Diganth kannada actor

AFTER Gaalipata, kannada actor Diganth seems to be bagging the right projects, or rather attracting the right producers. In the last six months, the actor has been gifted two cars in a row. A while ago, producer Vijaykumar gave him a car after Diganth signed his film, Kariye Kogile Madhavana. The movie didn’t take off, but the car stays with Diganth. “That’s because Vijaykumar is a really good friend of mine and we’ll definitely be doing a project later this year,” says Diganth.

Over the weekend, he drove home another car. This time it was presented by another producer, Chandru, who’s signed the actor with a remuneration of Rs 8 lakh. “It’s for his film Bisile. But I’ll be gifting this car to my dad on his birthday on August 8; My folks reside in Thirthahalli and will be shifting to Bangalore soon,” the actor tells us.

“And before people start wondering if I demand cars from my producers, let me tell you that it’s not so. I was given that option by the producers and the amount will be cut from my payment. The Rs 8 lakh I was paid for Bisile includes the car’s cost,” explains handsome kannada actor Diganth.

He’s also signed another flick called Time Pass with Hemanth Hegde that will also be made in Hindi with Arshad Warsi and Ritiesh Deshmukh. Watch this space to know if namma kannada actor Diganth gets more cars!

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Recently a city tabloid reported that Tamil actor Vikram was doing a cameo in a Kannada film titled Holidayz to be directed by Hari Prasad.

The report claimed that the actor had been approached two years ago and has now finally consented to do the film. Kannada actors Diganth and Rajesh Krishnan have also been signed for the film, it said. “But I haven’t even heard of such a film, let alone sign it,” says Diganth.

As for kannada singer and actor Rajesh Krishnan, he told us that though the producers have approached him, discussions are still on. “I may or may not do the film and I definitely haven’t signed it,” asserts RK. Such tamasha out of nothing, really!