Kannada new film Teenage Aa vayasse Onthara

Swimming against tide, Kannada film by kishan Teenage Aa... makers insure a song to be shot in water.

Incredible as it may seem, but the makers of Teenage-Aa Wayasse Onthara have decided to insure a song — that will be shot completely under water — for a whopping Rs 1 crore. The makers claim it will be the first time a song is choreographed exclusively under water. (Free download movies here)

“Two kannada actors, Kishan and Tanvi and 16 technicians, including two scuba divers, the cinematographer and even light boys will be under water,” says director Shrikanth.

Estimated to cost Rs 15 lakh, the kannada song will be shot at the Vijayanagar Swimming Pool later this week. (Free download movies songs, Mp3 here)

Insurance and Sandalwood do not go well together. An United India Insurance official confirmed the insurance provided to the song. “Cine Mitra is a policy exclusively for the film industry and was launched in 2000. Though Hindi films like Taal was insured under the scheme, the policy is not widely known. The premium depends on the requirement and individual sequence and the risk involved. The total amount insured for this song is Rs 1 crore. This insurance is popular in Bollywood,” the official said.

Apparently, the premium is fixed at Rs 25,000.

Shrikanth adds, “This will be the first-ever choreographed song that will be shot entirely under water. The song is estimated to cost Rs 15 lakh. The rest of the film has already been shot.”

The shooting will take place at a depth of 10 feet. Special make-up, imported water-proof speakers, weight calibration to keep technicians in one place are all part of the preparation. (Free download kannada songs, Mp3 video here)

Five songs in the film are based on the five elements.

“Another song will be shot in between fire and one more in air, like in a flight. There is more insurance coming,” chuckles Shrikanth.


Director-producer Rajendra Singh Babu was a sort of pioneer by insuring his films in Kannada. “Whenever we take loans from banks, there is a condition that we insure the entire kannada film. The films I made through loans from IDBI and State Bank of India were all insured because of this. But it is a wasted effort. We pay Rs 4-5 lakh as premium but in case there is an accident on the sets they bombar d us with questions and never pay up. When I was a member of the selection committee in IDBI, I proposed that the insurance condition be done away with. The policy is, however, common in Hindi films,” Babu said.

Dayal Padmanabhan, who insured his film Circus, said, “It is a good thing to insure the film because we know accidents occur. Sometimes we lose reels. However the reason why producers, who have not taken bank loans, do not go for it is because they will have to stick to the official budget. When a film is made for say Rs 1 crore, producers say it cost them Rs 2 crore. But if you insure a film for Rs 2 crore, you will have to show the spending for the entire amount. Most producers do not want to disclose the actual money spent on films."