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THE 60s are making a comeback through men’s fashion. And the extroverts are carrying off floral motifs with panache, say style experts. “The 60s style is nice, but doesn’t suit everyone. It suits a guy who’s outgoing and social. I like a single floral motif either on the collar or on the sleeve and can carry if off because I’m an extrovert,” says model and actor Zulfi Syed.

It’s not just ramps that are seeing floral motifs for men, office wear is getting soft touches too. Behavioural trainer Kishore Gandhi says he sports florals to keep in touch with the masculine and feminine aspects of his personality. “There are no stereotypes in my mind as to what women and men should wear; I also wear jewellery round my neck. People often compliment me for the way I carry off my attire,” he says.

Responding to the increasing interest among fashion-conscious men to sport clothes with soft touches, big brands are pitching in with bold, new designs. CEO of a leading international apparel brand Shailesh Chaturvedi says most brands have worked on softer aspects of dressing for men with the advent of the metrosexual male concept. “We have sophisticated and trendy shirt options with flowers that you can wear to work and to play. Although it’s still a small part of our business, there’s definitely a whole-hearted move towards the floral trend, thanks to global inspiration,” he says.

Which suits dandy dressers just fine. “I’m very brand-conscious and wear these clothes because I feel comfy in them; whether people consider it hot is secondary. I wear florals while conducting training programmes for corporate employees but avoid such prints if I’m at a formal meeting because my clients may not appreciate it,” concedes Kishore. Sathyaji R, COO of a formal dressing brand, says while catering to the working segment, softer prints and not florals are the order of the day. “Our brand is more relaxed and we have polka dots and small motifs creeping into this kind of fashion. Florals are more for casual occasions; our line is about breaking conventions,” he says. Breaking norms and getting experimental is Mahesh Jayaram, senior manager, corporate communications in an IT MNC. “I wear bold, bright and solid colours to work. While I wouldn’t wear floral prints to the office, I’m all for small motifs and polka dots,” he says.

“New floral trends are back so that people don’t get bored. With women going more flamboyant, men want to get more adventurous with their dressing too. But while florals look great on men, not everyone can carry it off.”


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