Kannada actor Vijay's six pack

Vijay’s flaunting it!

YOU thought only the Bollywood Town blokes could do it. But namma kannada actor, Duniya hero Vijay is out to prove otherwise. We met the kannada actor recently and were surprised to see him in a new avatar. He’s sporting a six pack and some equally cool biceps as well.

“And it’s all thanks to my trainer who’s a former Mr India. He’s been goading me to work hard on my body and this is the labour of three months,” says the actor. So is he doing it for any particular film? “No I just wanted to show people that Sandalwood can sport six packs too,” he laughs. We got a dekko at his fab abs...and here it is.


“Firstly, I want to be a versatile artiste. I want to prove that I can act in any role.’’

That’s what Vijay, Kannada actor and recipient of the best actor award for Duniya, said during a courtesy visit to The Times of India office on Monday.

“In fact, I had the ambition of becoming an actor since childhood. I always wanted to be an action hero. It’s just a craze,’’ he said. Vijay has to his credit, nearly half a dozen movies, which include Slum Bala, Mukhyamanthri I Love You, Avva and Junglee.

“I first faced the camera in Ranga SSLC. When I was selected as the hero for Duniya, I never expected it to be a big hit. We worked hard and expected a positive response from the audience. The subject was close to the common man’s heart. Director Suri presented it in an excellent way and the movie did well.’’

A fan of Rajkumar and Rajnikant, Vijay believes in working hard. “Basically, I am a stunt artiste. I worked hard for nearly eight years to gain expertise in various forms of stunts. I broke my legs many times and even today, I live with pain in my lower back,’’ he said.

On the Kannada film industry, Vijay said experience and education is lacking in many films. “I have seen youngsters who have worked as assistants in one or two films, directing movies without experience. How do you expect the film to succeed? Directors should have some background about the field.’’

Vijay feels producers should never interfere in a director’s work. “Give directors a free hand and see the results,’’ he said.