Kannada Actress Amoolya

Kannada hottie Amoolya’s character in Naanu Nanna Kanasu will have two voices to show change in age.

Sharp ears will be able to discern a subtle difference in kannada teenage actress Amoolya’s voice in the forthcoming Naanu Nanna Kanasu. Apart from the actress, singer Lakshmi is also dubbing for her character.

“This is intentional. The character is shown at two different ages. One when she is 16 years old and has just joined college and later at the age of 24 doing her MBA. Amoolya has dubbed for the character when she is in the teenage years. She herself is 16 and in PUC now. For the portions where she is shown as a little older, singer Lakshmi has dubbed. Incidentally Lakshmi is doing her MBA,” says B Suresha the executive producer of the film.

It was director Prakash Rai’s idea. This is Rai’s first film as director and he also plays Amoolya’s father in it. Suresh reveals that the idea to dub Amoolya’s character with two voices was that of Rai’s. “It is the director’s idea and only an versatile actor like him can come up with such terrific ideas. But in the film, an average viewer would not be able to make out the difference. Only those who already know, will try to catch the difference,” says Suresh.

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Kannada actor sudip slaped assistant on set

Gentle’ Kannada actor-director Sudeep stuns moviedom by assaulting assistant who delayed script work, according to Bangalore Mirror.

Sudip was directing Kanwarlal, a Kannada film starring himself.

Strangely, it was not victim, but Sudeep’ s friend who made a big noise about the slap. Hence creating big doubt about the incident.

After kannada director Nagatihalli Chandrashekar, it’s actor director Sudeep’s turn to be caught in a temper tantrum. According to whispers from the sets of Kanwarlal, Sudeep “slapped” assistant director Sagar early this week for not getting the script sheet on time.

Curiously, it was not Sagar who took offence but Suresh Raj, the associate director and Sudeep’s longtime aide. Not only did Suresh blast Sudeep in front of the cast and crew but also left the shooting midway. Ironically, Sagar continues to work on the film, for which a huge set has been put up at Minerva Mills.

There were no eye-witnesses to the “slapping” incident that is said to have occurred inside a room. Suresh Raj told Bangalore Mirror that he got to know of it later and had told Sudeep that it was wrong.

But sources say that more than the alleged slapping, it was Suresh taking on Sudeep that heightened the tension on the sets. Every one was shocked and work stopped till Sudeep asked Suresh to leave.

“It is not something I want to blow up. Everyone has to work with a smile on the sets. I am happy that work is progressing smoothly now. What I protested against was the slap. Mistakes happen and people can always be told to correct it. No one has the right to beat or slap anyone,” Suresh said.

Sudeep calls Suresh “anna” (big brother). So, it was a surprise to those on the set when Suresh blasted Sudeep. No one had noticed or even spoken about the slapping incident till then.

A month ago there were rumours that Suresh had allegedly taken a commission of Rs 5 lakh from Sudheer Bhandari, promising him dates for Sudeep for a new film. Did Suresh blow up the incident to divert attention from the alleged fraud? Or was there some other motive?

Suresh, for his part, said he would “forgive and forget” and get back to work. Sudeep, however, hurt by the incident did not wish to speak.

A few months back, Nagatihalli Chandrashekar allegedly slapped actress Aindrita Ray after she reported late during a shoot in Macau.

SIHIGAALI - Kannada Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Leykkhan

ACTORS: Srimurali, Shireen, Tulasi, Sharan

There is a song in this Srimurali' kannada film, towards a woeful end, which Yesudas renders sorrowfully, questioning who wrote such a regretful story. It suits the state of this film aptly. There are so many holes in the film’s story and narrative that it resembles a fishing net. The director sure can’t write and in a numerologyinfluenced frenzy even messes up his name in the credits.

You sure know of a friend of a friend of a friend who left behind his mother in the village to earn money in the city. This is his story. To save enough money to build her a mansion, he does not buy a bike, sketches in the dark and does not cut his hair for years. And you also know that bad elements in the city would not let him live peacefully. To add some character to the film, Srimurali goes to visit his mom in the village. Mother Tulasi comes to visit him in the city. Srimurali and Shireen also meet to sing songs. Sharan sleeps under the cot and makes his assistant eat grease. Tired of narrating this nonsense the director kills Tulasi, Shireen and Srimurali in that order. His choice.

Leykkhan messes with the film and the producer’s money big time. If you don’t want to do the same with your time, keep a safe distance from Sihigaali. It is a gasbag and smells bad. Free download kannada film songs here.

SRI HARIKATHE - Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Dayal Padmanabhan
ACTORS: Srimurali, Pooja Gandhi, Radhika Gandhi, Naveen Krishna

This week Srimurali's two kannada films released. What impact these two films will have on his carrier?

Sri Jarikathe is an unpretentious film whose only aim is to entertain by whatever means possible. Dayal tries every trick in the director’s book to make the proceedings interesting and succeeds in most scenes. That is not to say the film is just a spectrum of related scenes. But the story reminds you of what Dinesh Baboo did with Ananth Nag as a henpecked husband a long time ago (Hendtigelbedi).

A womaniser and his virgin-tillmarriage friend dispute on the issue all the time. The virgin friend’s test comes when his newly married wife asks him to abstain from sex till she completes her studies. While his wife flies out, he gets a girl home to satisfy his urges. As luck would have it, his wife returns home as her flight is cancelled. By morning he has to contend with a dead woman in his bedroom.

Though a scary background sound when the husband reaches out for his wife may not be the highest form of entertainment, puns, saucy dialogues and audacious twists keeps the narrative of Sri Harikathe engrossing. The first half of the film is a tad on the slower side. But when the real thing gets going it is a fun ride. A timepass film to the core.

Naveen Krishna as the womaniser delivers a brilliant performance. His presence takes his scenes to a higher level. The rest of the characters, though not impressive, pass the test. The visuals do not strain the eyes and the music does not hamper the ears. So a movie you can safely plan to spend some time on. Free download kannada film songs here.

Title war between Sudeep and Dinesh Gandhi

Producer Dinesh Gandhi, once a friend of Sudeep, is now happy at the actor's discomfort which he created.

Dinesh Gandhi, who established himself in Sandalwood riding piggyback on Sudeep, is now the thorn in the actor’s flesh. He is happy watching the fun as Sudeep tries to get back the title for a film which he had asked Gandhi to register in the first place.

Veera Madakari in which Sudeep acted and directed, financially stabilised Gandhi as the producer. By the time the film released, Sudeep and Gandhi had fallen out as the latter had failed to pay remuneration to the actors and technicians of the film. The film succeeded, but Sudeep kept away. During this time Gandhi had registered the title Dhandam Dashagunam on the insistence of Sudeep. An advertisement announcing the film with Sudeep and Shankre Gowda as the producer also appeared.

But the film did not take off then and Sudeep appeared in a few other films in between. When the announcement of the film was made again, Gandhi clandestinely transferred the title to Umesh Banakar with an unlikely clause that the title would be reverted to him in case it was not being used. Gandhi’s way of getting back at old friend Sudeep has not gone well with anyone in the industry. Sudeep, who has not yet forgiven Gandhi for the trouble caused during Veera Madakari, has kept his silence and distance from the ongoing tussle.

Sri Murali's new films Harikathe and Sihi Gaali

Kannada actor Sri Murali’s films Sri Harikathe and Sihi Gaali are fighting it out for simultaneous release. He used to be known as just Murali when he shot one of the two films.

Not many would expect a problem of plenty for kannada movie hero Sri Murali. But that is exactly what he is facing. Sri Harikathe, the film in which he stars opposite the Gandhi sisters, Pooja and Radhika, was to release on March 12. The film is facing unexpected competition from Sihi Gaali, in which Sri Murali stars opposite Shirin. This film with Lekhan as the director started in early 2008 and has struggled to the stage of being ready for release over two years.

The new director and new producer of new kannada film Sihi Gaali want precedence over Sri Harikathe for release and the matter reached the problem solving bureau of Sandalwood also known as Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Monday. Sihi Gaali was started when Sri Murali was still known as Murali. His father Chinne Gowda is one of the producers of Sri Harikathe.

The meeting in the Film Chamber developed into an argument between old and new producers. Finally, the Chamber washed its hands off saying the two filmmakers settle the issue between themselves. “We are newcomers. We need to be encouraged,” was the argument of the Sihi Gaali producer which did not cut ice with the senior producers N Kumar and Chinne Gowda who said, “Our problems are bigger.” In all likelihood both the films will release on the same day now.