Kannada film Paramathma video and songs

The long-awaited combination of kannada director Yogaraj Bhat and kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar is finally being realised in YB’s next flick.

It’s the big question on everyone’s mind. Why didn’t two of Sandalwood’s best known brand names collaborate on a project earlier? And when at last they have come together, kannada filmmaker Yogaraj Bhat and Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar’s upcoming kannada film Paramathma (Free download songs here) has fetched 3.5 crore — beating even Jogaiah’s record — for its TV rights even as the film is just half-way in its making. The duo was earlier supposed to do two films — YB had approached Puneeth for Mungaru Male, while Lagori didn’t work out due to its sheer logistics. “This movie will hopefully make up for all the disappointments of our fans in the past. I’m excited about kannada film paramaatma because it stars a top notch and a dedicated actor like Puneeth. It’s a subject that will show a different dimension to him; it will be his best kannada film yet,” says Yogaraj. The director adds that he’s been impressed with the way Puneeth’s career graph has gone. “He’s been a child artist in many films and I was floored by his acting in Bhagyavantha. Besides, he has an amazing biography of over 20 years. If you compare, he’s my senior as it’s only been about six to seven years since I’ve started delivering kannada films, even though I’ve been in the industry for over a decade,” says YB. Heroine of Paramathma is Deepa Sannidhi. (Pictures of Deepa Sannidhi, paramathma heroin).

This kannada film’s unique title paramatma means the almighty. But Yogaraj Bhat, being the wordsmith he is, explains that it means the purest of souls. “Puneeth plays this innocent, earthy guy who is unassuming and lives life on his own terms,” shares Yogaraj. Puneeth, though, is known for his mass image — his fights and dance moves being the highlights. Yogaraj, meanwhile, is known for his soulful musicals and there’s no maarpeet in his movies. So how will he showcase the Power Star? “It will include the usual commercial ingredients but with new cinematic dimensions. And only Puneeth can carry off what I’m trying to experiment with in Paramathma,” feels the director. So when two of the industry’s biggest names come together, isn’t there a clash of ideas? “I was apprehensive about it, too. But Puneeth is an actor who completely surrenders himself to the director. He’s such a patient listener and goes entirely by the director’s vision. He’s a delight to work with,” says YB. The film also stars newbie Deepa Sannidhi, Aindrita Ray and Ramya Barna. He usually doesn’t repeat his heroines, so what made him cast Aindrita and Ramya? “Aindrita is a fabulous performer and I realised her potential in Manasaare. It’s the same with Ramya with whom I worked in Pancharangi,” he says. Paramathma might also be the first time that Yogaraj shoots in foreign locations. “Until now I showcased locales in Karnataka only because I’m someone who believes in being authentic. I won’t go abroad just because it’s a fad. But we are planning to shoot some scenes and songs abroad,” he reveals. (free donwload kannada songs here)

Ganesh and Yograj Bhat in a new film again?

Talks of the Mungaru Male combo of kanada actor Ganesh and Yogaraj reuniting for a project has been doing the rounds. Any truth to it? “Yes, both of us want to do a film together. But he has about four films to finish while I have my commitments. Let’s see how things work out,” says YB.