Kannada Star UPENDRA renumeration is 7 crore for Super

The nameless film by the comeback director may cost producer Rockline Venkatesh more. For now though he’s already transferred the big bucks into Upendra’s account.

Upendra’s comeback as a kannada director, the film with just a hand symbol for the title, will have a grand mahurat in Bangalore’s tennis stadium on Thursday. The film produced by Rockline Venkatesh, his 25th, is claimed to have cost him Rs 25 lakh for the photo shoot alone. Truth is the bill amounted to only Rs 5 lakh. The film’s invitation carries on the exaggerated tone; printed like a newspaper, it says the film will do business of Rs 25 crore.

Upendra is leaving no stone unturned to create some hype with these things. In the midst of all these, the real facts about the film are hard to come by. Sources say that the initial estimated budget of the film is Rs 7 crore. The amount is already in Upendra’s account and most likely, he is making the film on a contract basis.

The pictures from the photo shoot of the film do not reveal much about the characters, except that it has been done lavishly. The maverick director-actor is said to be playing a scientist in the film.

Nayanthara's popularity knows no bounds. Now she has signed her first Kannada film, and last week she did a photo-shoot in Bangalore.

The untitled kannada film, which will start rolling from April, is a big budget extravaganza starring superstar Upendra. He will also direct the film.

Nayan, we are told, is thrilled because her role is meaty and she will be shooting for the film in London and Bangalore.

By signing this kannada film produced by Rockline Venkatesh, Nayan is all set to charm the Kannada audiences, too.

This kannada film has been long time coming and Upendra himself had announced his comeback as director more than a year ago. Things seem to have fallen into place for now. But knowing Upendra, this film is likely to hit theatres only by the end of the year. The shooting alone is scheduled to take place for 100 days.

Here are the pictures/photos/wallpapers of Nayanatara and Upendra fro the kannada filn Super (or just palm symbol!!)