Kannada director Guruprasad's new role as writer

As if to augment the fact that there is a perpetual lack of writers in kannada cinema, director Guruprasad took up the task of writing dialogues for two films; Hudugaru and I am Sorry, Matte Banni Preetisona. This was after directing two successful films, Matha and Yeddelu Manjunatha. In fact, he put on hold his kannada film, Director's Special, which he was also part producing, to complete the dialogue assignments.

Now, in what is seen as an “unbelievable offer”, he has been asked to write dialogues and script for a film by a top producer for a remuneration of Rs 25 lakh — more than what even top directors get paid. The highest ever sum paid for a script in Kannada was Rs 8 lakh to Janardhan Maharshi. Right on the heels of this incredible offer comes another shocker that Guruprasad has rejected and stuck to direction for now. Shooting for his new film will be launched on June 8.

His dialogues for Hudugaru have won applause. 'I Am Sorry' is yet to release. Guruprasad, though confirming the offer, refused to name the producer. “I am also a producer of Director's Special. There is no way I can further delay it. That is the reason I have said ‘no’ to writing assignments. The big offer was too hefty that even I was surprised more than a bit,” he said.