Sandlewood first nine moths verdict

In an interesting co-incidence a total of 90 kannada films have released in the first nine months of 2009. Even more interesting is that nine out of these releases is expected to make money over their investments. The nine kannada films are Ambari, Junglee, Kannada Kiran Bedi, Ee Shatamanada Veera Madakari, Josh, Savari, Thakat, Eddelu Manjunatha and Yodha.

It does not seem bad considering that there are other kannada films that have either recovered their cost or are on their way towards it. These include Raj - The Showman, Venkata In Sankata, Jaajie Mallige, Chamkaisi Chindi Udayisi, Love Guru, Prem Kahani and House Full are expected to get back their investments. Upendra’s Rajani and Yograj Bhat’s Manasaare released on the last two Fridays of September and with huge openings during the Dasara holidays are also likely to end up on the winning side.

But this is not considered happy tidings by the kannada movie industry. More than 50 films this year could not make it to the second week in cinema halls. So, overall there is a feeling that more money has been lost than made this year. Some of the big films that have failed this year include Circus, Jolly Days, Nanda, Nam Yajamanru, Gautham, Chellidharo Sampigeya, Hat trick Hodimaga, Dubai Babu, Olave Jeevana Lekkachara, Karanji, Male Barali Manju Irali and Bagyadha Balegara.

Kannada singer Nanditha reduced to a track singer?

Software engineer-turned-kannada playback singer Nanditha has reasons to be unhappy with American-Kannadiga music composer Mano Murthy. The singer says that on more than one occasion she has been reduced to being a track singer in his films. The first time she sang the song Banna Bannada Haadu along with Rajesh Krishnan for the film Matad Matad Mallige. But it was only when the album was released that she realised that Mano Murthy had got Shreya Ghosal and Shankar Mahadevan to sing that song without their knowledge. The next was for a song in Milana. Again Nandita’s voice was not used and Shreya Ghoshal took her place.

“Mano Murthy has to give an explanation as to why my voice was not suitable,” asks the three-time State award winner kannada singer.

The fascination with Bollywood singers is not new in Sandalwood. Recently the album cover of Savari carried the name of Shreya Ghoshal for the song Marali Mareyagi, even though the song was sung by Anuradha Bhat. Nanditha continues to be a popular singer and after recently buying a house for her parents is looking forward to new challenges. She wants to turn composer soon and hints that it may not be too far away. “I have been composing tunes for a long time and have about 300-400 ready,” she says. Best of luck Nanditha.

MANASAARE - Kannada Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Yogaraj Bhat
ACTORS: Diganth Manchale, Aindrita Ray, Raju Thalikote, Neetu, Pavan Kumar

Kannada movie Manasaare released this week and it was one of the most awaited film this year. This Kannada film promises for gud fun with its catchy dailogues. We rate this film with four stars.

Let’s start with the assumption that audience will not come to this movie only because Yograj Bhat also directed Mungaaru Male. Quite impossible, because that is exactly why people will buy tickets for this kannada film manasare, and not because of the unknown sugar content of doodh peda Diganth or Aindrita Ray. Bhat seems to be burdened not by expectations but by a ‘tiredof-same-old’ syndrome.

Diganth’s character says he is tired of the same old love story, marriage, road and beer. In trying not to repeat things, Bhat manages to do exactly that. The film bets excessively on its dialogues, beautiful frames, Jayanth Kaikini and Mano Murthy. These things work, but the story which is an attempt at unifying workable filmy characters starts with a bang, whimpers through the middle and fizzles out in the end.

Manohar (Diganth) is a happy-go-lucky chap content with whiling away his time despite being a burden on his family. Among his many misadventures, he is mistakenly taken into a mental institution. His attempts to convince the doctors that he is the wrong person fail. His escape missions do not come through either. In one such attempt he comes across Devaki (Aindriata Ray), another mental patient undergoing treatment at the institution. Then it is love in the times of insanity. The rest of the film is spent wondering whether these two characters will escape the prison-like hospital or get out after being certified normal.

I actually did not expect much from Manassaare and I guess that’s the reason that the film has left me dumbfounded. The movie has very few negative aspects and a lot of positive aspects. So let me summarize the negative first so that it can be forgotten and elaborate on the positives so that they remain with us.


The second half is slightly dragged and cannot keep up to the pace of the first half.
I am not sure if andrita was the right choice to play such a intense character. She looks good thou but her character becomes slightly irrelevant after a while.
The villain doctor theme could have been avoided I think. . it ate too much of screen time from such a feel good movie otherwise.

Thumbs up . .

Digant Digant and more Digant – I couldn even imagine that Digant could have turned into such a sensitive performer. Very matured acting. Its definitely different from all his chocolate hero potrayals.

What I liked best in his performance was that he was inhibited. He has shed all his consciousness and has let himself free in front of the camera. He looks undoubtedly stunning . .his dialogue delivery is crisp and appropriate. His body language is wonderful. And he steals the show in so many places.

I donot want to reveal the plot – but the sequence where he is trying to fool the doctor to take him back, he says “yeah . . please . . . .”
Every time he says vaapaas hogana baa please . . followed by his nakhras

The comedians in the film are ooutstanding . . .Satish Ninaasam is brilliant . . along with the background score that accompanies him . .he he he . . . . . . the Dharwad Kannada Jagadguru is simply supppppppppppppppppppppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbb . . . .!!! and so is Mitra . . . with his “Batte” obsession.

satya hedge scores with his brilliant cinematography. The camera work is outstanding. I was fullu impressed with the ligting techniques used and the tone of the entire film. The warmth does not go away any where and that’s beautiful.

Hands down to this brilliant movie that’s cute . . some times disturbing and some other times thought provoking and mostly entertaining. The true winners of the movie are Yograj Bhat for his direction and his whimsically humorous writing. Satya Hegde for his brilliant visuals . . . the comedians for putting life into the film . . and for Diganth – the soul of the movie. Who has gone beyond his amaaazing looks and his dimples and doodh peda image, to turn into a very matured performer. Guys catch this movie. Don’t miss it!!!

Overall manasaare is a wachable movie for its songs, dialogues and ofcourse handsome Diganth and beautiful Aindrita Ray. Book your tickests for this movie now!!!

YASH - New heartthrob of Sandalwood

Remember what Inti Ninna Preetiya did to kannada actor Srinagara Kitti? Even while the film was in the making he was signed up by top producers and he has been a busy actor ever since. The very fact that he was doing the film with Suri was enough to convince Sandalwood that he would turn out to be a winning horse. This despite the fact that Kitty was running from pillar to post trying to get roles before Suri picked him for Inti Ninna Preetiya.

Something similar is happening to Yash, whose kannada film Kallara Sante is ready for release. Though he won the Filmfare award for best supporting kannada actor for his debut Moggina Manasu, which was also a box office hit, it did nothing to further his career. When his next film Rocky failed he was almost relegated to the sidelines. Surprisingly the ready for release Kallara... seems to be opening the doors of producers for him. His next film Gokula is progressing at a rapid pace and an unnamed project will go on floors on October 20. That is not all, if Sandalwood grapevine is to be believed Yash has been approached by many top producers. All in the anticipation that the positive talks about Kallara Sante the second film by director Sumana Kittur, turn out to be true.

Yash, however, knows who the credit should go to. “It is not because of me but because of Agni Sridhar (the writer) and Sumana Kittur that the film has generated such interest. In the bargain, I have been benefitted and I am thankful to them,” Yash said. The journalism graduate is now firmly part of the young brigade of Sandalwood. This film is also a comeback of sorts for Haripriya, who is more busy in Kollywood these days.

Crazy Kutumba - Interesting kannada movie

Crazy Kutumba kannada film is about a family of seven riding in an autorickshaw from Belgaum to Bangalore for a talent show. It sounds similar to hollywood movie "Little Miss Sunshine". And the fact is it is true. The new Ramesh Aravind-Anant Nag starrer Crazy Kutumba is inspired by the Marathi film De Dhakka which in turn was inspired by the 2006 Hollywood movie.

Instead of a minibus in which the American family travels to get their little girl to participate in a beauty pageant, the Crazy family will take to an auto rickshaw. The journey will start in Belgaum and end in Bangalore. In reality, the auto itself will be carried in a truck!!!. The seven members of the Crazy Kutumba are Anant Nag as the drunk grandfather, Ramesh Aravind as a mechanic, Sana as his wife, child artiste Dhanya as the the aspiring Bharatanatyam dancer, Chindodi Veerashanker, Chindodi Vijayakumar and Harish. Rajinikanth will play the role of the auto thief.

Dhanya is a standard IV student in the City’s Kumaran School and has been studying Bharatanatyam for sometime now. This will be the 51st film as director for B Ramamurthy and first film as producer for Ravi Joshi, who is also brotherin-law to Ramesh Aravind.

Ricky Kej will be composing new kannada tunes for three popular songs. Coincidentally each song has been written by a poet. Kuvempu’s Nade Munde Nade Munde..., K S Narashima Swamy’s Hendati Obbalu Maneyolagiddare... and H S Venkatesh Murthy’s Amma Naanu devaraane Benne Kaddilla... are the three songs. The only new lyrics for the film are written by Jayanth Kaikini.

Lyrics - ee bhoomi bannada buguri - Maha Kshatriya (Kannada)

Today i'm posting two of my favourite songs. One is from Maha kshatriya and another from Mussanje Maathu. Both songs are great inspirations to me. Here is the first one.

Song: ee bhoomi baNnadA buguri
Film: Maha Kshathriya
Music: HamsalEkha
Singer: S.P.Balasubramaniam
Lyrics: HamsalEkha

ee bhoomi baNnadA buguri , A shivane chATi kaNo
ee bALu sundara nagari , nee nidarA meTi kaNo

nintAga buguriya Ata, yellAru onde hoTa
kAla kshaNika kaNo

mari beDa tAyiya runavA , mari beDa tandeya olavA
haDedavare daiyva kaNo

sukhavAda bhAsheya kaliso , sariyAda dArige naDeso
sanskrutiye guruvu kaNo

maretAga jeevana pATha , koDutAne chaaTiya YeTa
kAla kshaNika kaNo

mari beDa maguvina naguvA , kaLi beDa naguvina sukhavA
bharava-seye maguvukane

kaLa beDa kollalu beDa , nee hADu shAntiya hADa
jeevanave preethi kaNo

nintAga buguriya Ata , yellaru onde hoTa
kAla kshaNika kaNo

Lyrics - enAgali munde sAgunee - Mussanje Maathu (Kannada)

This is the second one from Mussanje maathu. Even thought this kannada film doesnt receive good reviews the songs were hit. Here it goes.
Song: yenaagali munde saagunee
Film: Mussanje Maathu
Music: V.Sridhar
Singer: Sonu Nigam
Lyrics: V.Sridhar

yenAgali munde sAgunee, bayasiddellA sigadu bALali
bayasiddellA sigadu bALali...hooo
nannANe nanna mAtu suLlalla - (2)

yenAgali munde sagunee, bayasiddellA sigadu bALali
bayasiddellA sigadu bALali...hooo
nannANe nanna mAtu suLlalla - (2)

chalisuvA kALavu, kalisuvA pAThavA
mareyabeDa nee tumbiko mardali

yendigo nALego, mundinA bALalee
yelluvantha-sphurti-dArideepa, ninageyA anubhavA - (2) ... ninageyA anubhavA

yenAgali munde sAgunee, bayasiddellA sigadu bALali

yenAgali munde sAgunee, bayasiddellA sigadu bALali
bayasiddillA sigadu bALali...hooo
nannANe nanna mAtu suLlalla - (2)

karuneke beliyede, punyake phalavide
dayava-tOruvA, maNninA guNavide

sAvinA suLiyali, silkidA jeevake
jeevaneeDuvA hrudayade deyivavu

harisidA kaigaLu nammano beDesutA
vidhiya-baraha-baagi-maunadalle, nammanU kayutA
pratiphala vaLasade, toridA karuneyu
modalu-manuja-nenva sArth-kathayea, nemmadee tharuvudu... nemmadee tharuvudu

yenAgali munde sAgunee, preethigAge padukubALali, pritigAge padukubALali.. hooo
nannANe preethi yandu suLlalla - 2


Kannada movie Director N Omprakash Rao has reached a new milestone in his career. Shooting for his 25th film as director, AK 56 started on Monday, September 14. He has roped in Siddanth and Nikitha for the lead roles. Rao had directed the kannada film AK 47 exactly 10 years ago in 1999.

Known for his big-budget kannada action films, Rao is making it clear that his new film too is a high-octane extravaganza. Defying the cost cutting measures of some producers, he has gone ahead and launched a 25-page invitation in the form of a book for AK 56. Siddanth has appeared in only one film, Minchu, before.

Rao has hit kannada films like Lockup Death, AK 47, Kalasipalya, Huchcha, among others to his credit. Of late he has been accused of making movies plagiarised from different language films. But he would candidly admit that he was indeed making films that way. Later, he promised that he would only make original films only to break it. It is not known if AK 56 has various sources, though the credit for the story has been given to D Manohar.

‘Agni’ Sridhar turns director

Don-turned-writer Agni Sridhar’s much awaited directorial debut is nearing. After editing a Kannada tabloid for 10 years, Sridhar turned to writing for kannada films. He wrote for the films Aa Dinagalu, Slum Bala and Kallara Sante; the last will release shortly.

Now, he is trying his hand at direction. Kannada movie star Shiva Rajkumar will play the lead in the film based on a relationship between a Hindu and a Muslim. The plans of the film, titled Tamas, were announced a while ago. The shooting for it is now scheduled to start in October and the budget is estimated at Rs 3 crore plus. Agni Sridhar says that this film, even with its comparatively smaller budget, will compete with any bigbudget non-Kannada film.

The three kannada films Sridhar has written till now are supposedly based on real incidents he saw in his days as a ‘don’. However, the details of the new film have been kept under wraps. Sumana Kittur, who has directed Slum Bala and Kallara Sante, was supposed to be on the job. But it was heard that she would be directing a film titled Edegarike. Later some reports claimed that Sridhar himself will be directing the film. Now sources say Edegarike is not Suman’s next and that it will only happen after Sridhar’s new film is made.

Kannada music director Hamsalekha again in a remake movie

After being open critics of remakes, Hamsalekha and B Suresha get together with Prakash Rai to make one of their own.

Naanu Nanna Kanasu will be the first film to be directed by national award winner actor Prakash Rai. It is a remake whose origin lies in the Tamil film Abhiyum Naanum produced by Prakash himself.

Surprisingly joining hands with him in this venture are kannada music composer Hamsalekha and kannada actor-director B Suresha, both long time friends, but more importantly, vocal critics of remade films.

Hamsalekha, who famously broke away from his ‘yejamanru’ Ravichandran over the issue of remakes, has continued to compose music for such films while still criticising them.

As for Naanu Nanna Kanasu, he says that his compositions for the film will be original. “The original had only three songs. It is left to Hamsalekha to compose six or eight or ten songs as he deems fit for the Kannada version of the film,” says Prakash defending the kannada music composer.

B Suresha, a long time friend of Prakash’s and who would jump at every opportunity to condemn makers of remakes is part of the production team of Naanu Nanna Kanasu.

“Our intention is to get a good story to Kannada. The entire design of the film has been changed. It is our passion for good cinema that is making us do this film and nothing else. Even in Tamil, the film did not make a big profit. The story was written by Prakash himself. This cannot be compared to other remakes,” Suresha says.

Prakash says that the film should not be seen as an art or commercial film and even not as an original or remake, but as a good film. Those associated with the film are beginning to say that, “(We) will give our support to someone who wants to remake Pather Panchali.’” Moral of the story being that everyone has to fall in line when money matters more than principles.

Polls Results - Kannada film indusrty

Thanks for all who participated in the polls. Here are the results of all the polls.
        This poll amazed many as namma Jagga surpassed veteran comedian Mr. Narasimha Raju in best comedian category. There were total 263 people participated in this poll and only 1%(3 people) voted Dwarakeesh. Umaashri rated 3rd best comedian next to Narasimha Raju. Congratulations Jaggesh.
          This one tops as it got the highest number of votes in all the polls published yet. Women power!! Newbie Aindrita Ray has been chosen as the sexiest actress in Kannada cinema. Aindrita looks stunning in Jungly and forth coming Yograj Bhat film 'Manasaare'. The surprise (depress) element is Ramya who got just 18 (6%) of votes out of 306.

I'm just wating to see the result of handsome actor poll which is place top lefthand side. Did you vote??

Kannada Actress Umashri Bags Best Actress National Award

Southern cinema scored big at the 55th National Awards on Monday with the Tamil film Kanchivaram adjudged best feature film and Prakash Raj best actor for his performance in it, while Adoor Gopalakrishnan bagged best director for the Malayalam film Naalu Pennungal and Kannada actress Umashri best actress for Gulabi Talkies in Kannada.

Girish Kasaravalli’s Gulabi Talkies about a Muslim midwife is also the best Kannada film in the awards for 2007 announced here by S M Khan, director of the Directorate of Film Festivals and jury members Sai Paranjape, Ashok Viswanathan and Namita Gokhale.

Bollywood gets a mention too with Aamir Khan's directorial debut Taare Zameen Par getting best family welfare award. Lyricist Prasoon Joshi is best lyricist for Maa from Taare Zameen Par.

The South bagged the four top categories at the 55th National Film Awards (2007) though Anil Kapoor’s Gandhi My Father and Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par won Bollywood three technical awards each and Amitabh Bachchan-starrer The Last Lear won two awards (Best Supporting Actor for Shefali Shah as well as the Best Feature Film in English). Adding to Bollywood’s glitter was Chak De India (Best Film in the Wholesome Entertainment category). Khan’s home production, Om Shanti Om, won the Best Art Direction award.

Priyadarshan, who considers Kanchivaram (Tamil) to be the best film of his career, has the two top awards (Best Actor award for Prakash Raaj and the Best Film award). Film producer Shailendra Singh said: “Our journey for good content started a long time ago and I was often told that why did I make a Phir Milenge when I had actors like Salman Khan and Abhishek Bachchan. For me this is nothing less than an Oscar.’’

Adoor Gopalkrishnan bagged the Best Director award for his Malayalam film, Naalu Pennungal, and Umashri, leading lady of Girish Kasravalli’s kannada film Gulabi Talkies, won the Best Actress Award. The film won the Best Kannada Feature Film Award.

Making up things somewhat for Bollywood were The Last Lear, Chak De India and Anil Kapoor’s first home production, Gandhi My Father (Special Jury award, Best Supporting Actor for Darshan Jariwala and Best Screenplay for Feroz Abbas Khan), and Aamir Khan’s home production, Taare Zameen Par (Best Feature Film in Family Welfare category, Best Lyrics for Prasoon Joshi and Best Male Playback Singer for Shankar Mahadevan).

An excited Anil Kapoor said: “I have just returned from the US and am thrilled to learn that my first film as a producer has won three awards.’’ Jab We Met also received two awards (Best Female Playback Singer for Shreya Ghoshal and Best Choreography).

55TH NATIONAL FILM AWARDS. And the award goes to...

Best Film:

Kanchivaram (Tamil) directed by Priyadarshan

Best Actor:

Prakash Raaj for his role in Kanchivaram

Best Actress:

Umashri for her performance in Girish Kasaravalli’s Kannada film Gulabi Talkies

Best Director:

Adoor Gopalakrishnan for his film Naalu Pennungal

Best Supporting Actor:

Darshan Zariwala for his role in Feroz Abbas Khan’s film Gandhi — My Father

Best Supporting Actress:

Shefali Shah for English film The Last Lear

Best Kannada Film:

Gulabi Talkies

Best Children’s Film:

Foto (Hindi)

Best Animation Film:

Inimey Naangathaan (Tamil)

The new rules of film industry

As far as the film industry is concerned, the success of a film is usually rated according to the number of days a film can sustain and stay in the theatres. That has changed now. With films opening in more number of theatres across regions, extending to other parts of the country and even the overseas market, it is the opening weekend collection that really matters these days. Production houses spare no efforts to ensure that their project has a fantastic opening draw at the box-office so that they are able to recover the cost of the film in the first week itself. The fact that the film may not sustain any more than the opening week is another aspect altogether.


Even small films are getting released in more number of screening halls to ensure recovery of the cost of production. That way even if the collections begin to drop after a couple of days, at least losses have been averted, if not kept to the minimum.
Take the case of a small budget film Nadodigal, for instance. A film that would normally have opened in less than 100 screens, stretched its expenses by way of extra prints and released in nearly 160 screens across Tamil Nadu. That the film is having an extraordinary run at the box-office even now has only enhanced its collections.
While Hollywood big budget flicks hit around 4000 theatres, a Bollywood big budget bonanza enjoys half of it (close to over 1600 screens). Mega star Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja whose second film Magadheera opened in about 900 screens globally, reported a profitable revenue by the turn of the first week, that’s after the cost of production was recovered in the first week too. Vikram’s Kandaswamy has opened in over 900 screens.


The cost of releasing a film in a large number of screens has been drastically scaled down owing to the up-gradation of theatres where digital screening is now possible. While a digital print costs less than Rs 15,000, the conventional print would set back producers by close to Rs 75,000. So more the number of digital prints released in more number of theatres ensures better and bigger revenue, that too in less time.


Aggressive marketing and promotions do contribute to a film’s hype as well. The music release of Kanden Kadhalai had Imtiaz Ali, the maker of the original Jab We Met, as a special invitee who applauded Kannan, the director of the Tamil version, mentioning that he had rectified the mistakes he had made in the original. Ali made the remark after seeing a couple of song sequences in Kanden Kadhalai. For the special preview of the film, the pair of the original film — Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor are expected to be invited. What more hype could possibly be needed? But kannada film Raj-the showman has failed to make money over the hype it created. Theatres were empty in the second day itself.

Radhika Pandit bags Shashank's next kannada film

Winning the Filmfare for Best Actress for Moggina Manasu has changed Radhika Pandit’s life. Since the awards ceremony almost a month ago, she’s been offered a few Kannada films and even a couple of non-Kannada films. “But I haven’t confirmed anything,” the actress tells us.

But what’s pleased Radhika the most is that she’ll be teaming up with Shashank, who also won a Filmfare for Best Director for MM.

The sexy kannada star Radhika Pandit remembers “After we received the award, Shashank sir said that he had something to tell me, and as soon as we landed in Bangalore, he told me he wanted me to be a part of his next project, Krishnana Love Story,” she recalls, adding, “It was also good to know that the producers thought that only I could play this role.” But it won’t be anything like her character Chanchala in MM because the film has a “mass element”. Radhika is confident that Shashank will be able to bring out the best in her for this film as well. “I knew he took a year off to work on the script for Krishnana.... And the Best Actress and Best Director teaming up again will add to the hype,” she says. There were four actresses in MM, but Radhika’s the only one who seems to have become the director’s favourite. “I don’t know about that, but Shashank sir trusts my acting skills and that’s why he offered me this role. I want to work hard and so that I don’t let him down,” she says modestly.

The actress is making the most of the wave she’s riding. Her last release, Love Guru, has completed 50 days, and 18th Cross will release soon. She’ll also start shooting for Superman, “which was delayed because of a misunderstanding between the director and producer. That’s been sorted out now,” she tells us.

Radhika has also been offered Kaddu Mucchi by Dayal. “But nothing’s been finalised about when the film is going to start,” she says.

‘I’ll finish the film only when I want to’ - Kannada movie star Darshan

Kannada challenging star Darshan is faced with a big challenge indeed in his stalled project, Boss.

Kannada star Darshan says “In my entire career, I’ve had only one film that was dropped just after the muhurat. And now, Boss is the other film that’s been totally messed up,” he says.

Holding producer Ramesh Yadav responsible for the delay, Darshan says, “We still have to shoot two songs, besides completing dubbing for the talkie portions. When we gave Ramesh our dates, he didn’t complete the songs. But now, when we are committed to other projects, he tries to act smart by asking us to finish only the dubbing — so that he can release the film without the songs. But the ball is in my court now. I’ll do the unfinished songs and dubbing for the film only when I wish to.”

In fact, Ramesh hasn’t even settled the payment dues of several cast and crew members yet, alleges Darshan, wondering how on earth the producer issued a statement saying he’d release 100 prints of the unfinished film. “Let him first clear the payments to artistes and technicians, including heroines Navya Nair and Rekha, director Raghu Raj, Harikrishna (who has scored wonderful music), and supporting actor Rangayana Raghu,” fumes Darshan, adding, “Ramesh is all talk. If he thinks he knows the industry inside out, he should also be aware that I knew about the same industry when I was in my mother’s womb. My father, Toogudeepa Srinivas, was an established actor back then.”

After all this, the actor has quoted a higher remuneration than he would charge otherwise. “Not only that. I’ll complete the film only after the others’ payments are cleared. It’s everybody’s bread and butter, and if Ramesh is not going to pay everybody, then he won’t see the film release,” asserts kannada movie actor Darshan.

Though miffed with the delay of Boss, the actor’s excited about his other projects. Talking about his next release, Abhay, Darshan says, “It’s not the usual Darshan in Abhay. You will see me as a lover boy.” And the climax sequence for Porki is another reason for his excitement. “It was the biggest climax I’ve ever done. We had 10-12 scenes in the sequence, of which five were shot in Bangalore and the rest in Chennai,” says Darshan, who’ll next star in another Telugu remake, Shouryam, under Sadu Kokila’s direction. Defending himself doing remakes of non-Kannada films, Darshan says, “There’s nothing wrong in picking up something that’s good. Though I’m not opposed to remakes, all my films are not remakes,” he maintains.