Sharmila Mandre - The new kannada hottie

I get stressed quite easily and become extremely hyperactive when I’m in one of those moods. I become restless and can’t sit in one place during such moments. Usually, when people are stressed they tend to binge on chocolates or icecream. But I lose my appetite at such times. I don’t eat the whole day and prefer sitting at home all by myself. I like to be left alone and I hate going out or meeting people during such situations. Shopping helps. I have to buy something if I’m stressed. But the respite is temporary because once I go back home, I get depressed again! I love watching light-hearted films, either romantic or stupid Govinda flicks. Or I head to a spa, get myself an exotic massage and cool off. If I really have the time, I go on a holiday with my mum. Of course, music is my biggest stress reliever. The genre varies according to my mood — it can be Bollywood to soft rock.


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