Movie Review - Porki

DIRECTOR : M D Sridhar
ACTORS: Darshan, Praneetha, Devraj,
Shobraj, Avinash, Ashish Vidyarthi

When he wields the gun, he is Rambo. When he punches, he is Rocky. He talks like Mad Max and is invincible like an American comic superhero. That is Porki aka Datta aka Suryanarayan. Darshan is convincing as the all-destroying avatar of a tyrannosaurus in a china shop. Every scene is the same as that of the original (Telugu Pokiri), but what is missing is the feel that it is real. Porki feels more like a minefield where the characters are made to run around and get themselves killed.

Datta (Darshan) is a hit man who is ready to maim or kill anyone for a price. He has his principles though; no killing women and children. As the film progresses from one battle (with lots of lives lost) to another (with a higher number of lives lost) Datta emerges a bigger killer. Somehow our leading lady (Praneetha) seems to like this very character even though he does not have any of the five qualities she is searching for in her dream boy.

When you begin to wonder if Datta is destroying the underworld from inside, you realise that it was his motive in the first place. He is an undercover cop who is playing one rowdy element against the other to wipe them out. In the end, it is left to Ali Bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi) to mourn the losses of quality hence men in the underworld. The story is wafer-thin and the only possibility of the film being a good watch was to copy the emotions as they were in the original make. But even when Datta is watching the heroine expose her assets in an aerobic session, there is hardly any charge of hormones.

Music composer’s work is the best element in the film. Free download kannada film songs here. For some strange reason, the film at times looks like the 3D version of Avatar without the glasses. If you enjoy action films with lots of bullets. this is the film for you.

Girish Kasaravalli' new film Kanasemba Kudureyanneri

Actors consider it a boon to get a call from director Girish Kasaravalli to act in his film. And it is not without reason. The winner of four National Awards for best film, he is considered lucky for actors too, many of whom have bagged awards in his films.

Girish is also known not to repeat his actors. Only Harish Raj and Umashree have two films with Girish. But who would have imagined Biradar to play the main lead in a Girish film. No doubt Biradar is considered a talented actor. But in mainstream films he has been delegated to play cheap comic characters and the first choice for a beggar’s role.

It was very rare for him to get meaningful roles. The roles he played in films like Akka Tangi were very few. But playing the lead role in Girish’s 12th feature film Kanasemba Kudureyaneri is a different matter altogether.

Two Poems

These two below poems were published in a weekly magazine long ago. I personally like the sarcasm in the first poem and depth in the second one. Hope U enjoy both. Dont forget to leave a comment :)

ಕುಡುಕರು ಅನ್ನಿ ಪರವಾಗಿಲ್ಲ
ಕೆಡುಕರು ಅನ್ನಿ ಪರವಾಗಿಲ್ಲ
ಯಾರು ಕೇಳುವರು ನಿಮ್ಮ ಕೊಂಕು...
ಸಿಕ್ಕಿರುವಾಗ ಸ್ವರ್ಗದ ಲಿಂಕು...!!!


ವಾಸನೆಯೆಂಬುದು ಜನ್ಮಾಂತರ
ಗಂಡ ಹೆಂಡಿರು ನಿತ್ಯ
ಕಾದುವರು, ಗೋಳುಗುತ್ತಿಸುವ
ರಗಳೆಯಲಿ ಅದಲು ಬದಲಾಗುವರು
ವರ್ತಮಾನಕ್ಕೆ ಎಳೆತರುವ
ಜಗಳದ ತುದಿಮುಟ್ಟಿಸಿ
ಇನ್ನೇನು ಸಂಜೆ ರಾತ್ರಿಯಾಗಿ
ಹಾತೊರೆವ ಗಂಡಿಗೆ
ಹೆಣ್ಣು ದೇಹ ಬಿಚ್ಚಿ ಕೊಳ್ಳುವುದು
ಮೀನಿನ ಗಂಧಕ್ಕೆ
ಮಿಗದ ಮಾಂಸಕ್ಕೆ

- ತಾರಿಣಿ

Fine more kannada poems: Kannada Kaavya

Nana Pathekar in kannada film Yaksha

Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has completed shooting for his first Kannada film Yaksha that has Yogish in the lead. Nana wrapped up his schedule on Wednesday at The Club on Mysore Road.

He plays a cop in the film. At 60, Nana says he keeps his health by working out for two hours every day. And he keeps off cigarettes and drinks. During the last day of shooting Nana showed a thing or two about keeping the body fit to others on the sets. This is Atul Kulkarni’s third Kannada film. Ramesh Bhagavat is the director of the film and Chandrashekar is the cameraman. Nana revealed that he would be taking up directing a Hindi film soon. Deepika Padukone will play the lead role in the film for which he has completed the script.

Kannada actress Abhinaya gets 2 years in jail

Kannada film and television artiste Abhinaya (38), who shot into limelight after co-starring with Kashinath in ‘A’ certificate movies like Anubhava was sentenced to twoyears’ imprisonment on Thursday by the 8th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate in a dowry harassment case.

Her parents Ramakrishna and Jayamma and brothers Srinivas and Cheluva were also convicted in the case registered against them by Srinivas’ wife Lakshmi Devi. The magistrate also slapped them with a fine of Rs 17,000 each.

Lakshmi Devi had filed a case with the Chandra Layout police station in November 2002.

She said that she married Srinivas, an employee in the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DPAR) in the Vidhana Soudha, in March 1998.

She said, at the time of wedding, Srinivas was given a dowry of Rs 80,000 along with some gold ornaments. “Later my husband asked me to get Rs 20,000, citing some personal problems. Later Abhinaya, Cheluva, Ramakrishna and Jayamma harassed me, asking me to get Rs 1 lakh as they were in debt after constructing a house.”

She became pregnant, and was taken home by her parents for delivery. Afterwards, her inlaws, she said, refused to take her home and forced her to stay with her parents. “My husband and his family also threatened to kill me and my family,” she said in her complaint.

Abhinaya entered Kannada films through the movie Anubhava in 1983. TheKashinathstarrer was a super-hit. V Manohar’s song “Hodeya Doora O Jotegara,” in which she acted, became an all-time hit.

However, her film career didn’t take off, and she had to be content with character roles.

Later she found a second career and became a household name through the TV soaps. Today, she is acting in TV serials, especially in villainous roles. One of her famous serials was ‘Conductor Kariyappa, Driver Dummanna’. Ironically, till now, Abhinaya has had a career that has been free of controversies.

Abhinaya got married to Cinematographer Umakanth in a private wedding function in Dharmasthala on 13th May 2009. Her marriage in Dharmasthala was a private function and she had invited relatives and close friends.

Yograj Bhat new kannada flick Pancharangi with Diganth

After much haggling and brainstorming director Yograj Bhat has chosen a name for his new film with kannada actor Diganth and Nidhi Subbaiah. The film is to be named Pancharangi (five coloured). Bhat’s concept of the story is that a man’s life revolves around five important elements; education, career, love, parents and marriage/children.

“Whatever way we look at life, all aspects can be categorised into these five basic ideas,” says Bhat. There is a small hitch with the title though. Pancharangi Putta has already been registered with Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce by someone else and Bhat is trying to get a noobjection certificate from them for his title.

His close friend kannada director Suri, on the other hand, started with a title and afterwards wove a story around it. His film Jackie, with Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead, will start in February. Puneeth had said that the title was the name of the protagonist and was not to be confused with ‘jockey’.

kannada director duniya Suri lets out a little more about the film. “In local slang jackie is the moniker given to a person in a group who volunteers not to drink when the friends go on a trip. He is the one who drives the car and has to be on his guard. The title was taken from that concept,” he said.

Always tightlipped on anything about his films, Suri complains that most people in the industry are always on the lookout to steal ideas and concepts. “We have to safeguard the few ideas we use in the film with our lives. It takes seven months for the film to be released. Until then, it has to remain safe,” he said.

Candid Ramya with Kitty and Diganth

Kannada actress Ramya proved to be a toughie for Srinagara Kitty at a film function on Sunday. It was the audio launch of Kitty and kannada actor Diganth’s new film Swayamwara (remake of Hindi film Mujse Shaadi Karogi) and the actress was a guest.

Reflecting on the experience of an acquaintance on a cruise liner, Kitty remembered a raunchy joke which he enjoyed narrating. The joke obviously did not go well with Ramya whose immediate retort to the actor was, “Are you being a good husband?” Kitty had no answer and Ramya felt her job done by asking the same question again. Kitty has been married for a year. Kitty walked away to his car chastised.

Incidentally, Kitty and Ramya are costars in the forthcoming Sanju Weds Geetha. Nonetheless, Ramya also proved to be brand ambassadress for Swayamwara. It was not just through her attendance at the audio launch of the film but her generous ways. While she waited in the lobby of the hotel where the audio launch was held, a foreigner walked up to her and asked what the audio album in her hand was about. She pointed out to Kitty and said he was the actor in the film and gave away the CD asking the foreigner to listen to it. “Now
Swamyamwara will be promoted in Europe,” she gushed.

Music Review and download - APTHARAKSHAKA (KANNADA - GURUKIRAN)

Chamundi taayi works because of SPB’s powerful vocals and the guitars Guru adds wisely to an otherwise standard song. Kabadi kabadi is as mainstream and massy as it can get — SPB to the rescue again, in a catchy package typical of Guru’s style. Kabadi’s other version with Karthik is even better!

With the ghost of Ra ra, Omkara and Garane gara garane play it straight, with a sweeping, intentionally-outmoded, classically oriented orchestration, while harmonious Rakshaka aptharakshaka is the pick of the soundtrack — Guru turns in a soulful tune with a lilting package! A soundtrack befitting the sequel’s expectations.

Movie Review - SURYAKANTHI (Kannada)

DIRECTOR: K M Chaitanya
ACTORS: Chetan, Regina, Nasser, Ganesh Yadav

There is a notion that art house kannada film directors cannot make masala flicks. But director K M Chaitanya proves the thought wrong. Suryakanthi has all the ingredients a commercial movie should have including action-packed scenes that Chaitanya’s earlier movie Aa Dinagalu did not have.

A case of mistaken identity forces Rohit (Chetan), an orphan brought up to be a contract killer by Stalin (Ganesh Yadav), to step into the shoes of Surya, a Harvard graduate who has come to India to take up job as a CEO in a company. Surya gets killed in place of Rohit by Stalin’s rival. Rohit a.k.a Surya not only ends up being the CEO but also gets engaged to the company owner’s daughter Kanthi, played by newcomer Regina. Kanthi, who is against the relationship, takes off to her grandfather Malanna Bahadur’s (Nasser) house in Belgaum where Rohit follows her. The rest of the film goes to show how true love transforms him into a good guy.

Nasser lights up the screen as Malanna Bahdur, a Gandhian in Belgaum who is stuck in the ’40s era. He gives a powerful performance with the right amount of emotions. Chetan’s acting gets better by the day and Regina too has done a decent job. Ganesh Yadav as Stalin is brilliant in his role. The music is just about okay. The cinematography is commendable. All in all, the direction by K M Chaitanya has worked wonders this time too. Free download kannada film songs here.

Director Rajendra Babu restrains his daughter kannada actress Nakshatra from wearing saree for Sankranti

Young actress Nakshatra will not be wearing a saree for the Sankranti festival. This is because her father, Director D Rajendra Babu, thinks such a move would brand her and she would be given film roles that require her to wear only sarees.

Nakshatra was excited when she was offered to appear on a special programme for a television channel for the Sankranti festival on January 14. Her mother, kannada actress Sumithra, also an actress also gave her approval. Their joy was short lived as Babu spoke out of his experience as a director of 50 films. Nakshatra is a student of Mount Carmel College and had first signed Sunil Kumar Desai’s Sarigama. That film is still not complete while her other film Gokula released recently. If her father has his way, we may see Nakshatra only in glam roles for a long time.

First kannada hit of the year

Maleyali Joteyali has been declared a hit and will now release in the US and the UK. An ecstatic Ganesh now readies for his second home production.

Maleyali Joteyali is the first film in 2010 to be declared a hit. The film is in its fifth week and Ganesh says he is ‘safe’. “I was worried for the first ten days. But after that there was no cause for concern. As a producer I am safe,” the actor said. His wife Shilpa is the official producer of the film.

The unexpected bonanza is the success of the film in north Karnataka. “The expectation from north Karnataka was low after the recent floods. But to our surprise the returns are three times more than what we expected. Even in a small centre like Banahatti, the film is running in its fifth week,” Ganesh said.

So buoyed is Ganesh that he has already begun working on his second home production. “Only script work is going on which should be done by March. It’s likely the film will be launched in June or July,” he said. Before that Ganesh’s Ullasa Utsaha will release; his Yeno Ontara is under production. He will act in HR Rehaman’s new film before his second home production starts.

However the cherry on the cake is the fact that Maleyali Joteyali is being released in USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Germany in two weeks. After that the worldwide distributors Bevin Exports will release the films in the UK, Hong Kong and Dubai. Joel P of Bevin Exports says that Maleyali Joteyali will see one of the biggest releases overseas for any Kannada film. Ganesh’s Mungaru Male is the highest grossing Kannada film overseas. It had made Rs 36 lakh in the US alone. Maleyali Joteyali is expected to do business close to Rs 20 lakh.

Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan in Kannada Film Jogayya!!??

If Prem has his way, Priyanka Chopra might soon shake a leg for a song in Jogaya. Yes, first it was Mallika Sherawat in Preethi Yekke Bhoomi Melide, and then it was Priyanka Kothari in Raaj... The Showman.

Shivarajkumar's 100th film, Jogayya, will be launched on July 12 to coincide with his birthday. It will be directed by Prem, who had directed the mega hit Jogi, the prequel to Jogayya.

And now, the biggest sandalwoodbuzz is that director turned kanada actor Prem is all set to cast another Bollywood hottie for a song in his next film, Jogaya, the sequel to the Shivrajkumar-starrer Jogi. “I’m currently in talks with Priyanka’s manager to work out her dates. It’s a stylised song and Priyanka will fit the bill,” says Prem.

Then we move on to the question of who the lead heroine of Jogaya will be. Quite a few people think Jennifer Kotwal should reprise her role as the heroine. However, the film-maker wants a more seasoned actress. “I want somebody like Vidya Balan. In fact, I’m trying to rope her in for the film too,” he reveals.

Does he have any Sandalwood actresses in mind for the role? “There are very young actresses ruling the roost right now. But, I’ve kept my options open,” he wraps up.

Top 50 Kannada songs in 2009

THERE’S nothing better than being in demand, and that’s something the team behind Hey Paaro knows all about. That’s because, according to the Radio Mirchi Top 50, which tracks the top songs of Sandalwood based on Radio Mirchi’s robust parameters, the song from the film Raaj... The Showman was requested the most in 2009.

Next in line is the romantic tune Madhura Pisu Maathige from Birugaali. Chetan, who played the leading man in Birugaali, is thrilled about the song being such a hit with listeners. “The music directed by Arjun was catchy and had a certain energy. The lyrics by Jayant Kaikini made the song very pleasant and meaningful. The two newbies who lent their voices to the song — Sharmita Malnad and Mohit Chauhan — gave it a certain freshness,” says the actor.

Holding the No. 3 position is Ale Ale from Savari, and Manikanth Kadri who scored the music for the song is thrilled. “I never thought it would be so popular. I thank Radio Mirchi for promoting this song as well as other Kannada songs,” says the music director.

Ele Kenchi Taare from Ambaari grabbed the at No 4 position, and the sakkath Hale Patre Hale Kabna from Junglee rounded off the top five. “It’s like chilli chicken,” says Yograj Bhat, who wrote the lyrics for the song. “I was worried about how listeners would react to this song, but the song fit Vijay’s character perfectly,” he says.

At the other end of the spectrum is the No. 6 song Ello Malleyagide from YB’s directorial Manasaare, which was written by Jayant Kaikini. “What worked for this song is that it was simple and didn’t have sound effects,” he says.

Other popular new songs on Radio Mirchi’s Top 50 are Yaare Nee Devateya from Ambaari and Nadedaaduva Kamana Billu from Parichaya. Halada from Maleyali Jotheyali and Hosa Gaana Bajana were also among the songs most in demand in 2009. And, they continue to rock in 2010!

Golden star Ganesh as Dancing Star in his next home production

NAMSKARA, Namskara, Namskara. You saw your favourite Comedy Time Ganesh become the Golden Star. And in 2010, the Kannada actor, who’s popular for his lover boy act, is set to change track.

In his next movie, Ganesh will be presented as a dancing star. “He has already proved his mettle as an actor. So, in our next outing, which will again be a home production, we’ll experiment with an image that G has never donned before this. He will be seen at his grooving best. He will then officially be known as the Dancing Star. I plan to portray him like Shahid Kapoor and Allu Arjun in Chance Pe Dance and Arya 2,” says Shilpa, wife of actor Ganesh.

“Nobody can showcase Ganesh the way I do. I know what’s best for him and it’s a given since I’m his wife and know him so closely,” adds the producer. “We will begin with a make-over and give him a suave look. I’m already in talks with a biggie from Mumbai to work with us on the project. It’ll be a musical sensation. Also, I love the way Farah Khan presents her heroes — I want to make G look like that. Every girl will fall in love with him,” smiles Shilpa.

Gossip has it that it’s Shilpa who’s behind the tremendous change in G — be it his styling, fitness or success. “Really? Actually yes. I’ve changed his food habits to begin with. Remember how fat he looked in Mungaru Male? He’s become more diet-conscious now. He works out and is totally dedicated to his craft. His dress sense has improved because I ensure he’s togged in the best brands. But I also have to give him credit because he’s very organised and focused. I just support him,” explains Shilpa.

They work together as friends rather than a married couple. Shilpa admits she had a strategy in place even when she got going with Maleyali Jotheyali. “Other than a good script and cast, I ensured that we were associated with the biggest brands. We tied up with two corporate giants and a local channel that Ganesh began his career with,” she says. After becoming the brand ambassador of a cola brand and a cellular company, we hear an international brand will soon tie up with Ganesh. “He has everyone swooning over him, especially women. But I know only I have him, so that’s even better,” laughs Shilpa.

Many Kannada films has no TV channels to buy them

It is not just the theatre goer who is abstaining from watching Kannada films. TV channels which were buying the satellite rights and providing an outlet are now playing hard to get.

While the satellite rights of some kannada films are cracking the roof, there are many Kannada films that no television channel is ready to purchase. The last three years have witnessed an unprecedented number of Kannada films being made and released. Three of the four times that 100 Kannada films have been released in a calender year, have been in the previous three years.

Until recently, it was a norm for television channels to pay an advance even before the film was completed. Many producers even utilised the advance money paid by channels to complete their films. But things have changed rapidly. “Some private television channels have completely stopped purchasing satellite telecast rights of films. Those who are buying are opting only for films with stars and those which have already proved to be a hit at the box office,” says Sudheendra Venkatesh.


While films of stars like Puneeth rajkumar, Darshan and Ganesh have been fetching Rs 1 crore and above for sometime now in the satellite telecast market, Shiva Rajkumar’s films have also started fetching Rs 1 crore and above. His film Bhagyada Balegara was reportedly purchased for Rs 1.25 crore. But it is Puneeth Rajkumar who tops the list. His films are bought for between Rs 1.5 to Rs 1.75 crore for broadcast.


“There are about 30-35 films made in 2009 that have no takers. Producers of these films are unable to convince any television channel to buy the satellite rights of these films. Also, there are films from the previous two years that have no takers. Most of these films were made by newcomers with a new cast,” Nagendra Rao.

This is a far cry from the heydays when a kannada film with all newcomers like Orata I Love You managed to rake in Rs 38 lakh as satellite rights. Mr Garagasa, which was made on a shoestring budget got Rs 55 lakh for its producer. The money was more than the budget of the film. This was because the film was a box office hit.


Middlemen who buy satellite rights and then resell the same to television channels are sitting on a huge pile of unsold films. Mahesh Kothari, one of the leading middlemen, says that there are at least 60 films which are stuck in the market with no takers. “New television channels buy all kinds of films because they need software. We had three new channels that were buying films. Now they are looking for quality films and not quantity software. So small films have no takers today. Some of the 60 films that are stuck are not even complete because they were started with the hope of making money through satellite rights for their completion,” Kothari says.

With the only assured returns for a film drying up, many newcomers have packed their bags and are leaving Sandalwood. After three consecutive years of 100 plus releases, the numbers are expected to come down to the earlier levels of 60-70 films in 2010.