Kannada singers V/S Bollywood singers

hello geleyare.

Marali Mareyaagi... is a hit kannada song from the recent release Savari. There are two versions of the song, one sung by Sadana Sargam and the other by Anuradha Bhat. But the film’s CD cover credits it to Sadana Sargam and Shreya Ghoshal even though the latter has not sung any song in kannada movie Savari.

Music composer Manikanth Khadri squarely blames the audio company. “There were many mistakes in the first batch of CDs including the spelling of my name. The later editions however continued to credit Shreya Ghoshal instead of Anuradha Bhat,” he said.

The fact that the record label Anand Audio’s Mohan Chabria was among the first to bring Bollywood singers to Kannada films, the issue has brought the Bollywood versus Sandalwood singers debate out into the open again.

Last year Sandalwood kannada singers had gone to the extent of holding a protest rally against giving prominence to singers from Mumbai. Chabria on his part says the mistake has been made by the producer.

“Before going to print, I asked the producer who the second singer was and he replied it was Shreya Ghoshal. Even when I brought to his notice that the voice did not seem like Shreya’s, he said it was. I have an SMS from him which mentions the same. I am aware of the mistake and will rectify it if we print the next batch,” he said.

But what it seems to be a marketing strategy of the audio company. They believe that if a film has bollywood singers, then the audio will be a hit. And they force music composers to include bollywood singers. Even Hamsalekha also a victim of this and uses many bollywood singers (kunal ganjawala - 'hrudayada maatu kelu') in his compositions. Kannadada gayakarige anyayavantallave??