Kannada actor Ganesh’s Ugadi gift

IT was a double whammy for kannada actor Ganesh’s family on Ugadi — the Golden star’s wife Shilpa delivered a baby girl early Friday morning. Daddy G told SandlewoodBUZZ about his first reaction upon seeing his daughter. “Ontara jumm anthu to see my own reflection,” he said.

The couple is yet to name the baby. Are they going to take astrology and numerology into consideration? “That wasn’t how I was named. I was born during Ganesh Chaturthi and that’s why I was named Ganesh. We have time to think about the baby’s name,” he said. “Right now, my husband calls her Goldie,” added Shilpa. It was a normal delivery with no complications, as opposed to the predictions of three astrologers who said that Shilpa would have to undergo a C-section. Ganesh, who couldn’t take his eyes off the baby, kept asking his friends whether she’d be the same size for three months.

The kannada actor is looking forward to spending time with Goldie. But he’d spent ‘quality time’ with her even before she was born. “When Shilpa was pregnant, I used to play a lot of music and movies and tell a lot of jokes for the baby,” he laughed, “Now I’m going to take a month off from work to spend time with her.”

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