Kannada film actor Jaggesh to direct film

After nearly three decades in the Kannada Film industry, the ‘navarasa nayaka’ is keen on the ultimate job.

After 28 years as an actor, ‘Navarasa Nayaka’ Jaggesh wants to turn director. “I am tired of every other chap without the knowledge of wielding the clapboard turning director. Many come to me to narrate stories and I have to show a lot of patience to stop myself from kicking them,” the actor says.

The actor ends up narrating stories to the wannabe filmmakers who come to him. “They go back dumbstruck after listening to me. If this is the kind of preparation they come with, I see a bad situation for the industry as a whole. This is the reason I am seriously considering directing a film. I have the stories to tell and after all these years, am confident of making a good film,” he says. The recent tiff with director Guruprasad also seems to have stung Jaggesh. “Those claiming that they are responsible for all the success (of Eddelu Manjunatha) should realise that talent endures not success,” he says.