ACTORS: Komal Kumar, Nidhi Subbaiah, Kiran, Sharan, Umashree, Shobaraj

Here is one more reason why dubbing should be allowed in Kannada. Chamkaisi Chindi Udyasi is a hotchpotch of various Hindi and English films garnished with stale jokes. To make matters worse there are very few scenes that evoke laughter in this film that was alleged to be a comedy by its makers. A R Babu who has made many low budget comedies, that nonetheless tickled the funny bone, makes a costly joke here but fails.

There is the age old plot of a villain gang searching for their lost booty of diamonds which is in the possession of the lead actress without her knowledge. A group of losers led by ‘Bottu’ Seena (Komal) try to win the girl while the real lover played by Kiran grubs and plods along. After a series of unrelated running-around-trees scenes in Malaysia, Kiran gets the girl, the villains die and Seena and gang get the diamonds.

Komal garners a lion’s share of the onscreen time and thereby the development of other characters is curtailed, many being without a beginning or an end. The film never rises above the ordinary and as it makes way towards the climax you have more or less lost interest in the proceedings. Two lessons learnt from this film; one if you remake a film, copy just one film. Second, better dub the original in Kannada. Of the many things you do not like in the film, is the saddening sight of an actor like Sudarshan cast in a role of a man infected by a rabid dog. Free download kannada film songs here.