Ganesh Kasargodu new kannada book 'Off the Record'

Only journalists are in a position to set right the bad tongues in the kannada film industry if often told by people in the cinema industry. (download kannada songs here).

Now one such is silencing the bad tongues. The medicine is given by renowned kannada journalist Ganesh Kasargodu. From his book `Off the Record'. What is told for him not to write in the last three decades by kannada film industry people all such are off the record all these days is on the record now.

Who called Dr Rajakumar `Mini Hitler', who is responsible for Shanker Nag's death, 67 years Kulla Dwarakish love marriage, Rekha Das marriage story, Pooja Gandhi love affair, Is Kodlu Ramakrishna a Manirathnam, Upendra, Ragini, Ramu, Udayakumar grand children letter, CV Shivashanker tried to commit suicide, who called film journalists as `Bas....s' are all part of this `Off the Record'.

What was secret with senior journalist Ganesh Kasargod is now in book (Off the Record) format is going to kick up a row? This kind of book in kannada cinema journalism is for the first time. (Download kannada songs, video here)