Movie Review - Porki

DIRECTOR : M D Sridhar
ACTORS: Darshan, Praneetha, Devraj,
Shobraj, Avinash, Ashish Vidyarthi

When he wields the gun, he is Rambo. When he punches, he is Rocky. He talks like Mad Max and is invincible like an American comic superhero. That is Porki aka Datta aka Suryanarayan. Darshan is convincing as the all-destroying avatar of a tyrannosaurus in a china shop. Every scene is the same as that of the original (Telugu Pokiri), but what is missing is the feel that it is real. Porki feels more like a minefield where the characters are made to run around and get themselves killed.

Datta (Darshan) is a hit man who is ready to maim or kill anyone for a price. He has his principles though; no killing women and children. As the film progresses from one battle (with lots of lives lost) to another (with a higher number of lives lost) Datta emerges a bigger killer. Somehow our leading lady (Praneetha) seems to like this very character even though he does not have any of the five qualities she is searching for in her dream boy.

When you begin to wonder if Datta is destroying the underworld from inside, you realise that it was his motive in the first place. He is an undercover cop who is playing one rowdy element against the other to wipe them out. In the end, it is left to Ali Bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi) to mourn the losses of quality hence men in the underworld. The story is wafer-thin and the only possibility of the film being a good watch was to copy the emotions as they were in the original make. But even when Datta is watching the heroine expose her assets in an aerobic session, there is hardly any charge of hormones.

Music composer’s work is the best element in the film. Free download kannada film songs here. For some strange reason, the film at times looks like the 3D version of Avatar without the glasses. If you enjoy action films with lots of bullets. this is the film for you.