Puneeth bags suri's next kannada film

Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar will be acting in ‘Duniya’ Suri’s next kannada film Jackie. Though this is the tentative title of the film, it is most likely to be retained. The film will start after Puneeth completes Prithvi.

“The two films I am most nervous and excited about at the same time are Prithvi and Suri’s next. The first one because of the combination of director Jacob (Varghese) and Manikanth Kadri (music composer). And any of Suri’s films will be a challenge,” Puneeth said.

Jacob Varghese has a tough follow-up act to do after the success of his first film Savari. Manikanth composed music for the film and the duo will now have the biggest star in Kannada to handle. Manikanth is the son of internationally renowned saxophone exponent Kadri Gopalanath. He has also composed music for films Ganesha and Mr Garagasa. That Suri will be directing a film for Puneeth rajkumar was in the news for some time. It is the title and schedule that has now been revealed. Suri is currently wrapping up Kari Chirate with Vijay, his third film with the actor. “Jackie is not about jockeys. It is just a name,” Puneeth said.