‘Delete my character from the film’

After cameraman Krishna and veteran music composer Hamsalekha, the producer-cum-actor of Kabaddi, Kishore, is under attack from director Narendra Babu. Babu who started the work on the film nearly two years ago has finally wrapped up but at double the initial estimated cost and the addition of a few more producers. Vanilla Kabadi Kuzhu, the Tamil film based on Kabaddi which also had Kishore in the similar role of a coach, has irked Babu. Kishore said, “I have spoken many a time on this issue and I have made it clear that I have not divulged the details of the Kannada film to the Tamil filmmakers. Being a producer why would I commit such a blunder? My images were taken out of the publicity material of Kabaddi much before the Tamil film was announced. Is producing a Kannada film my mistake? Babu should show his caliber with the film and not by bad mouthing everyone associated with the film.”

In fact kannada actor Kishore has challenged people to watch both the films and then comment on the alleged similarities. “It is a lesson learnt the hard way for me. I have stayed back in the film so as not to hurt the other producers. If they so desire I am ready to get out of the film and Babu can delete my character from the film and the posters. There is more to the story than Babu’s comments about me and others. His sole intention is to insult me,” Kishore said. Babu had earlier chided music composer Hamsalekha for not attending the audio release of his film and alleged that the veteran had tried to hijack his film.