Kannada superstar Ravichandran is back with a bang

The trailblazer of Kannada cinema, V Ravichandran, is back after a long gap with kannada film Hoo, starring sizzling Namitha and beautiful Meera Jasmine. The kannada Kanasugaara hasn’t been seen on celluloid for a while. Three years to be precise. In spite of that, the Crazy Star, who turned 49 (Yes, ravichandran age is 49!!) on this Sunday, witnessed a record turnout of fans at his Rajajinagar home.

“I think I’ve cracked the code. The trick is to not do films too often,” laughs Ravichandran. The actor confesses that he didn’t realise how quickly time had passed since he did Odahuttidavaru in 2007.

Ravichandran holds all the reins - story, screenplay, dialogue, direction and lead role - in this film that deals with love and friendship. Dinesh Gandhi, the man behind last year's Veera Madhakari, starring Sudeep and Ragini, is the producer of Hoo.

“My family had to remind me that it’s been three years. I don’t keep track of all these things because I don’t make a movie just for money or fame. When I think of a fresh concept, I get down to making it,” he says.

Ravichandran has roped in his favourite cameraman GSV Seetharam and his long-time associate V Harikrishna has scored the lilting tunes. Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash and Sharan make up the supporting cast. Free Download the songs and pictures of Ravichandran and hot Namitha here.

And this time, the Crazy Star Ravichandran feels he has a potential hit on his hands — a script called Aasey. “It’s a subject that’ll be enjoyed by a world audience. I’ll take my film around the world to all the film fests. A commercial venture with elements of an art film, Aasey will have only two characters,” he tells us. And the highlight is that it’ll be made from three perspectives — the audience’s and those of the two characters in the movie. “After a long time, a film will invite audiences to participate in taking the story forward. When we screen Aasey, we’ll show only 70 per cent of it, following which there’ll be a break.

During this time, we’ll ask audiences for their opinion on how the story will progress from there. The remaining 30 per cent will be shown after everyone gives their take,” explains the Crazy Star. “Although I don’t think anybody would be able to predict the end, I care about what fans think. So, I want to experiment with this concept of first-hand interaction,” he adds. The dialogues of Aasey, too, won’t follow a regular pattern. “That’s bound to happen when I’m producing, directing, scripting and composing music,” laughs Ravi.

The Crazy Star will henceforth be called Veeraswami Ravichandran. Veeraswami, Ravi’s father, was also an acclaimed producer. “I idolise my dad and whatever I am today, I owe it to him,” says the kannada actor.