Nimma kannada filmnalli punch line ideye?

PUC... Please You See;
Mad Love... It Never Ends;
Baazi... Guts Idre Bets;
Shivamani... Dandam Dashagunam;
Neenyaare... The Part of Breath;
Bindaas... No BP, Be Happy.

Sounds interesting? You’ll find these tag lines on kannada film posters all across Gandhinagar — the hub of action in Sandalwood.

So how did the trend start? “When I made Samrat, starring Vishnuvardhan, I had added a line, ‘It’s not just a film, it’s an experience,’ below the title of the kannada film. It clicked with my audience,” director Naganna informs us. “And the craze caught on,” he adds.

Even kannada actor Upendra didn’t expect the punch line of his superhit directorial (he also acted in it), A — Buddivantarige Maatra (for intellectuals only) — to attain cult status. “I had just started out in the industry; so the film didn’t boast of big names. The only way to attract the audience was by giving the film an unusual title,” explains Uppi. So he named it A to arouse curiosity. “But I was also worried that fans may mistake it for an adult film!” So, Uppi added the punch line, Buddivantarige Maatra, “so it also prepared them for the unique reverse screenplay I had adopted in the film,” he explains.

Industry watcher Vijayasarathy says tag lines play an important role in communicating the feel of the film. “Since most Kannada film buffs — the masses — do not access the Internet or read newspapers, they rely on posters to find out more about a film,” he adds. And it also promotes a film, says actor and filmmaker, Ravichandran.

Kannada Director Yograj Bhat agrees that the catchline of his blockbuster venture Mungaru Male — Hani Haniyalli Prem Kahani — had a huge impact. “It continues to be a talking point even a year after its release,” he says. “In fact, it was originally meant to be the title of the film.”
Says Ravichandran, “When I added the line ‘One and Only’ to the title of my film Ekaangi, my fans loved it.” “I have been coining punch lines for all my films,” says director Prakash. “I gave the caption, Colours of Love, for my film Milana, since the film was about the various stages of love. In my upcoming flick Vamshi, I’ve given the tag line Destiny’s Child. It conveys the crux of the story,” he says.

The recent hit Moggina Manassu has the tag line Pisu Pisu, Gusu Gusu. It also comes with a disclaimer, ‘A special film for girls,’ and ‘Viewing this film may be injurious to boys’ hearts.’ These lines were penned by its director, Shashank. “In south Indian films, it’s usually the directors who come up with punch lines. It’s only in B-town that they have a special team for such marketing stunts. If you have captions in English, adondu levelle bere,” he says.


Duniya… Yaar gori melu yaak satru antra bareyalla

Nanda Loves Nandita... Paatakalokadallondu mohabbat

Teru... Horatre jaatre, nintre charitre

Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide... A new philosophy

Kutumba... A violent family story

Jogi... A feel that never ends

Heegu Unte... Garments duniya sutha

Kashi... From village

Hubli... When God is silent, he’s violent

Rajeev... Nobody has invented a condom for their gun

Boss... Always mass

Maadesha... Blood for blood