Kannada Movie Review: Dubai Babu: Torture Babu

For all the hype about Kannada actor Upendra’s 17 different getups and the fact it’s a remake of a successful film, Dubai Babu, is nothing more than a fancy dress parade by the lead actor and a torture to be borne by the audience. Upendra is loud, the alleged comedy boring and the film a colourful waste.

The kannada film is about Babu, a youth who is cheated of his money on the promise of being sent to Dubai for a job. He ends up in Mumbai along with five others fellow cheated souls running a roadside eatery. He falls in love with a girl and follows her back to Bangalore. But it is not just the girl he is after but also a gangster to exhaust his vengeance upon.

For a film with such a flimsy storyline it is necessary that every aspect is in perfect harmony. But sadly it does not. From the word go, Upendra goes into audio overdrive and drowns whatever he mouths with the noise. Veteran comedians Dwarakish, Tennis Krishna and Sadhu Kokila fail to evoke laughter. With the basic element of comedy falling flat there is nothing else others can do to salvage the film. Aryan Vaid is good except you do not understand the Kannada he speaks. From being unbelievable at first, the film turns out to be a farce by the end. There are a couple of good songs. Free download kannada film songs here. But these alone are not reason enough to visit a cinema hall. And be warned not to venture into Kapali cinema hall, the ‘main theatre’ for this film. The roof leaks.

Kannada Music Director V Manohar Takes To Satire

The kannada music composer makes ample display of it in the two songs he has written for kannada film  Kallara Sante.

V.Manohar is composing music for Sumana Kittur’s new kannada movie Kallara Sante, a satire on corruption in public life. The old-styled title of the film means ‘market of thieves’ — surprising Master Hirannaiah has still not used it for one of his plays. More than composing music for the film, Manohar is excited about the two songs he has written for the film. Both are satirical and what better way to express anguish is what he seems to think.

One song goes, ಕಾಪಾಡಿ ಕಾಪಾಡಿ ... and the other is the title song, ನೋಡಿ ಬನ್ನಿ ನಮ್ಮ ಕಳ್ಳರ ಸಂತೆ.

“Maybe I have more experience dealing with corrupt people in my life and writing the two songs came easy to me,” quips Manohar. The film has Yash, Haripriya, Kishore and others in lead roles while ‘Agni’ Shridar has written the story and dialogues.

Shiva Rajkumar apologises for kannada movie Hodimaga scenes

Sandalwood’s hat-trick star apologises to his fans over two ‘objectionable’ sequences in his latest film that had sparked an outcry.

Top Sandalwood kannada star Shiva Rajkumar has apologised to his fans over two scenes in his latest film Hattrick Hodimaga.

After the regional censor officer almost derailed the film following its ‘provocative’ title, the film’s release saw audience being provoked by two scenes which were in poor taste. In one scene, a rowdy masquerading as a cop urinates on the lead character ‘Surya’, played by Shiva Rajkumar. In another scene, the actor is shown swallowing funeral ashes of his sister, which is usually released into the river as part of the last rites.

“I will not commit such mistakes again in my films. I am sorry for hurting the sensibilities of the audience. I promise you will see a different me in my future films,” Shiva Rajkumar said on Thursday. This is the first time that a lead actor has offered an apology over such reasons.
He said the ‘urination’ scene was inspired from Kamal Hasan’s Tamil film Mahanadi. “There was some discussion before the shooting this scene. But in the end, I went ahead with it. If I speak more about, it is bound to lead to a misunderstanding with the filmmakers. But I am sincere in accepting it was not in good taste,” he said.

In the scene where he swallows the funeral ash of his sister, he said, “We wanted to show the close relationship between a brother and sister. When I look back, I feel it was in poor taste. Had I discussed the scene with my wife, maybe I would have got a clear sense of what people might think about it. It is done and over now but my promise remains,” he said.
Even before these scenes sparked an outcry, the film was embroiled in a controversy after the regional censor board objected to its title Hodimaga, saying it was provocative. Later, the film was renamed Hattrick Hodimaga.

Kannada hot actress Daisy - Sreesanth in love??

Cricket and kannada cinema are two sides of the same coin. Several actresses have been (or have been rumoured to have been) involved with cricketing stars. Some of them have been married and are leading happy lives today.

Some of the popular couples are Pataudi-Sharmila Tagore, Viv Richards-Neena Gupta, Ravi Shastri-Amrita Singh, Azharuddin-Sangita Bijlani... and in recent times, there have alleged links between Deepika Padukone and Yuvaraj Singh (or was it Dhoni or it siddartha malaya?), Lakshmi Rai and Dhoni.

Recently, namma kannada actress Daisy Bopanna claimed that she and Indian cricketer Sreesanth are more than just friends. The two met during the shooting of an ad in which Sreesanth proposed to her. According to Daisy, they have kept in touch regularly through sms and he has been asking for her reply to the proposal.

When Sreesanth, who is in South Africa for IPL Season 2, was bombarded by calls and messages from family and friends, he was shocked by the news. He has denied any such relationship with the actress. He even said that he met her only for two hours during the shooting and hasn't been in touch with her. He doesn't even have her number! So what does Daisy have to say about this?

‘Gattimela’ comes to an end for kannada actress Shruti

After a marriage lasting a decade with her husband kannada film director Mahendar, actress Shruti applied for divorce in a family court on Tuesday. She said, “I have filed for divorce today. There are numerous personal problems between me and my husband which led to the divorce. However, I don’t want to wash my dirty linen in public. Please reflect on what I am undergoing as a woman in such a situation.”

Sources said politics played the spoilsport between the couple. Her husband had joined the BJP during the last year’s Assembly elections. Mahendar was in fact nominated as the party candidate from Kollegal. However, he lost the elections. Kannada actress Shruti, who later joined the saffron party, was made chairperson of Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation, while Mahendar did not enjoy any such power. This could have been one of the reasons for differences between the couple, said a source.

Though both of them are BJP members and Mahendar himself was a candidate of the party in the last Assembly elections, the two did not participate together in the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections. A source said, “Shruti participated in the campaign for nearly 30 days. She travelled without him. Mahendar was not with for even a single day.” When the wedding between Shruti and Mahendar was announced, a fan produced snaps with the actress and claimed that he was married to her. Shruti and Mahendar had to get out of Bangalore in a secretive manner to get married.

It was a love marriage between kannada actress Shruti and Mahendar. Shruti was still Priyadarshini when she first met Mahendar at the Chamarajnagar railway station where the latter was collecting tickets. Both have claimed to be childhood friends. In 1990, Shruti started her career with a small role in ‘Aasegobba Meesegobba.’ The same year, Dwarkish cast her in ‘Shruti’ from which she also got her new name. She went on to act in more than 100 films in Kannada apart from Tamil and Malayalam. Meanwhile Mahendar made a mark as a director and has more than 20 films to his credit. Shruti took semi-retirement from films and married Mahendar on Jan 25, 1998. She made her comeback acting opposite her husband in ‘Gattimela’ (wedding music). The last film the couple worked together was ‘Akka Tangi’ that was released this year.

Humour sells in Kannada films

Humour sells. Has always been so. And with very few takers for villainy these days, what with real life having more than enough of it, humorous movies are in great demand. This is being reflected in Sandalwood remunerations. The ones who get paid the highest are not the kannada stars with fancy titles as prefixes, but kannada comedy actors who are paid by the day. While ‘Lovely Star’ Prem, ‘Action Star’ Murali and ‘Royal Star’ Ajai Rao command Rs 20 lakh plus per film, it is Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Komal, Sharan and other comedy actors who are really raking in the moolah. These ‘A’ list comedy actors are being paid Rs 1 lakh plus per day, and unlike the lead actors appear in dozens of films a year.

Industry insiders say that their yearly earnings could match top kannada stars like Vishnuvardhan, Puneeth Rajkumar, Upendra and Sudeep who are content with acting in a couple of films a year. Only Shiva Rajkumar, Darshan and a few others with a continuous stream of films would beat comedians in the numbers game.

‘Mukhyamantri’ Chandru, Umashree and Doddanna are also in the Rs 1 lakh plus per day bracket, but political commitments and health reasons do not permit them to take up projects by the dozen like the others. Bullet Prakash and director Omprakash Rao are the other comedy actors close to this category.


“Earlier also, there were comedians who had star value. Directors used to book Balanna (Balakrishna) and Narasimha Raju before they took the call sheets of lead actors. They were considered more important than the lead actors for those films,” said senior film critic A S Murthy. “Today, what is fuelling the demand for comedy and character artistes is the profusion of youngsters. Fearing that newcomers cannot carry the film on their shoulders all alone, a strong supporting cast is selected. This is the reason for their demand,” he added.


Komal started his career as a lead actor. But just a couple of films later, he was relegated to being a comedy actor which he was not happy with. He even demanded that he be called just an actor and not a ‘comedy’ actor. Life has come full circle for him after ‘Mr Garagasa.’

He played the lead in the hit film last year and is now concentrating on playing lead roles. He is now directing his own film ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udayisi.’ Sadhu Kokila started as a music director and has also directed a few films, but he is most in demand as a comedy actor.


Luck has not favoured everyone though. Actors like Jai Jagadish, Sundar Raj and Ramkrishna have been in the industry for more than three decades. They have played lead roles themselves. But they do not command the same kind of remuneration like some of the comedy kings. “I do not blame those who are earning good remuneration, but being ignored after being around for decades feels like an insult. Some directors like S Narayan understand our abilities and give us good roles and pay decent remuneration, but I am ashamed at how many others treat us,” said senior actor Sundar Raj. Jai Jagadish also echoes a similar sentiment. Being a senior producer himself, he has his hands full, but feels indignant about being offered roles in other films with nominal remuneration.
comedy actors who command Rs 1 lakh plus per day include Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu, Komal, Sharan, Doddanna, ‘Mukhyamantri’ Chandru, Umashree, Bullet Prakash, Omprakash Rao.

Non-comedy actors who command Rs 1 lakh plus per day include Anant Nag, Avinash and Kishore.

The below Rs 1 lakh category is dominated by comedy actors like Sanket Kashi,Karibasavaiah, Michael Madhu, ‘Kurigalu’ Prataph, Rekha Das and others. But most often they are not in the position to demand a specific remuneration.