Polls Results - Kannada film indusrty

Thanks for all who participated in the polls. Here are the results of all the polls.
        This poll amazed many as namma Jagga surpassed veteran comedian Mr. Narasimha Raju in best comedian category. There were total 263 people participated in this poll and only 1%(3 people) voted Dwarakeesh. Umaashri rated 3rd best comedian next to Narasimha Raju. Congratulations Jaggesh.
          This one tops as it got the highest number of votes in all the polls published yet. Women power!! Newbie Aindrita Ray has been chosen as the sexiest actress in Kannada cinema. Aindrita looks stunning in Jungly and forth coming Yograj Bhat film 'Manasaare'. The surprise (depress) element is Ramya who got just 18 (6%) of votes out of 306.

I'm just wating to see the result of handsome actor poll which is place top lefthand side. Did you vote??