Kannada hot actress Pooja Gandhi

Now before you get ideas that namma kannada actress Pooja Gandhi has developed starry airs, let’s tell you that the girl remains as humble as ever.

It’s her cell phone number that has changed.

It’s the third time in the last couple of months that the actress has opted for a new number.

Why Pooj?

“It’s just that I was being flooded with calls and most of them were pesky callers.
I feel a lot more relaxed now because this number is known to only a limited set of people,” says the actress.

Now we know a lot of people are dying to know PG’s number, but our lips are sealed.


Kannada actress Pooja draws ceetees!

Our exclusive cover story about kannada actress Pooja Gandhi donning the swimsuit, has grabbed many eyeballs. And PG has been flooded with calls ever since. “Compliments have been pouring in and my friends think I look really fab. I’m in Sakleshpur, shooting and I’ve been getting compliments ever since it was published” laughs Pooja. Well, Mastii-Kustii’s only too happy to oblige darling!


‘I’m comfortable in a swimsuit’ - Pooja Gandhi

DIMPLE wore one, Sharmila wore one too. Back home, Jayanthi and Jayamala wowed audiences when they wore it. Now, Pooja Gandhi is ready to set the screen afire with her swimsuit act in her forthcoming Jaggesh flick. “Obviously, it’s a situation in which I go swimming and the scene lasts for maybe a minute. I had no apprehensions about wearing a swimsuit because the director, Vasu, had informed me about it when he narrated the script to me. I was confident I could carry it off and was comfortable in it,” says Pooja .

So is the girl who’s popular for her homely image ready to go the sensual way? “Since the scene required it, I wore it. I can’t possibly wear a saree or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt in a swimming pool, can I?” asks Pooja . It has been shot ‘aesthetically’ and there are no ‘unwanted shots’, she adds. Isn’t she worried that her fans might be taken aback with her new avatar? “I play a homely girl in this film too. It’s a family-oriented subject and I wear this costume in only one scene. I think my fans will understand that,” defends Pooja .

What about her being considered a ‘bold heroine’ after this? “When Madhuri wore a swimsuit, she looked graceful because she carried it off well. But when Mallika Sherawat wears one, she doesn’t look as good. I’m going the Madhuri way,” confesses Pooja . So would she wear a swimsuit for a film again? “As long as I’m portrayed well, I’m comfortable in it and till I’m in a pool, I’ll be fine. Besides, I know where to draw the line. I will not do anything that is obscene or that’ll embarrass family audiences,” asserts Pooja .

‘There is only one Pooja Gandhi’

WHEN Pooja Gandhi looks back on the two-and-ahalf years since her debut, the record-breaking Mungaru Male, she says she’s come a long way from being an apprehensive newcomer, and an outsider at that. “When I did Mungaru Male, I didn’t know whether I would be accepted,” says the Punjabi kudi. “Six months later, when I did Milana, people started appreciating my work. My fans started liking me wherever I used to go. I’ve never felt like an outsider.”

This acceptance has led to her making several changes in her life, personal and professional. “I moved out of Mumbai six months ago and am now based in Bangalore. I’m also doing the dubbing for my movies, which is something I’m really proud of,” she says. And to cap it, she’s landed herself a line-up of roles — in Buddhivanta with Upendra, Neenagagi Kudiruve opposite Vishal, Taj Mahal with Ajay, and Janumada Jodi with Kitty. She’s even playing a crime reporter in Anu, a Kannada remake of a Telugu movie. Pooja’s also gone through something of a makeover. For one, she’s changed her makeup artiste and the other is that she’s lost weight.

“I’ve been wanting to experiment with my look for a while now. Reactions have been mixed: some say I look good in less makeup and some say I look more glamorous with it”. So does she now feel she’s the number one Kannada actress? “I don’t believe in the numbers game. There’s only one Pooja Gandhi. I’m my own competition and have my own identity. Comparisons don’t help me work better,” she says firmly. With all the work she has, Pooja says she doesn’t have the time for a boyfriend. “I am very much single and can mingle only with the right kind of guy. For now, it is only movies and work. I don’t even have the time to talk to my parents. I ask them to come to the sets,” she says. It seems that even her kid sister, Radhika, is headed the same way. “She’s making her debut in Chikamangalura Chickamalige and is doing Karanji after that,” explains Pooja. With all that she’s achieved in such a short span of time, is there anything else that Pooja wants? “I want to do off-beat cinema. It’s my dream to do something along those lines,” she signs off.