Vishnuvardhan acts as Yajamaana

This is the greatness of our kannada super star sahasa simha vishnuvardhan. He exactly acted as yajamaana to protect his family and the victim!!

Archana, the sister-in-law (wife of late kannada director R Seshadri) of Vishnuvardhan stays with the star’s family in Jayanagar and works as a manager in a private firm. She started receiving obscene SMSes on her cell phone from a youth a couple of days ago. Archana confided to Vishnuvardhan’s daughter Keerthi. The latter told this to Raju, a staff member of the actor, who in turn complained to the police.

The youth was subsequently identified and picked up by Thilak Nagar police. After he was suitably ‘taken to task’ it was revealed that he was a relative of a top city cop. No formal complaint was lodged and family members of the youth apologised to Archana and Vishnuvardhan. The incident was kept secret from the actor and more importantly from his Vishnu Sene fans so that it would not be a repeat of a incident where two men were beaten up badly.

The issue was prevented from taking an ugly turn. A few years ago, a similar incident had resulted in two youth from Ramanagara being beaten up by Vishnuvardhan’s fans and dumped near Bannerghatta. Vishnuvardhan has now requested the cops not to reveal the identity of the youth.

“Thankfully Raju did not tell this to members of Vishnu Sene. The fans tend to be very protective about my family members. When Keerthi and Archana used to go to college by bus, fans used to escort the bus in auto rickshaws. I remember how two youngsters were beaten black and blue when they teased my daughters years ago. I do not want such things to be repeated. This incident only came to my notice when the family members of that boy wanted to apologise,” kannada cinema star Vishnuvardhan said.