles of the film displayed his name as Sampath Kumar.

But now kannada Producer-actor Dwarakeesh's plans to make this film on the legendary actor Vishnuvardhana with the same title has run into rough weather into the late actor's wife kannada veteran actress Bharathi Vishnuvardhan taking objection to it.

Besides, the Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce (KFCC) has not approved the film title.

KFCC President Basanth Kumar Patil said: "How can Dwarakeesh announce a movie without getting the title approved by the KFCC Title Committee. I have sent a notice to Dwarakeesh not to launch the movie without seeking our approval."

As per KFCC rules, a movie project can be announced only after the Title Committee clears the title. "There is another rule that clearly states that film titles in the name of actors and actresses cannot be granted," Patil added.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhana contended that Dwarakeesh planned to encash on Vishnuvardhana's name for commercial motives. She has asked Dwarakeesh to alter the name to Raja Vishnuvardhana.

When contacted, Dwarakeesh said: "Unnecessary controversy is being created. The film title is Vishnuvardhana whereas the actor's name is Sampth Kumar Vishnuvardhana. Come what may, I will make a film on the title Vishnuvardhana. Dare anybody stop me?"

Dwarakeesh and Vishnuvardhana were close friends who did many films together some of them which were blockbusters. Their friendship, however, was not stable. The two fell apart after they joined hands for Aaptha Mithra.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, multilingual actor and wife of legendary actor Dr. Vishnuvardhan is apparently hurt over the use of her husband's name as the title of the film.

She expressed her unhappiness over this development and said that she will go against anybody using her husband's name for cheap gains. "When I saw the press reports that Dwarakish is using my husband's name as the title of the film, I was really hurt. Everybody knows Dwarakish's attitude and his remarks against my husband at every available opportunity. He did not succeed in his endeavour. That is mainly because my husband was a legend and has helped thousands of people in his time. But the same person who denounced my husband all the time now wants to use his name for the title of his film for some cheap publicity and monetary gains' says an agitated Dr. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan. She is now involved in completing all the unfinished developmental works initiated by her husband.

The Karnataka state government is seeking her advise for the Rs. 10 crore Dr.Vishnuvardhan Memorial Project. Ms. Keerthi Vishnuvardhan daughter of vishnuvardhan also said that she is against the use of her father's name for any commercial purposes.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan is also unhappy about the news reports that suggested that Dwarakish has included many real life incidents relating to the personal life of Dr. Vishnuvardhan. "How can some one say that he had known Dr. Vishnu's personal life. My husband was a private person and did not mix up his profession with his personal life. That is precisely the reason why millions of fans liked him' said Dr. Bharathi. She hoped that Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce will not clear the title for the film, as there is a policy in the chamber not to allow the use of the name of celebrities in the title of the film.

The use of Dr. Vishnuvardhan's name for the title has also been opposed by a large section of Dr. Vishnu's fans, though Dwarakish claims the opposite.

Ramya and Srinagara Kitty new kannada film Siddalingu

Kannada actors Kitty and Ramya may not have completed the shoot for 'Sanju Weds Geetha', but that hasn’t stopped film-makers from approaching them to do another film together. However, Kitty was not the first actor who was considered for the project, titled Siddalingu.

It was first offered to Ganesh and then to Yogi. But that doesn’t bother Kitty in the least. “When the director, Vijay Prasad, couldn’t find anyone for the film, he signed me. Ramya will be playing my love interest and I share a comfort level with her. I’m happy to be working with her again,” says Kitty.

The kannada actor says that the story of the film is a simple one. “It is about a man, who’s had this lifelong dream of buying a car, which he realises with the support of the woman he loves,” he says, adding that he was surprised when he heard that Ramya was playing a teacher in a government school in Siddalingu, because “it’s a completely deglam role.”

The shoot of kannada film Siddalingu will start in mid-July after Kitty completes work on Mathe Mungaru. Ramya will start shooting for the film in September.

Latest kannada film Krishnan Love Story (KLS)

When the trailers of his latest kannada film, Krishnan Love Story (KLS), were beamed on local channels, besides the storyline, there was another element that made audiences sit up and take notice. A caption that read ‘Utthama chitragalu tayaaraguvudu utthama nirdeshakarinda matra’ (quality films can only be made by good directors), along with the trailer of the film, grabbed eyeballs. It also led to much discontent among a certain section in Gandhinagar, especially the producers. And the latest, we hear, is that Shashank, who’s directed KLS, has been asked to delete the captions from the promos.

“Not true. I haven’t been asked to remove it and I haven’t. Yes, the caption did create a controversy in the industry. Some producers took offence and asked how a movie could be made without them. But they’ve misunderstood the line,” says kannada film director Shashank.

The director explains that his intention was to tell audiences to encourage good directors so that they make quality films. “Because no matter how big a star, technicians, or the biggest of budgets may be, a film can’t be good if the director has no vision. In other languages, fans watch a film for the director and not an actor or actress. Directors are brands by themselves. If the director messes up a story, even an Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan can’t save it. I say this not out of over-confidence, but out of passion for good films,” he tells us.

And while he accepts that there was pressure on his producer to remove the caption, they retained it because of their belief in making quality films. “It’s a director’s moral responsibility to give audiences good films, so I’m retaining it. Of course, a film is teamwork. But it’s a director who makes it work,” says Shashank.

Will fatherhood dictates Kannada actors choice of films


I always choose roles that family audiences can watch. So, I don’t specifically worry about how my children may perceive the projects I do. Ours is a film family and I’m happy to have done such films so far.


Fatherhood has definitely brought out the best in me. Earlier, I took things for granted, but my daughter has made me take life more seriously — both professionally and personally. But it hasn’t affected my choice of roles because I’ve never done films that featured obscene scenes or that would make audiences uncomfortable. But being a father has definitely helped me become a better actor.


I’ve made an attempt to balance my time between my daughter, Chaaritrya, and my films. I do just 2-3 films a year now and I’m trying to spend as much time with her as possible. But I don’t think an artiste changes because he becomes a father. I’ve always played characters that my audiences like, and will continue to do so. I might, however, do the sort of roles my daughter would like to see me in when she turns three or four.


I have become more picky in terms of the roles I play, but just because I’m a father now, it doesn’t mean that I’ll only play a father on-screen. I’ll continue doing what’s best for me until audiences get bored of me. But it’s a great feeling to have a new entrant in the family. Previously, dad used to take care of me. Now, it’s my turn to be more responsible.


Ever since I became a father, I try to spend as much time as possible with my daughter Parinita between shoots. She’s too young right now, she can’t even say ‘papa’, but as she grows up, I might do roles that she’d like to see me in.

Kannada actor Darshan is upset with producer

Kannada actor Darshan is unhappy with producer Ramesh Yadav. Not just unhappy but angry as well that he was not informed of the audio release of his kannada film Boss. It was only when he heard the songs on FM radio did he realise so. Though Darshan has not told Yadav about this, he is pouring his woes to his friends.

However, Darshan need not worry about the kannada film being released without his knowledge. He has in his possession some reels of the film. The actor says it is not he who has taken away some cans of reels. Ramesh Yadav has not paid for the unit hired from Toogudeepa Productions who have taken the reels, according to Darshan. Toogudeepa Productions is owned by Darshan, his brother director Dinakar and their mother.

Ramya-Yogish starrer kannada film 'Loose Maada' has same story as 'Sukumaara'?

Kannada Actor Yogish always dreamt of sharing screen space with his favourite kannada star Ramya. And his dream came true when kannada director Prakash Mahu offered the film, Loose Maada opposite the actress. Yogish is a fan of Ramya’s in real life and that he would be playing a similar character in the film generated a lot of hype.

However, Prakash Mahu, who claims to have also written the story seems to have a competitor in the form of actor Karthik (brother of actress Sindhu Menon). Karthik’s debut kannada film Sukumaara was announced two years back. Half way through the shooting, the producer of Sukumaara backed out and gave the rights to Karthik.

According to Karthik, Prakash was part of the project and has been pestering him for the rights of the story. “I have the rights and I am trying my level best to complete it. Prakash has been calling me to give away the rights to the story. I do not want to because this is my film and I have suffered so much for it. Ironically, he offered me the villain’s role in the film. How can he announce a film with my story?” says Karthik.

When Karthik questioned his intentions, Prakash sent him a message which read: “Karthik wait till 14th of this month, we will come to u and take rights, without ur rights I wont do the film, ok? and ur going to do that roll (sic) also.”

When Karthik hesitated, Prakash sent another message asking him to watch movies Fanatic (English), Kurubana Rani (Kannada) and Maayavi (Tamil) which he says have similar storylines. “Then why does he need the rights to my film? It is because the script is a sure success. The worst was when he sent a SMS saying he is asking the rights for ‘humanitarian consideration’,” says Karthik.

Prakash Raj Mahu, however, says he sought only a few points from Sukumaara. “Writer K Nanjunda had worked for Sukumaara. When I approached him for my film, he said the story is similar and I can ask Karthik if he will give the rights. I offered Karthik Rs 5 lakh to take some interesting situations from his film. He demanded Rs 8 lakh and later said he wants to complete Sukumaara on his own. I am ready to pay. Otherwise, I have enough matter for my film,” Prakash said.

Amoolya kissing photograph with Kannada director Rathnaja

The latest news buzz is the photograph in which kannada actress Amoolya (or Amulya) alleged kissing with her director Ratnaja. This incedent said to happened while shooting of the kannada film 'Premism' last month in Belgaum.

According to a kannada news channel, a person sent  this picture to them and promised to provide them with more such pictures if he was given ‘suitable’ payment.

The jury is still out on this matter. As expected, all the parties involved are vehemently denying the incident, with Amulya’s mother stating that she was always with her daughter during the shooting and Ratnaja behaved like an elder brother to Amulya on the sets. Ratnaja too denied the incident.

But the picture clearly shows Amoolya and Ratnaja kissing on lips. Google is flooding with 'Amoolya sex' key word. The photo may be fake, only Amoolya can come up with the truth.

The girl in picture looks like Amulya. But since Adobe invented that wonderful software called Photoshop, no photo can be taken on its face value, literally! Anybody with basic knowledge of these photo editing applications can morph any picture to their heart’s content and easily, celebrities are the prime target for most of these jobless Photoshop whiz kids who want to show their skills.

It seems paparazzi is rearing its ugly head in Gandhinagar too. Keep looking this page for more news about Amoolya kissing incedent!!

Here is the latest update!!

A photo of kannada movie director Ratnaja and young sensation kannada actress Amulya smooching is making the rounds. Ratnaja says it’s all fake, but industry insiders are talking about a producer bailing him out from the clutches of a blackmailer.

The Kannada film industry is all agog after a photo showing director Ratnaja allegedly kissing teenage actress Amulya appeared in its midst. Ratnaja (who directed two hits, Nenapirali and Premism) says a man who identified himself as Vijaya Krishna tried to blackmail him with the photo. The director says he received a call on May 14, at 1 pm, with a demand for money. “He asked me for my email ID. I did not respond to him. I warned him that if he called again I would file a police complaint. He called once more and I told my advocate,” Ratnaja said.

Vijaya Krishna allegedly did not respond to the advocate's calls and text messages. “Two days ago, my associate called to say that a photo was doing the rounds. I did not complain earlier because the actress would also be put to trouble for the act of some pervert,” Ratnaja told Bangalore Mirror over the phone. Some say the photos were found on a mobile phone purchased in a second-hand market. The mobile phone is said to be Ratnaja’s, which he had lost during the shooting of the film Premism in Mysore. Amulya played the female lead in this film, released earlier this year. Another story doing the rounds is that a producer is bailing out Ratnaja by buying out all the pics and the footage.

Amulya became a sensation after her first film as heroine, Cheluvina Chittara, became a mass hit in 2007. She was studying in the ninth standard then. She has acted in one film a year after that.

Film circles are agog with gossip. Some say many such photos were taken during the shooting of Premism in Belgaum. A total of nine photographs and a amulya ratnaja sex video are said to have been recorded in the mobile phone of Ratnaja in September 2009. The director is said to have later lost his mobile phone. The phone surfaced in a second hand market in Bangalore and the person who purchased it found the pictures and video.


Though the identity of the person who found the pictures in the mobile is not known, he is said to have blackmailed Ratnaja demanding Rs 3 lakh from him.

When Ratnaja refused, the person is said to have approached people in the media trying to sell the photos and video. When this demand was not met, the blackmailer passed on a single photo to some people and reduced his demand to Rs 50,000 for all the pictures and video.


Though the single photograph that is out in the open shows two people, whose resemblance to Amulya and Ratnaja is unmistakable, just kissing on the lips, the other pics are said to be of the actress in the nude. The video is alleged to be of the two having sex.

Ratnaja was engaged to be married last November to the sister-in-law of a well-known film editor. But he broke off the engagement, leading to speculation.

We tried repeatedly, but Amulya was not available for comment.

Kannada handsome chocolate boy Diganth about girlfriends

    It’s been quite some time since kannada actor Diganth had a BO outing. His last was a guest appearance in Swayamwara. Now, the young actor’s long-pending kannada film, Bisile, is finally ready for release.

“It got delayed because of some technical issues. But I’m confident that it’ll do well as it’s an interesting subject,” says Digi, who’s currently busy learning dance steps for a song (download free songs here) in Yograj Bhat’s Pancharangi. Below is the photo of kannada actor Digant. One can use as wallpaper.

Quiz him about his Pancharangi co-star, Nidhi Subbaiah, and Digi’s all praise for her. “The best part is that she’s very fluent in Kannada, which makes her very impressive on-screen,” he says. As for him, Diganth’s all set to widen his language horizons. He’s making his Tollywood debut with Paani Puri, which will also be made in Kannada. “I always wanted to experiment in other languages. Language shouldn’t be a barrier for an artiste and this is the right time for me to explore opportunities regarding films in other regional languages,” he says. But working on Kannada films will always give him more satisfaction. “I think in my language and that helps me emote well,” he maintains.

    The bilingual will not only see him mouth dialogues in Telugu, but sport a different look as well. “I’m retaining the stubbled look for Pancharangi and Putra, but I’m getting bored of it. I don’t look my age with it, and therefore can’t connect to my audiences with this look. So, I want to get a stylish look in Paani Puri. It’s a romantic comedy to be directed by Karan, who’s back after Kanasugara, which he made five years ago. A well-known actress will be paired opposite me,” says Digi.

    With each of his kannada films, he continues to wow a lot of girls and many actresses want to work with him. So, how long is he planning to retain his single status? “A girlfriend is a mental block. I can romance heroines better on-screen if I’m single. But I’m glad to know that actresses want to work with me,” he says.

    However, Diganth, in his bare body in this post, isn’t aiming to be Sandalwood’s Hero No. 1. “The numbers game is just temporary. But yes, I have been getting better projects this year,” he admits. And even though directors are keen to cast him in their films, the actor is in no hurry to go on a signing spree. “I’m waiting for Pancharangi to release, which will fetch me better projects,” he says, adding, “Bhatru (Yograj) is technically very well-equipped and has a good grasp of Kannada. If he’s not satisfied with a dialogue, he’ll come up with something else on the spot. His enthusiasm is contagious and makes us do things better.”

Kannada free songs Download Center

Vedhika debut in kannada movie Sangama features Golden star Ganesh and is produced under the banner S.V. Productions. Kannada filn Sangama movie is slated for release in October 2008. Jhenkar Audio has bought the rights of the audio of the Sangama film. Telugu music director Devi Sri Prasad has provided music for the Sangama film. Sangama is a family entertainer with lots of scope in music and clean, healthy comedy dished out by Komal, Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila.

Movie Sangama [2008]
Starring Ganesh, Vedhika
Music Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics Kaviraj
Director Ravi Varma
Producer SV Babu

Dil Maange More
Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Kaviraj
Sagar, Divya H
Lyrics : Kaviraj
Madhu Maasa
Lyrics : Kaviraj
Hey Mister Baalu
Chinmayi, Rita
Lyrics : Kaviraj
Kodu Kodu Varavanu
Gopika Poornima
Lyrics : Kaviraj
Muddu Muddu
Ranjith, Sri Vidya
Lyrics : Kaviraj

HOO - Kannada movie review

DIRECTOR: V Ravichandran

ACTORS: Ravichandran, Meera Jasmine, Namitha,

People grow old, but love stories do not. So kannada star Ravichandran tries to pass off as a jobless youngster who is the epitome of friendship and love. No need to blame him. Even in the original Telugu Vasantham, the role was played by a not-so-young Venkatesh. But the spontaneity is missing in Hoo.

Ravichandran and Meera Jasmine are childhood friends. Jasmine plays the violin in almost every scene (she is a music teacher) and Ravichandran plays chess thrice in the entire film — he is supposed to be a chess player! Like Vishnuvardhan in kannada movie Karna, Ravichandran is the black sheep of the family for he chooses sports over a job. Soon Jasmine lands in Ravichandran’s home after her father’s death. She convinces the family about Ravichandran’s choices in life.

By this time our chess player has fallen in love with Namitha who covers the screen with her ample assets. Vishnuvardhan had to sacrifice his kidney and give up soccer in Karna. In Hoo, Ravichandran just has to give up playing chess to help Jasmine, which he does without much thought. The film, however, is no tragedy. Ravichandran is the master of visual appeal. In his usual style, there are flowers, balloons and oomph in every scene. But the tragedy is Ravichandran and Namitha together seem like two romancing elephants. Harikrishna’s music, including the background score, sounds like a rehash of Ravichandran’s earlier attempts at composing. Free download kannada songs and videos here.

AITHALAKADI - Kannada movie review


ACTORS: Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Neetu, Srinivas Murthy

The attempt at assembling kannada stars and actors here is considerably more than that of devising a taut screenplay. Maybe the scenes and dialogues were written after confirming the participation of the enviable ‘guest role’ list. Aithalakadi comes across as a challenging attempt let down by the director’s inability at the sheer magnitude of the task.

Kannada comedian Rangayana Raghu is an aspiring director who has spent years in the kannada film industry doing every other task. He is joined by Bullet Prakash and then there is the flower seller, Neetu, whose only ambition is to meet film star Ravichandran. Their struggles are portrayed in a superficial manner. A personal tragedy makes Raghu give up the film he is directing. Confidence is restored when the film becomes a big hit. Meanwhile, numerous stars like Sudeep, Jaggesh, Vijay, Ravichandran and many others appear and disappear from the screen. There is also Prakash’s background, which is revealed in a flashback.

The film is fast-paced and there is an attempt to make every scene light and humorous. Some work while some do not. But the real problem of the film is its narrative. It is a huge jigsaw puzzle which does not fall in place. Songs are the highlight of Aithalakadi. Each is a peppy number that makes the hummable list instantly. Hope this kannada film do a good business.

Kannada film Aithalakadi will be a hit?

Kannada trade pundits are predicting that Aithalakadi, with 108 Sandalwood stars in guest roles, will be a box-office hit.

When kannada comedy actor ‘Bullet’ Prakash announced last year that he would make a movie with himself in the lead, there was more than a smirk on the faces of most film folks. But from the very first day, Aithalakadi has been generating a lot of buzz.

Though kanada comedians Rangayana Raghu and ‘Bullet’ Prakash play the lead roles in the film, there are 108 senior actors in guest roles. Some of the top stars like Ravichandran, Sudeep, Jaggesh, Vijay and Vijaya Raghavendra will be seen in important scenes. Darshan and Puneeth Rajkumar launched the film and even those scenes are incorporated in the film.

Cameraman-turned-director J G Krishna has used his good offices to bring in almost every well-known actor to be part of the film for free. ‘Bullet’ Prakash, who is also co-producing the film, hasn’t spared any efforts either. The songs are a hit since their release a month ago and industry pundits are predicting that this film will have an opening equal to the film of a top star. Raghu plays a director and Prakash his assistant in the film. All the actors appearing as guests in this film therefore appear as themselves. Kannada actress Neetu plays the love interest.

Ganesh new kannada film title - KOOL, is Sakath Hot Maga

Kannada golden star Ganesh picks title suggested by Bangalore Mirror reader for his new home production.

Golden Star Ganesh has been flooded with mails from his fans suggesting a title for his new home production. The actor had requested his fans through Bangalore Mirror last week for a title starting with ‘K’ or ‘Ka’ (in Kannada). There were over a hundred names suggested by his fans and readers.

The one title that has Ganesh all excited is Kool (Cool). “In Kannada, it starts with the alphabet (ka) which we want. It reflects the theme of our film where I play a college student. The kicker we came up with is Sakath Hot Maga,” said Ganesh. Kool was suggested by his fan Chaitra B.

The title will, however, be announced officially only after approval by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. The film to be directed by ‘Mussanje’ Mahesh will go on the floors on June 21. Ratnavelu is the cinematographer. This is the second home production for Ganesh after Maleyali Joteyali. His wife Shilpa is the producer.

Kannada superstar Ravichandran is back with a bang

The trailblazer of Kannada cinema, V Ravichandran, is back after a long gap with kannada film Hoo, starring sizzling Namitha and beautiful Meera Jasmine. The kannada Kanasugaara hasn’t been seen on celluloid for a while. Three years to be precise. In spite of that, the Crazy Star, who turned 49 (Yes, ravichandran age is 49!!) on this Sunday, witnessed a record turnout of fans at his Rajajinagar home.

“I think I’ve cracked the code. The trick is to not do films too often,” laughs Ravichandran. The actor confesses that he didn’t realise how quickly time had passed since he did Odahuttidavaru in 2007.

Ravichandran holds all the reins - story, screenplay, dialogue, direction and lead role - in this film that deals with love and friendship. Dinesh Gandhi, the man behind last year's Veera Madhakari, starring Sudeep and Ragini, is the producer of Hoo.

“My family had to remind me that it’s been three years. I don’t keep track of all these things because I don’t make a movie just for money or fame. When I think of a fresh concept, I get down to making it,” he says.

Ravichandran has roped in his favourite cameraman GSV Seetharam and his long-time associate V Harikrishna has scored the lilting tunes. Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash and Sharan make up the supporting cast. Free Download the songs and pictures of Ravichandran and hot Namitha here.

And this time, the Crazy Star Ravichandran feels he has a potential hit on his hands — a script called Aasey. “It’s a subject that’ll be enjoyed by a world audience. I’ll take my film around the world to all the film fests. A commercial venture with elements of an art film, Aasey will have only two characters,” he tells us. And the highlight is that it’ll be made from three perspectives — the audience’s and those of the two characters in the movie. “After a long time, a film will invite audiences to participate in taking the story forward. When we screen Aasey, we’ll show only 70 per cent of it, following which there’ll be a break.

During this time, we’ll ask audiences for their opinion on how the story will progress from there. The remaining 30 per cent will be shown after everyone gives their take,” explains the Crazy Star. “Although I don’t think anybody would be able to predict the end, I care about what fans think. So, I want to experiment with this concept of first-hand interaction,” he adds. The dialogues of Aasey, too, won’t follow a regular pattern. “That’s bound to happen when I’m producing, directing, scripting and composing music,” laughs Ravi.

The Crazy Star will henceforth be called Veeraswami Ravichandran. Veeraswami, Ravi’s father, was also an acclaimed producer. “I idolise my dad and whatever I am today, I owe it to him,” says the kannada actor.