Ramya and Srinagara Kitty in new kannada movie Sanju weds Geetha

Based on a real incident that happened in the mid 90s, kannada film Sanju Weds Geetha trackes what transpires in 12 hours. Produced by kannada director director Nagshekar's college friends - Pramod Narayan and Murali Mohan - the film is dedicated to his guru Shanker Nag and starts srinagara kitty and ramya.

Nagshekhar, a comedy artist who saw success with his first directorial Aramane, created the story for Sanju Weds Geetha three and half years ago. The director is erecting seven sets for the film and plans to have a 60-day shoot.

A romantic entertainer, the film has six songs and three action sequences. Srinagara Kitty plays the lead role and Ramya, who missed Aramane, says she has a chance to do a performance-oriented role after a long time.
Below are the picture / photos of Ramya and Srinagara Kiity from the movie Sanju weds Geetha.

Coorgi beauty Kannada actress Nidhi Subbaiah pictures

This Coorgi beauty is the new find of the Kannada film industry. She bagged the important break of her career through acclaimed kannada director Yograj Bhat's film home production Pancharangi.
Model-turned-actress Nidhi Subbaiah, plays the female lead opposite kannada actor Diganth in the film. Below are the hot pictures / wallpapers / photos of Nidhi.

Her previous kannada film Krishna Nee Lateagi Baro, a comedy flick, fared well. Also, it is interesting to note that all female leads - Pooja Gandhi, Neethoo and Aindritha Ray - who acted in Bhat's films have made it big. Nidhi is hoping that she will go their way. Here are the sexy pictures of kannada actress Nidhi subbayya.

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Kannada actress Aindrita Ray's photo/pictures

Kannada actress Aindrita Ray undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women that kannada cinema has today. While Ramya looks aged, pooja gandhi increasing her weight,this bengali bedagi is hottest of all kannada heroins.

Find here kannada actress Aindrita Ray's photo/picture collection.

Above one is the hottest picture of Aindrita Ray. Andy rocks!!

Cute Andrita Ray

Girl nexr door!!!

Mimicking mungaru male seen cost the life

Mimicking a daredevil Kannada film stunt scene shot at the famous Jog Falls has cost the lives of tourists, particularly youth, in recent days.

The hit kannada film Mungaru Male, starring Ganesh, has a scene atop the falls area shot from a British bungalow. The actor, while romancing his girl, leans by bending his body to see the falls, and subsequently attempts a stunt of climbing down with the help of branches to show his love for the girl.

When the scene was shot there was no rain and the rocky area was not slippery.

With monsoon enhancing the splendor of the falls, tourists have been flocking to it. And young tourists are trying to emulate Ganesh’s stunt. The top of the falls gets covered by moss and becomes slippery, posing a risk to life. Heavy winds add to the danger.

Since the release of the kannada film, five youths have lost their lives trying to imitate the scene. Two girls from Chitradurga — one a lecturer — and two youths from Bangalore have fallen victim.

Some failed to heed the warnings of fellow tourists and paid a heavy price, suffering grievous injuries.

The Sharavathi river flowing through the lush forests and hilly terrain provides a feast for the eyes enhancing the beauty of the falls with water falling from a height of 800 feet.

The beauty and grace of the falls should be enjoyed from the opposite direction where there are a number of attractive locations. The top portion of the area blocks the view and prevents firemen from trying to rescue those trapped in the rocky area, officials said.

Concerned with the increasing number of accidents, the authorities are taking preventive steps. But many fail to heed warnings.

Many organizations have urged the Jog management authority, that controls the area, to put up a permanent barricade to prevent visitors from entering the falls area.


The kannada composer joins Sayonara in his usually styled techno title song — groovy tune with catchy hooks!

Hosadondu hesaru too is pretty neat, with pleasant reggae influences and excellent vocals by Karthik and Shwetha.

Joshua reworks his Appavi number, Vaada vinmele adequately in the item number Aaja nachre, while Karthik’s haunting techno-melody Naanu eega is the pick of the soundtrack; fabulous orchestration in this track!

Gundetu has the composer trying many things in a staid package while nothing sticks. I wasn’t a big fan of Joshua’s earlier hit with the same team, Love Guru. But Gaana Bajaana is considerably better.

NANNAVANU - Kannada film review

DIRECTOR: Srinivasa Raju

ACTORS: Prajwal Devraj, Aindrita Ray, Doddanna, Komal, Avinash

Avenging previous life’s tragic death is not a new story in kannada films which is usually followed by a lot of bloodshed. Surprisingly, new kannada movie Nannavanu is one such revenge drama played in the court without much use of fake blood. The kannada film is mildly entertaining throughout but does not rise above the average.

A greenhorn advocate played by Prajwal awaits his big break. What he manages mostly are petty cases which also try to be the comic relief prolonging the arrival of the real story. Also delaying the main plot is the comedy track of kannada comedy actor Komal which has no relevance to the film. His gang of thieves steal an ATM machine and suffer dismantling it (The real thieves who stole an ATM machine a few days ago in Bangalore must be appreciating their efforts).

Kannada hot actress Aindrita Ray offers Prajwal a case and Rs 50 crore even if he loses it. She claims she was killed decades ago, in her previous birth, by the current chief minister. The court considers the case as an unsolved murder rather than a reincarnation story. The director, however, shows us in a long flashback how Prajwal and Aindrita were lovers in their previous birth. Kannada actor Avinash, the chief minister, was after a crystal Shiva linga. For advocate Prajwal everything falls in place and he wins the case without much effort. He only has to participate in a few songs and fight scenes while the witness and proof falls into place by themselves.

The film arouses interest with its imaginative plot. But it is not sustained with a taut narrative. The first half is simply wasted on unnecessary trivias. Prajwal is good as the undertaker in the flashback while Aindrita does her job without much fuss. The music is a relief though not of the ‘hit’ quality you expect form Ilayaraja. Not a must watch but you won’t mind watching Nannavanu.

NOORU JANMAKU - Kannada Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Nagathihalli Chandrashekar

ACTORS: Santosh, Aindrita Ray, Sharan, Adarsha Balakrishna, Bhavya

Kannada director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar is bound by personal beliefs not to make a film without adding a pet intellectual theme of his own. So, a love story gets mixed up with global recession (quite late in the day). The superficial smattering of job loss and financial crisis in a posh setting does not help the film anyway.

The protagonist is an architect, who reluctantly hires a female ‘right-hand.’ She turns out to be the backbone of his business as it prospers. The ‘work, work and more work’ philosophy means that at the end of the three-year-contract, our hero does not even know where she lives or her birthday. Perhaps her job application and contract letters were blank. When it is time for her to leave, he falls in love with her. She promptly introduces him to her fiancee and leaves.

Because of the recession and her absence, and more importantly due to the necessity of the story, his business begins to sink. He goes to Macau and finds himself competing against her in a contest that will make or break his career. As required in such a situation, the fiancee of the girl begins to show negative shades.

This kannada film is full of unwanted scenes. One prime example is where the two architects present a construction model to Karibasavaiah. Santosh’s character is made to act rhetorically in some scenes. The few good scenes present are not enough to make this a must-watch kanada film.

Santosh in the first lead role of his career would normally be considered the weakest link. But he manages to give a good performance and comes out as the best bet. On the music front, only the title song borrowed from Nagathihalli’s America America shows sings of becoming a hit. The background score tries to force the audience to laugh and fails. The camera work stands in good stead. Free download kannada film songs here.

Bollywood Movie Kites blacked out in Karnataka

Hrithik Roshan’s most awaited film Kites has been banned from exhibition in Karnataka by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) for violating local industry norms.

Last week we got a funny SMS saying Kites movie banned because KFCC thinks its a remake of kannada film 'Galipata'!!! Now it actually banned.

KFCC, the Kannada cinema industry’s apex body, has directed exhibitors not to screen the movie, which is releasing today. The diktat has been issued by KFCC president Basant Kumar Patil as the distributors, Big Cinemas, had made preparations to release the movie in 46 theatres as against permission to screen in 24 specified halls.

“As per norms of the KFCC, non-Kannada movies can be released in only 21 theatres. The distributors approached us and requested us to relax the norms and grant permission to screen in 24 halls. We agreed. But now, they are releasing it in 46 theatres. Besides, they are also planning to screen it in another 10-12 theatres. Rules can’t be different for different people,’’ Patil said.

He said the distributor’s action had affected Kannada movies which are running now and those set for release on Friday — Vijay starrer Shankar IPS and Nagathihalli Chandrashekar’s Nooru Janmaku. “Due to Kites, Prakash Rai’s Naanu Nanna Kanasu has been removed from theatres and the two films set for release on Friday have no halls. Who will protect our films?’’ Patil fumed.

He said he had directed the exhibitors not to screen the film. “If they screen this film now, we will not allow them to screen any more later,’’ he warned.

State awards for 2009-10 for kannada film industry

Kannada film makers made a beeline to the Information Department on Wednesday, the last day to submit their films for the state film awards for 2009-10. In fact, out of the 50 or so films vying for the awards, about 25 entered the fray on the last day, according to Mahantesh, superintendent of the film section at the Information Department.

In the last three years, more than 100 Kannada films have been released each year. But remake films are not considered for awards. So, the actual number of films competing for the awards is less than half of those released. Tulu, Konkani and Kodava films also compete for the awards.


In the past, submission of films for the awards received after the cut-off date has led to controversies. Only a gazette notification by the government will enable submission after that. In the last couple of years, a strict schedule had kept the controversies away. But on Wednesday, Information Department officials were grappling with the late rush and could not provide the accurate number.


‘Censor’ Shivu and Arjun, two Sandalwood regulars, were busy helping film makers who had come to submit the forms. The ‘form’ was bulky. Film makers had to submit an official letter signed by the producer or the proprietor of the production house, 15 copies of the lyrics, 15 copies of the synopsis of the film, 15 copies of the song details, censor certificate and details, a censor script (which includes the shot description as well) and proof of release along with a Demand Draft of Rs 5,770. This had many producers fumbling. Shivu and Arjun rescued them with necessary help for a fee of Rs 3,000 per application.

Inevitably, there was confusion. Both the producer and director of kannada film Eddelu Manjunatha arrived with separate copies of submissions. Finally the producer’s (Sanat Kumar) application was filed.

Nooru Janmaku kannada movie

Stuck between adversaries kannada director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and hot kannada actress Aindrita Ray, lead actor Santosh is in a tight spot with the promotions of Nooru Janmaku.

Director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar and kanada actress Aindrita Ray are busy with the publicity drive for Nooru Janmaku. But Nagathihalli does not want the actress to share the stage with him. So, she is not seen in any press conference the director attends. Aindrita is, however, seen in television promotions of the film and other promotions like road shows where Nagathihalli is conspicuous by his absence.

Caught between the two is lead kannada actor Santosh, who has managed to become a lead actor after a difficult struggle. Santosh is on good terms with both of them and it is his close friend Vinay Lad who is the producer of the film. His plans of a publicity blitz has now been reduced to the regular advertisement drives. Nagathihalli and Aindrita’s televised spat about a slapping incident in Macau, China during shooting has ruined Santosh’s plans.

Santosh had managed to tie up with numerous business houses for the publicity of the film. “But I am unable to use most of them. We have made savings of at least Rs 40 lakh during shooting, thanks to these sponsors. but we are unable to utilise them to their full potential for our promotions,” he said. A popular beer brand is giving out tickets for the film at their outlets. Santosh sports a publicity t-shirt given by another sponsor and is touring the state to promote the film.

Nagathihalli, on the other hand, says that he is not handling the marketing of the film. The film will have a very limited release. So limited that it will release in only 12 theatres across Karnataka, the least for a Nagathihalli film so far.

Mewest kannada on-screen pair, Aindrita Ray and Santosh, to tell us what it was like working with each other on Nooru Janmaku


SANTOSH AS HERO... As a debutant, he did pretty well. He put in a lot of hard work throughout the film.

HIS WOW FACTOR... He is passionate about everything connected to the film, Nooru Janmaku.

ON THE SETS... He’s really hard-working. I always saw him multitasking. He took care of the overall production, too. He’s passionate about his work in every way and this film, in particular. This was something that I learnt from him.

CHEMISTRY... That’s for the audience to decide. I’m yet to watch the film and I can’t comment on our on-screen romance now.

SONG AND DANCE... He didn’t have to shake a leg much onscreen. Our characters were very dignified, but from what I know, he’s a good dancer. I heard people are loging to download kannada film nooru janmaku songs and they are interested in the lyrics of the film.

NAGATHIHALLI... I’d rather not comment.


ANDY AS HEROINE... She’s a lovely co-star with amazing energy. Working alongside her brought an extra edge to my work.

HER WOW FACTOR... She’s extremely photogenic and looks fab on screen, no matter what she’s doing.

ON THE SETS... It did take some time for us to get comfortable with each other, but once we started working together, the rapport just grew. But even the first time, she didn’t have any airs about her even though she came fresh from the success of Manasaare.

CHEMISTRY... The on-screen chemistry is fairly subtle because the setting is restrained rather than flamboyant. There’s no blatant expression of love; it’s all implied, much of it communicated through the eyes.

SONG AND DANCE... I love dancing, but I don’t have much opportunity to show off my skills in this film. I do, though, love the moves in Nooru Janmaku. And I’d love to do a film that would let me dance.

NAGATHIHALLI... I call him Mestru and working with him is like being in his school. He’s brought out the best in me, coaxing me to raise the bar for myself. I was in awe of his ability to make changes to the script, depending even on the light when we shot. He wrote in the changes, and wrote them in a poetic way.

Ravichnadran's new kannada film Hoo

Kannada actor Ravichandran’s dream was to release Hoo for his birthday. But unavailability of a cinema hall may derail it.

Ravichandran has not had a release in a long time. Kannada film Manjina Hani has taken its toll. The film is in the making for two years and the actor-director has scrapped most of what was shot and is re shooting. Meanwhile, he has completed Hoo with hot actress sexy Namitha and Meera Jasmine. The release of the film was delayed for various reasons. The release was finally decided for May 28, just in time for his birthday on May 30.

But the unavailability of Santosh cinema hall in Kempe Gowda Road in Bangalore may derail the release yet again. Ravichandran wants the film to be released in this cinema hall. This will count as the ‘main theatre,’ a term for theatres on KG Road, the nerve centre of Sandalwood. But Vijay’s Shankar IPS is releasing here on May 21. It is unlikely to vacate in just one week. Ravichandran is now in two minds. He has to decide either to delay the release of Hoo or move to another cinema hall.

Kannada director Prakash Rai's new love

Kannada actor and director Prakash Rai says there’s nothing illegal about him showing off his lady love, to whom he’s also getting engaged in June.

The rest of them may play it safe by mouthing lines like ‘We’re good friends’ or ‘It’s just another link-up by the media’. But namma Prakash Rai isn’t someone who believes in playing by the clich├ęd rules of tinseltown. At the recent premiere of the his first kannada directorial Naanu Nanna Kanasu, the actorturned-director unabashedly showed off the woman in his life — choreographer Pony Verma, who flew down from Mumbai especially for the event. The duo, reportedly, has been together for two years now, and it’s the first time they’ve appeared together in front of the media in namma Bengaluru.

“I’m not selling opium or indulging in forbidden activities — this is purely legal,” laughed Prakash. “There’s nothing to hide. I’m divorced and am fortunate to have found love again. But I love my daughters, Meghana and Pooja, as deeply as ever,” says Prakash, who’s legally separated from wife Lalitha Kumari.

Pony, who entered the film industry in 2001, is an ace choreographer in bollywood B-town and has choreographed for films like Khatta Meetha, Guzaarish, Prince, De Dhana Dhan, Chandni Chowk 2 China and Billu, among others. We hear that Prakash, who’s thrilled with the response to his debut directorial, will be engaged to his lady in June and is expected to tie the knot later this year.

NAANU NANNA KANASU - Kannada folm review

DIRECTOR: Prakash Rai

ACTORS: Prakash Rai, Amoolya, Sitara, Achyut Kumar, Rajesh, Ramesh Aravind

This kannada film marks Prakash Rai’s debut as a director. Naanu Nanna Kanasu had created expectations also for the reason that it was the remake of the acclaimed Tamil film Abhiyum Naanum. The neatly made kannada film explores the bond between a father and his only child, his daughter. However, any self-respecting television soap director would mourn the loss of a storyline that could have been told in 250 episodes.

Story of the film: Raj Uthappa’s (Prakash Rai) life revolves around his daughter. His love for her sometimes transcends reason like when he gets a beggar to become part of the family on her insistence. As she grows up, the film marks the changes the father undergoes and how he is made to realise the many natural turns of life.

But he still cannot digest the fact that his daughter selects a sardar for a husband and confides in her mother first about it instead of him. There is no unnecessary drama or ‘commercial elements’ and the film is a pleasant watch.

However, the film lacks intensity throughout. There are no bad scenes, only a few brilliant ones. Achyut emerges as the best actor among the lot even surpassing Prakash Rai. The latter seems to be burdened by the additional responsibility of direction. He is good but not as much as he was in the original. Amoolya does her part as finely as possible for her. But she does not add value to the film. The same is the case with kannada music director Hamsalekha. His lyrics(download songs and lyrics here) and music are complementary to the film but don’t make it better.

Kanada film Laali, by Dinesh Baboo, was one film that explored the bond between a father and daughter. So, Naanu Nanna Kanasu is not a new subject for Sandalwood. Between the two, Laali is better. This film will entertain those bred on television soaps and make them realise that a story can be told in 150 minutes instead of years.

Kannada director Om Prakash uses cuss words on Jennifer Kotwal for coming late

It is common knowledge that director Om Prakash Rao is a short-tempered brute on the sets. Angry shouts, cuss words and an occasional slap are mandatory when he is at work.

On Friday however, he took his behaviour to new depths. After wondering aloud in customary fashion as to why the leading lady of his film was late, he spewed cuss words on her as Jennifer Kotwal arrived at a private hotel for the press conference of kannada film Huli.

The press conference of the film had started late and Jennifer Kotwal was even later. Even as the others on stage were talking about the film, Om Prakash was seen shouting and asking his assistants as to ‘where she was.’ But the words he used were not of the polite kind. The scores of journalists and invitees were made privy to the action director’s verbal drivel.

When Jennifer arrived 20 minutes late, Om Prakash turned to a different direction and said, ‘Thu.. naayi.’ But there was no doubt to whom he addressed it. A few minutes later he shouted, “Muchchu baai kal munde (Shut up, you thieving widow),” towards Jennifer’s assistant who was talking to someone at the end of the hall.

However, Jennifer seemed to be oblivious to all these. Om Prakash altered his mood soon after and praised Jennifer to the hilt. “She was very cooperative during the shoot and it was wonderful working with her. I am casting her again in my next film with Darshan,” he said. The two posed together for the shutterbugs with huge smiles. But the bad taste he had left behind left no one in the mood to talk with Om Prakash.

Kannada actor Srinagar Kitty's daughter picture

Kannada actor Srinagar Kitty and his wife Bhavana welcomed their daughter on Valentine’s Day this year, but have taken more than two months to decide on a name for her. After much haggling, Bhavana’s choice of Parinita won. A month’s delay in the last schedule of Sanju Weds Geetha and the completion of Matte Mungaaru has let the actor spend quality time with his family. He has also signed another film Siddalingu, opposite Ramya, shooting for which will start in July. Kitty is wondering if he can have a grand naming ceremony for his daughter by then.

As we know that Kannada actor Srinagar Kitty and his wife Bhavana (daughter of noted journalist Ravi Belegere) have welcomed a baby girl on Valentine’s day. Bhavana has given birth to her first child at Cradle Hospital in Jayanagar.

Kannada film AITHALAKADI releasing this friday

Kannada Film-maker Bullet Prakash’s Aithalakadi is a unique project. Starring 108 senior kanada actors in various roles, the film will also have a special song sequence starring Neettoo and Ravichandran.

kannada actress Neetu says “I play a flower seller, Sevanthi, who’s a huge Ravichandran fan. I’m thrilled about having got the opportunity to shake a leg with him,” says Neettoo. The film also has guest appearances by biggies like Sudeep, Duniya Vijay, Jaggesh and Vijay Raghavendra.

First DVD film in Kannada - Kami-Swami

‘Mimicry’ Dayanand has completed directing a kannada video film, Kami-Swami, a comic take on the sex scandal involving Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Master Hirannaiah and television artiste Venkatadri, Prakash and Sagar are among the cast. The DVD will hit the market in the next two days.

It will be on the lines of the audio CDs made popular by Dheerendra Gopal and other artistes a couple of decades ago. Kami-Swami will be the first direct-to-DVD film in Kannada. The film was shot in just over three days. “We worked on the script for the last four weeks. It is updated and there is a line in which the swami’s character says, ‘I had consensual sex with a woman. But there are people who have raped their friend’s wife and are roaming freely outside.’ It is not just about swami bashing. We have included every current issue possible,” says Dayanand who has also written the script.

“We are not trying to encash the issue. I could have just made this as a programme for a television channel. But we are trying to promote this as the first DVD film in Kannada,” said Dayanand.

ULLASA UTSAHA - Kannada Film Review

DIRECTOR: Devaraja Palan

ACTORS: Ganesh, Yami Goutham, Sharan,Rangayana Raghu

A star cast in a particular brand has a great task doing movies that would appeal to his core audience. And to satisfy the paying audience beyond that fan base is much harder. Ganesh, who had run into a rough patch not so long ago has undoubtedly bounced back with a film that would add to his romantic image. This film for the record is the remake of the Telugu film Ullasanga Utsahanga.

A young girl from a dysfunctional family yearns for her childhood friend Balaji. As she grows up she believes she is in love with him though she does not meet him for years. She runs away from a wedding her stepmother arranges for her. Cut to the city, Preetham (Ganesh) a dandy and misfit in his family falls in love with her. He cannot reconcile the fact that she is in love with someone else. But he respects her decision and tries to help her find lost love. They journey together to Kolkota where Balaji is waiting for her. How this love triangle disentangles itself is shown in some sentimental, a few romantic and a couple of humorous scenes.

Ganesh is at his best in scenes where he plays the losing lover. It is one of those filmi episodes that he has made his very own. For some reason, his looks in Ullasa Utsaha are the best in any of his films. Newcomer and Mumbai import Yami Goutham looks like Haripriya. She is adequate in the role but the chemistry between the lead pair is not great. GV Prakash Kumar, a relative of AR Rehman, scores for his first Kannada film. Only a couple of songs are top class. The rest are plain.

What works for the film is the strict adherence to a well worked out storyline and the comedy situations that are worked into it. A truly enjoyable film. But be wary of Sandalwood cinema halls. Make sure the one you visit has the AC working. The 'main theatre' (a superstitious release of every Kannada film in one cinema hall in Gandhinagar) goes horribly wrong for this film. Anupama, the cinema hall running this film has only ceiling fans that suck out air and gives you a sweat shower.

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