Kannada action hero Darshan's wild side

We had heard that namma kannada actor Darshan is crazy about pets and hadn’t realized how much until we visited the actor’s home recently. It almost resembles a mini zoo. 

“I’ve been passionate about animals since childhood. I like being surrounded by them because they’re the most faithful and loveable creatures on earth,” says Darshan.

Both the kannada actor darshan and his wife Viji love pets, which is why a cockatoo lives in their dining room. “He’s very possessive about us and somebody has to keep talking to him all the while,” says Viji. And then there are the African Macaus -- the largest variety in the parrot family -- who’ve made the living room their home. “They breed only on river banks and so far only one man in Chennai has been successful in breeding them,” Darshan informs us. Then there’s a Labrador and a St Bernard who eat sausages for breakfast!


We know how actors indulge in luxury goods and property. But have you heard of them splurging big bucks on exotic pets? Everybody in the Kannada industry knows of Darshan’s love for animals. But not many are aware that not only does the actor house a dozen dogs at his sprawling Bengaluru bungalow, but also has a farm in Mysore which has animals that he can’t accommodate at home. There are horses, a variety of birds, some more dogs and even a camel. When we met the actor recently, he told us that an ostrich has just joined the gang!