Sadhu Kokila's kannada film 90 (Ninety)

In terms of volume, kannada films like Jogayya, Sanju Weds Geetha, Kempe Gowda and a few others may have raked in crores at the box office this year. But when it comes to profit as percentage in terms of investment, Sadhu Kokila's new kannada movie 90 (ninty) is creating a record that could be tough to beat. According to trade sources, the budget of the film, made on a modest Rs 80 lakh, has already raked in Rs 2 crore. The budget amount, say trade sources, has been recovered through the satellite telecast rights alone. “Everything that comes from the box office is a profit for the producer,” said the source. (Free download movies, songs, video here)

The producer in this instance is Sadhu himself. Though a director himself, Sadhu handed over direction of this film to Lucky Shankar.

The way kannada film 90 (Ninety) drew the audience to theaters was a big surprise for many.

“Sadhu is a star comedian and a popular composer. But when the film managed to collect a decent share for itself even in some single screen theatres where the weekly rentals were above Rs 3 lakh per week, it made everyone sit up and take notice. Sadhu had claimed that he was confident of the film making the money. But no one expected it to collect three-fold on its investments. Distributors, who purchased the film for various areas, will also be making profit. They paid amount that was huge for a film like this, but none of them will be unhappy after this show,” said an insider. (Free download movies, songs, video here)

For Sadhu, who had a tough time to shore up money to make the kannada film, it is a huge bonus.