Kannada film Kool heroin is Sana and director is Ganesh!!

In a surprise development producer Shilpa Ganesh has decided to replace well own television actor Aamna Sheriff with item dancer turned heroine Sana Khan as the heroine of her second kannada production venture Kool. The film has kannada actor Ganesh in the lead and is directed by Mussanje Mahesh.

The sudden choice of this kannada film's heroine by Shilpa Ganesh has surprised many people. Aamna was Shilpa Ganesh's choice and she had even spoken at length as to why she picked up the well known tele-actress for the role. "I liked her costumes in the teleserial and I thought that the actress with such a good taste would be perfectly suitable for our film", Shilpa had revealed to the media on the day of the launch.

Sana is now geting such a big break in the Kannada films that she is quite excited to act with a big Kannada star like golden star Ganesh. She started off as a model and had worked in many Ad films with top artists like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Akshay Kumar. Sana Khan had started off as an item number girl in Kollywood after which she got her biggest break as a heroine to act with Silambarasan in the film Silambattam. So, now the heroin of kannada movie kool is Sana.

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Shilpa Ganesh's kannada film Kool is making news for the wrong reasons.

The controversy created over the change of the heroine - Aamna Sheriff was replaced by item girl turned heroine Sana Khan - is still to die down. But now, another shocking development has taken place.

This kannada film's director Mussanje Mahesh has just walked out of the film and sources from the film unit say Golden Star Ganesh himself has started directing the film kool.

The shoot for the film, which began on Thursday in Ooty, was smooth on day one. But on the second day, Mussanje Mahesh reportedly expressed concern over “interference” by Ganesh and his wife Shilpa. Mussanje Mahesh was quoted as saying that Ganesh began advising him about the way shot compositions had to be made.

Sources from the film unit also say that Mussanje Mahesh has left Ooty along with his associates.

Mahesh had earlier directed Ganesh in the film Eno Onthara which is a remake of Tamil film Kushi. This film is produced by Chandrashekhar of Udayachandra productions. Mahesh says that Ganesh had never interfered in his work during the making of that film and that he was quite surprised at the turn of events.

Kannada actress Radhika Gandhi

She is one half of the Gandhi sisters, as they are known in Sandalwood. Older sis, kannada actress Pooja Gandhi, is one of the most successful leading ladies, amongst the current crop of heroines, in the Kannada film industry. And Radhika Gandhi is gingerly following in her eldest sister Pooja’s footsteps. For a 19-year-old, she is not only wise, but also fresh in her enthusiasm for life and learning. Mistakes, she believes are a stepping stone to success. Four-films old in the industry, Radhika is unfazed with the average success of her debut Chikmagalura Chikka Mallige and others that followed. It is her time to learn now, she points out. We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon with Radhika and cups of chai.


She’s always borrowed my clothes, but will never allow me to touch hers. She is a confused shopper and takes a lot of time to decide. So mom and I shop for her. We usually buy the same outfits in different colours, so we don’t fight over it later. But she is a sweet heart of a sister. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone in this world. She is possessive and caring about me. She is always looking out for me - whether I am being looked after on the sets or whether I eat my food on time etc. With her around, I know I don’t have to worry about anything –well maybe just the remote. We are always fighting over the remote. And she always wins.


I had no plans of acting in films but when I got an offer to act in Chikkamagalura Chikka Mallige, I
decided to give it a try. In fact, Pooja spoke to the producers and told them that I am clueless about acting or the film industry. They were insistent and promised to take care of me, which they did! The entire crew made me feel comfortable. The producer and the director would help me with the dialogues. I learnt about camera angles, profile shots and how to give the right expressions. I was constantly encouraged. From there I went on to do Kalakaar, which was produced and directed by Harish Raj who was also the male lead of the film. I played the role of a journalist in the movie. Other roles just followed.


In the movie, I shared screen space with Murali sir and Pooja. I essayed the role of a married lady. I was told that I am too young, to play this kind of a role, but it was a great learning experience. I worked hard to portray the correct body language and thought process of a housewife. In fact, my mother helped me a lot in playing this role. I would come back home, discuss the scenes and get feedback from my family.


It was a laughriot! We shot in Mangalore and had a blast working in the film. During the Savi savi song, which is a romantic number, I was not around when Pooja was shooting. I thought she would feel nervous or awkward, with me around. During the last scene in the movie, where she hugs me, she would break into laugher, in the middle of the shot. I had to tell Dayal Sir, the director, to put a stop to Pooja’s madness, so that I could enact my crying scene.


I am glad my college understands my acting aspirations. They help me to balance my studies and shooting. I am also designing for Pooja’s film Apta. Maybe in future, I might design for myself too, who knows? I am keen to launch my own label in the next couple of years. I want to take a balanced approach towards designing and acting.


I just shot for a film with Malashree titled Veera. I play a young girl and it is a romantic lead. I had a great time shooting for it with Kiran Sreenivas. In one of the scenes shot at Nandi Hills, I got hurt. In a glass-breaking scene, I got hit by shattered glass splinters. It saved me from using glycerin to cry! I have also signed an untitled film, for which shooting begins soon.

Aghori characters in kannada cinema

Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar’s 100th film Jogayya has the star looking and playing an aghori - the pot smoking, flesh eating, womanising, divination-seeking men of saffron. Another kannada hero Vijay Raghavendra is also enacting a similar character in Vinayaka Gelayara Balaga. Joining the bandwagon is sexy Pooja Gandhi, in her forthcoming Rani Maharani.

However, going by the pictures, kannada actress Pooja looks more like a someone dressed up for Indian Halloween. But the credit of creating the original aghori on 70mm in recent times should go to Director Bala who turned romantic hero Arya into a hedonistic aghori in the Tamil film Naan Kadavul.


According to the sect every human is a ‘shava’ (dead body) with emotions and they should try to become ‘Shiva’ by denying the human pleasures and involving in the aghori rituals. The aghori lives in cemetery (shmashana), the living place for lord Shiva, this is the representation that the final abode for everyone is the cemetery. And many aghoris roam around naked, representing the true humans and their detachment from this world of mortals who live in the world of illusion.

Kannada film Jogayya launch attended by Chiranjeevi, Surya and Vijay

The launch of 'Hatrick Hero' kannada actor Shivaraj Kumar's 100th film Jogayya directed by Prem was a colourful and grand affair. Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Kollywood superstars Vijay and Suriya also attended the function which was held at the Kanteerava Indoor stadium.

Chiranjeevi held the muhurath shot while Kannada actor Ambareesh switched on the camera and wished luck. Chiranjeevi was requested to speak in Telugu by his fans. Both Vijay and Suriya started off their speech with a Kannada sentence and later switched to Tamil.

Suriya said that his father gave him two photographs when he was young. "One was that of Goddess Chamundeshwari to seek her blessings. The other was of the Kannada movie star Dr. Raj Kumar for remembering him and following his footsteps in my profession. I am very happy to wish Shivaraj Kumar on this occassion. It is a big function and I hope that the film will also be a big hit", said Suriya.

Vijay thanked the Karnataka film fans for not encouraging video piracy in the state. He said that Shivaraj Kumar has always been his very good friend and he had watched the actor's films including AK 47, OM and Jogi. He also appreciated Shivaraj Kumar for acting in the remakes of old films by MGR, Super Star Rajnikanth and many others. "Shivaraj Kumar had acted in the remake of my own film Badri. He is certainly a versatile actor", said Vijay.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi remembered the great bond of friendhsip that he had with Dr. Raj Kumar, father of Shivaraj Kumar said that he was very pleased to be a part of the launch of Jogayya. "Dr. Raj Kumar sir called his fans Gods. It is certainly the biggest compliment that fans can get. He was a real 'Bangaradha Manushya' (God Man) and was affectionately called 'Annavru'. I am happy that Shivaraj Kumar has now taken the throne of his father and is enjoying all the love and affection of the Kannadigas. Despite the busy Assembly session, I chose to attend the function only because of Shivanna", said Chiranjeevi.

Ambareesh, Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar, Raghavendra Raj Kumar and Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar were present at the funciton. Shivanna was blessed by his mother Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar after the muhurath shot.

Kannada actor Indudhar committed suicide

Kannada actor Indudhar and his wife Hema have committed suicide at their Jayanagar residence by hanging from the ceiling fan while his wife body was laid on the bed. Major twist in Hema indudhar's deadh was, according to police, Indudhar might have killed his wife Hema first and then he has hanged himself to the ceiling fan.

Indudhar is said to have written four death note, in which he has mentioned that financial problems are not responsible for their death. But their neighbours claim that the couple used to quarrel often and they have heard their shouting many times. In one letter he mentioned that since they didnt get expected success they are committing suicede.

Basically, Indudhar was an engineer, but attracted by the colourful world he debuted in Kannada films with the movie Shruthi. He was close to kannada actor Vishnuvardhan and acted with him in major hit 'Nishkarsha'.

He also acted in several television serials like 'kunkuma bhagya, savyasaachi, mahayagna. He is popularly known for his performance in movies like Annayya, Nishkarsha, AnukoolaKobba Ganda and Shruthi. His wife Hema was a costume designer. She was desperate to become a director while her husband wanted to produce her movies.

However, Kannada film industry has been shocked by the death news of the couple. Especially, actors like Tara, Jaggesh, Girija Lokesh and Srijan Lokesh have express deep regret over their death. They say that Indudhar was very friendly and he had also got good acting talents and his death is an irreplaceable loss to Kannada films.

Sandalwood's T-20 cricket competition

Just a few days ago Tollywood's T-20 cricket competition organised by the Telugu film artists association was a big hit. Four top stars of the Telugu film industry Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Venkatesh and Nagarjuna headed four cricket team's which played three matches on June 13 at the Lal Bahadur stadium to mobilise funds for the Artists Association to create a fund for the ailing film artists.

Now, there will be a Sandalwood T-20 Cricket Competition named the Dr. Raj Kumar Cup which will be organised by the Kannada film Dancer's association. The matches starts on July 25 at the Kanteerava Stadium. The practice sessions have already started with Super Star Upendra practicing with his fellow artists and technicians. He will soon have to fly to Dubai and then to London to participate in the final lap of the shooting of his directorial venture Super. The practice sessions were held on Sunday and Monday in the central college grounds in Central Bangalore.

Other kannada artists who had participated in the practice schedules included Diganth, Shrujan Lokesh, Vijay, Ajith, Tarun, Tarun Sudhir, Chethan, producer Anaji Nagaraj, director Shivaprabhu and director Murali Mohan. Kannada film actor Dhruv who is a record holder for acting as a hero in a film despite being physically challenged was seen coaching all the film artists.

A cultural programme has also been organised in the evening which will be represetned by all the leading stars.

Shiva Rajkuma in Kannada Bond film

The 23rd James Bond film starring Daniel Craig may have been put on a backburner but the Kannada version of MI6 agent’s heroics will make a comeback after 32 years.

For over three decades Bond fans have been going to the cinemas to see their favourite spy save the world. And back home, they look into the mirror and pretend to be James Bond, saying, behind those dark sunglasses ‘The name’s Bond..... James Bond’.

Far back in 1968, Sandalwood saw the desi version of James Bond in none other than Rajkumar.
Being a James Bond fan, Rajkumar acted in four Bond inspired films -
Jedara Bale, Goadalli CID 999, Operation Jackpot Nalli CID 999 and Operation Diamond Racket.

Now after 32 years, kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar will step into the shoes of his father with Operation Golden Gang. The film will be announced on Shiva Rajkumar’s birthday on July 12. “Since two years I have been planning to make a Bond movie. Shiva Rajkumar was informed last year but due to various reasons we could not go ahead. After we got a green signal from Shiva Rajkumar, we are now finalising the storyline,” said producer Basava Reddy. He has already registered the title with the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. The shooting will commence in January 2011.

After kannada film Operation Diamond Racket, it was announced that Operation Golden Gang would be the next in the series. But the film never went on floors due to various reasons. “Operation Diamond Racket was the costliest film made in those days. Almost Rs 38 lakh was spent on it. In those days, it was difficult to recover the cost of the making even if the film was a hit. I had a story ready for the sequel and it is a wonderful subject. If they approach me, I would be happy to share it,” said director Bhagwan. In fact, the director duo Dorai-Bhagvan (Dorai Raj and S K Bhagwan) made their debut with Jedara Bale.

Shivaraj kumar's new kannada film Jogayya

kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar’s 100th film Jogayya is scheduled to go on the floor on July 12, this year, on his birthday. But as of now, the heorine’s chair is up for grabs. Bollywood actor Amisha Patel was touted to play the lead opposite Shivanna, but a few days earlier, it was the latter who let the cat out of the bag. Director and producer of the film Prem is in talks with the pretty Amrita Rao.

Sources say that the Vivah star has demanded Rs 60 lakhs for the role. That is like a heroine asking for the moon in Sandalwood. Prem, whose home production is Jogayya, is willing to offer Rs 45 laks. That’s like giving half a moon. According to industry sources, it is still a damn moon compared to what other actresses are paid.

However, kannada director Prem says that the issue with Amrita is availability of dates and not about money. “We have short-listed Amrita Rao and Anushka Sharma. They say they can give us only five to six days at a stretch. But we need a leading lady who can give us bulk dates for each schedule. No matter what, the heroine for Jogayya will be finalised in a day or two,” says Prem. And suddenly a little birdie tells us that Amrita and Anushka’s loss could be Jacquiline Fernandez’s gain. Prem is said to be in talks with the Sri Lankan born Bollywood actress as well. Whatever happened to all the homegrown heroines of Sandalwood?

‘Vishnuvardhana’ kannada film title rejected

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) on Friday rejected kannada actor Dwarkish’s petition to use ‘Vishnuvardhana’ as the title for his film, starring Sudeep.

The topic became controversial when late actor Vishnuvardhan’s wife Bharathi took exception to the decision. KFCC, in its ruling, said: “Rules stipulate that no title which bears even a remote similarity to another name can be used.” Actor Abhijeet is producing the film ‘Vishnu’, which will be completed by November.

Dwarakish said: “Sudeep has to decide on the next course of action. Rules are applicable to all, the ball is in Sudeep’s court.’’

Actress Namitha is not dead

The buxom siren is tickled about rumours of her death

    The grapevine went blue-green over news about glam-girl Namitha's suicide. It turned out to be just another nasty rumor about the bodylicious gal. Taking it in her stride, Namitha laughed aloud on hearing news about her own demise.

    The rumour about her suicide spread like wild-fire, citing “acute depression” to be the reason for her “drastic step”. “We don’t know who is spreading all these rumors about Namita,” says a source. "She is hale and hearty and spending time at Ambi Valley, her house in Mumbai.

    The glam doll who's had a good run in the South film industry is currently acting in K S Nageswara Rao's Desadrohi in Telugu and Ilaignan and Maanada Mayilada in Tamil.

    The actress who turned 30 in May is slowly veering away from “sexy roles” and looking for “meaty roles”. And above all, she is enjoying her life to the hilt, adds the source.

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Eradane Maduve - Kannada movie review

DIRECTOR Dinesh Baboo
ACTORS Anant Nag, Suhasini, Sharan, Tara, Jennifer Kotwal, Rangayana Raghu, Prem

Kannada producers Suresh and Rajeev Kengeri have come out with another kannada comedy titled Eradaneya Maduve which is released on July 9. Anant Nag and Suhasini Maniratnam play the lead roles. The kannada movie also has Lovely Star Prem, glamorous Jennifer, National award winning actress Tara, Sharan and Rangayana Raghu.

Director Dinesh Baboo to make a kannada film with the simplest of ideas. He may fail at times, but he does come up with a winner every other time. Eradane Maduve has the typical Baboo touch with sharp dialogues, an eye candy setting and the subtle narration of a family drama. Baboo picks a story that unfolds in limited number of locations. In fact, kannada film Eradane Maduve for the most takes place in a single house. But, the director avoids being monotonous.

Anant Nag plays a government official who has been dismissed from service on an alleged bribery charge. His wife (Suhasini), three daughters and brother-in-law (Sharan) treat him with contempt as a result of this.

Nag tries to redeem his pride by faking to have a young girlfriend (Jennifer Kotwal). This leads to disharmony among family members. To get back at her husband, Suhasini fakes an affair with a younger man (Prem). A comedy of errors unfolds.

Dialogues are the high points in this kannada film. They are witty, silly and hilarious, all at the same time. Anant Nag and Suhasini come out with good performances. Jennifer and Rangayana Raghu shine in their limited roles. Tara gets a comic role. However, Sharan seems to be aping comic Sadhu Kokila in his role. The film is worth a watch for its comedy!Download free kannada songs here.