Kannada Movie Review - Sangama

Hey folks. Here is one of the most awaiting kannada movie of the year and it is a disaster!!! Yes, 'Sangama', apart from its rich set of actors, big musitian, failed to make a good movie. Read how TOI expalined Sangama as a dabba movie.. Movie review of sangama. Read on.. Free download kannada film songs here.

Kannada Movie Review - Payana

Movie: Payana
Director: Kiran Govi
Producer: C Venkatesh Dodmane
Music: V Harikrishna
Cast: Ravishanker, Ramanitho Chaudhary, Sharat Babu

This kannada film reminds you of a mega-serial on small screen that goes on dragging without coming to a conclusion. The songs (free download here) and cinematography gives a bit of relief but director Ravishanker has nothing new to offer. While taking Kaveri (Ramanitho Chaudhary) around the historical places in Karnataka the cab driver Ravi (Ravishanker) falls in love with her. But the love is one sided as Kaveri is a foreign returned girl looking for doing a thesis on historical places is from an aristocratic family.

Kaveri likes the simplicity and helping nature of Ravi but she is her papa's daughter as far as major decisions in her life are considered. Back from tour, Kaveri is supported once again in life by Ravi after he joins as her personal driver!

Ravi proving that he is worth a person in the family, Kaveri is suddenly missing from the scene. He had gone to get treatment to his ailing mother but mistaken identity here in Kaveri's house belittles him. The rich and poor wall perturbs even Kaveri and she accepts the simple Ravi as her life partner after a long thought.

The comedy actor of small screen Ravishanker does not suit the role. He has different kinds of roles to perform but not this lover boy role. He does not have that look and physique to suit.

Ramanithu is very bubbly and she is a screen charmer. For the audience there is a good visual treat of some of the lovely tourist spots of Karnataka. Three lovely songs have come from V.Harikrishna. Modadha Olage Hanigala Balaga Onti Kalali Kadhu Ninthidhe Bhoomige Baralu…. sung by Sonu Nigam is the best of the lot. Free download kannada film songs here. Gnanamurthy has extended good support from his camera work.

Kannada Movie Review - Vamshi

Movie: Vamshi
Director: Prakash
Music: RP Patnaik
Cast: Puneeth Rajakumar, Lakshmi, Nikitha, Ravi Kale, Avinash, Rajendra

An action feast laced with mother-son sentiment, kannada film Vamshi is just an average film from director Prakash who gave Puneeth Rajakumar's Milana that ran for one year. The story and narration lacks credibility as the director brings out the emotional turmoils of the protagonist as he tries to encounter his problems due to his parentage. Vamshi (Puneeth Rajakumar) is hell bent on becoming a cop in the police department. For that he works hard and comes first in the placement list for the final selection.

The great disadvantage for this youth is his anger. He is living a very ordinary life with his mother Lakshmi. But everything goes awry on the final day as the interview panel asks him about the whereabouts of his father. Vamshi's father is a underworld gangster who controls Bangalore.

The age old theory that a rowdy son can only become a rowdy, irks Vamshi and his anger heightens and he goes to the extent of beating the cop in the selection panel. This is exactly the DCP Reddy wanted to happen. Vamshi is sent out with no posting and told that he is unfit to become a cop. It is height of dejection for mother and son.

When the news spread that Vamshi is the son of rowdy Kotnal Ramachandra , the response and respect he gets further puts him down. The opponent gang of his father is trying to put him down and it becomes inevitable for Vamshi to take on weapons. His mother is dead against to it but in a major attack Vamshi's fiancé Sharada (Nikita) is injured.

Vamshi takes revenge on the attackers in a severe style and he is put behind the bars. The local MLA bails out Vamshi and some more clashes separate the mother and son. Vamshi who is No 1 in the underworld on hearing the past of his mother in the hospital where Sharada is admitted; decide to surrender to the police. He comes to inform his mother but his mother’s calculation is different. She feeds him with poison in the food. Further complications and happy ending is expected from a 'masala' kannada film.

Puneeth is good in action scenes and dance numbers. Nikitha is bubbly throughout and she is not there just to run around trees. Lakshmi would definitely get a best supporting actress award for the film. Ravi Kale and Rajendra Karanth shine in their villain roles. Krishna Kumar's cinematography is top class. The mother and son sentiment plus the song of Dr.Rajakumar from 'Hoovu Hannu' Thaayi Thaayi…., are high points of this film. Free download kannada film songs here.

On the whole, kananda movie Vamshi does not stand up to the expectations it had raised.

Ajay and Blue Tooth

We’ve been spotting Kannada actor Ajay Rao — the hero of the hit Taj Mahal — wearing the his cell-phone’s blue tooth everywhere — from press conferences to premieres to red carpet events. He’s even worn it throughout his film Taj Mahal. Will someone please tell him that it’s a device and not a hunk accessory?

Kananda movie Haage Summane audio launched

In the presence of well known personalities the Kannada film industry Haage Summane the debut direction of 'Mungaru Male' story writer Preetham Gubbi - audio was released in a grand style.

Kananda Directors Yogaraj Bhat, Soori, Ramesh Aravind, KSL Swamee, Jayanth Kaikini, Amoolya, Neethusri, Nanjunde Gowda, Diganth, Kiran, Suhasi, Chandrasekhar had come for audio release.
Perhaps this is for the first time that Jayanth Kaikini had written all the six songs for one film like how Kaviraj had done for 'Sangama'. The lyrics are nothing new but the wordings are new said Jayanth Kaikini.

”Even at 50 I have been able to think on the young genes” explained JK on his confidence? I have locked JK for writing the lyrics in one resort disclosed director Preetham Gubbi. Zee Motion Pictures has bought the television rights of the film 'Haage Summane' starring Kiran and Suhasi.

Haage Summane is shot in super 35 mm camera in exotic locations like Thirthahalli, Mysore and Kumta. Mano Murthy the melody maker has scored the music. Anand Audio has brought the audio to the market.

Two hits bring cheer to the industry

After a few months of pathetic performance of films at the Kannada box-office, two films Budhivantha starring Upendra and Vamshi starring Puneeth Rajakumar has brought smiles to the trade.

Upendra's Budhivantha in three weeks has given Rs.5 crores net share for the producers Mohan and SV Rajendra Singh Babu and the gross collection in the three weeks is Rs.7.5 crores.
After Raktha Kanneeru an Upendra film is seeing upward trend in the collection only now. In some of the Telugu belt areas like Kolar, Chintamani, Chickballapur, Budhivantha has made record collection and beaten the earlier reports.

The punchlines of Upendra, taming of five heroines, and the cinematography has been lapped up by the audience. The family audience and repeated audience are increasing says producer Mohan.

Puneeth Rajakumar's 'Vamshi' that had very average reviews has recorded massive collection. The major force Puneeth Rajakumar and actress Lakshmi plus director Prakash's charisma is adding up to the collection.

In two weeks Chakreshwari Combines has got back the investment and the film is a hit. The action image of Puneeth Rajakumar has been fully utilized by the director Prakash who gave 'Milana' earlier.

Kannada actress Ramya pictures

The pride of Kannada cinema, actress Ramya (the highest paid actress in Kannada) was scared to sit on the motorbike with her co star, the national bike champion Vijay Kumar during the shoot of the film 'Ullasa'.

Ramya made it very clear at the media briefing on last Monday morning and explained it to the director Prakash and producer Nagaraj that she is not interested in taking part in the bike shots where the hero drives in high speed.

“ I am scared of racy bikes. The fifteen minutes drive with Vijaykumar made me nervous” said Ramya. She has 25 percent shoot in Australia and Finland for 'Ullasa'.

'Ullasa' starring Vijaykumar and ravishing Ramya in the lead is produced by Ramesh and Nagaraj in 'Nagaraj Cine combines' went on the floor as the Transport minister Ashok switched the camera while hat trick hero Shivarajakumar sounded the clap board at Embassy Business Park at Nagavara that is just opposite to the house of Shivarajakumar.

Dr. Jayamala is back...!!!

After a self imposed exile, kannada actress Jayamala had kept away from acting due to various reasins. She was doing her doctorate and was later voted to the prestigious post of President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

Now she is back in action on silver screen with 'Jaaji Mallige', a Kannada film. Dr.Jayamala’s last film was 'Navashakthi Vaibhava' and now she is playing the role of a Lawyer in 'Jaaji Mallige'.

What actor Nassar played in original Tamil film 'Devathai Kanden' Dr.Jayamala is playing it in Kannada. In the court hall Dr.Jayamala argues the case in favour of the protagonist Ajay Rao.

Ganesh performs dangerous stunts

Golden Star Ganesh did a crucial stunt scene underneath a moving train inside a150 meters tunnel area. Ganesh was tied with a rope in the front side below the engine with his legs on the break with the help of a strong pin which was choreographed by stunt director Ravi Verma.

In this another important scene Golden star jumps from one bogey to another when the train was moving at 40 kilometers. “This is another chilling moment as I was holding my breath”, says Ganesh.

The dangerous portions were shot in the moving train Gandhada Gudi Express that runs in a restricted area for the film as prescribed by the Southern Railway Department.

It was for the movie Circus.

For the 20 days shoot, producer Dayal Padmanabhan spent almost Rs 60 lakhs in which 18 lakhs he had to pay caution deposit with Railway Department. One of the staff of the Railway Department Chandru is also acting in a supporting role

Nam Yajamanru ready for release

Dr.Vishnuvardhan and national acclaimed director T.S.Nagabharana is ready with their new film after 28 years.

After Bangaradha Jhinke, Dr.Vishnu and Bharana teaming up has raised the expectations to high level among audiences . Two charming ladies Navya Nayar and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy with Vijaya Raghavendra also form the key star cast of Nam Yajamanru in which Dr.Vishnu plays the role of a 'Janumadha Jodi' marriage bureau proprietor.

Kari Subbu presents, Smt.Rajakumari Rajasekhar produced film is progressing with re-recording work at Hamsalekha studio in full swing.

Hamsalekha has written the lyrics and done some catchy tunes for the film.

Uppi in a special kannada song appearance

Kannada actor Upendra is dancing with ten heroines for a song number in 'Masth Maja Madi'.
This is for the first time that he is appearing in item song that will be shot in a lavish scale by producer Soundarya Jagadish.

There are five heroes in 'Masth Maja Madi' – Sudeep, Vijaya Raghavendra, Diganth, Komalkumar and Nagkiran with one heroine Jennifer Kotwal.

The cost of this song is estimated at Rs.50 lakhs. The fund raising for this song shot on Upendra 10 heroines will be donated to orphan house says Soundarya Jagadish.

Veteran kannada actress Dr B Saroja Devi and others honoured

'I want to see Kannada cinema Artists Association coming up soon and sit in one of the rooms before my life comes to an end' – Said veteran actress Dr.B.Saroja Devi addressing the mammoth attendance of the Film fraternity when she was felicitated after receiving the honor she received from government of India that is Life Time Achievement award given on the occasion of diamond jubilee of Indian Independence celebration.
The actress urged all the 28 divisions of the Kannada cinema industry to be always united and not to go to media with their problems.

Dr Devi honored her two close friend's actress Kanchana and Krishnakumari on this occasion and spent some memorable moments of yesteryears with actress Kanchana on the dais.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has made immaculate arrangements to honor the 15 achievers that coincided with the diamond jubilee year of Kannada cinema.

Dr.B.Saroja Devi, Dr.K.S.Ashwath, Dr.Srinath, Girish Kasaravalli, Umasri and Basanthkumar Patil for international recognition to 'Gulabi Talkies', Madhu Bangarappa for receiving the national integration Nargis Dut award for 'Kallarali Hoovagi'.

Best children film 'Care of Footpath' award recipient director Master Kishen and producer Srikanth, best social relevant film 'Kada Beladingalu' one of the producers Ramachandra, director Lingadevaru, best regional cinema 'Koti Chennaiah' director Anand P Raju and producer Dhanraj were honored with a shawl, silver plate, jasmine garland and fruit basket.

T.S.Nagabharana was not present to receive the honor was he was away in United State of America. The attendance at this gala function of KFCC was big. Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar, KCN Chandrasekhar, Protima Devi, Sumithra, Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, Shruthi, Mahender, Hema Chaudhary, Girija Lokesh, CVL Shastry, former ministers Rani Satish and Leeladevi R Prasad, information department bureaucrats KVR Tagore and Vishukumar, Hamsalekha, Srinivasamurthy, Shivaraj, Jai Jagdeesh, Ramkumar, KCN Mohan, Padma Vasanthi, KFCC members and office bearers were present at the memorable felicitation ceremony.