Kannada Movie Queen Ramya - A Interview

Kannada actress Ramya hasn’t had a release in the past year, but She still ensconced in the number one slot. And there’s no dearth of things keeping her busy. She’s been appointed brand ambassador for a hair oil brand and has taken off to Kerala to shoot for a commercial. Then, there’s the final schedule of 'Just Maat Maathalli' to be shot in Germany. Soon after that, she’s off to Malaysia for 'Hucha Kicha', and then there are her two Tamil films, 'Kadhal to Kalyanam' and 'Singam Vs Puli'.

But why not a single release in the last year? “In the past year, there’ve been no hits except for Ambari and Veera Madakari. The rest were all flops. I was even offered some of them, but they didn’t interest me. I’d rather stay home for a year and do good films than be a part of flops,” she says, “Besides, my last film Bombaat didn’t do well, so I’m being extra cautious now.”

But that didn’t stop kannada movie Queen from grabbing headlines during the recent press conference of her film Jothegara, at which she had a tiff with the press. “The press wasn’t informed that I’d be late. But I was upset by their behaviour; not because I’m an actress, but that’s not the way you talk to a woman,” she asserts. There’s also been this buzz about Yogi. “Yogi is a huge fan and I was offered Raavana opposite him. Even Ganesh was a fan of mine and ever since he featured in Amruthadhaare, he wanted to do a film with me. It’s flattering and there’s nothing more to it,” she says. “But recently, a director, Vasu, claimed that I look like Yogi’s akka. That’s his opinion, I have mine, too. I think Vasu is a blatant liar because I never asked to be cast in his film. I’m not the kind to go asking for work,” she lashes out.

And what was it like to be seated behind her ex-boyfriend Ram Charan Tej at the recent Filmfare awards? “There’s no ex factor here. Charan and I are good friends and go back a long way. We went to the same acting school and I’m amazed at the way he’s transformed into a brilliant actor,” says the actress.

Now, namma Ramya wants to focus on the KPL (Karnataka Premier League) and the Champions League, which she’ll be a part of. “I’m already the ambassador for the Royal Challengers. So, I’m not sure how much time I can dedicate to the KPL, though many teams are approaching me to be their ambassador. And no, I’m not buying a team,” she says.