The kannada Superstar will enthrall fans again with his unique looks in the upcoming Dubai Babu

NAMMA Buddhivanta kannada actor Upendra is back. This time in Shailendra Babu’s Dubai Babu. A remake of the Telugu hit Dubai Seenu, the film will once again see Uppi dada sporting different looks. The actor, who’s constantly been experimenting with his looks since Aishwarya, will be seen in 17 different get-ups in the song tracks of the flick.

“Since I had already shaved off my moustache and cut my hair short for Shreemati, I decided to do something special with the same look for Dubai Babu,” says Upendra. So, the actor and the Dubai Babu team tried out various styles with wigs and other interesting costumes. “And we took nearly a month to finalise all the looks,” he adds. Upendra plays a sheikh, a Sikh, and an

African-American, among others, in the songs.

While the actor says that it was team effort, kannada producer Shailendra Babu credits Uppi as the brain behind the concept. “It was entirely his idea and he took a keen interest in doing something unique for our film. Uppi bought the wigs in the US and they have added that extra zing to the song sequences,” adds Babu.

Dubai Babu features five kannada song tracks, which include Pe Pe Pa Dum Dum, Abdulla, Benda Kaloora Gowdru, Baachiko and Once Upon a Time. “The lyrics for Pe Pe Pa Dum Dum and Benda Kallora Gowdru were penned by Uppi and Sridhar. Uppi has even sung for Benda Kaloora Gowdru. He was fabulous,” Babu tells us. The songs have been shot in various locations like Mysore, Bangalore, Halebid and Dubai, where they hired an entire mall for three days.

Director Naganna says all the get-ups go with the storyline and, “aren’t out of the context, like in most films. Since Uppi always comes up with the unexpected, his fans can look forward to something exciting in Dubai Babu too. They’d have never seen him like this before,” sums up Naganna.

The kannada song Baachiko was earlier titled Devathe. “But Uppi felt Devathe was too ‘refined’ for him and promptly changed it to Baachiko!” says Shailendra Babu.