Kannada Movie Review - Venkata In Sankata

The fun starts now

DIRECTOR: Ramesh Aravind
ACTORS: Ramesh Aravind, Devdas,Kapikad, Sharmila Mandre

Finally, a kannada film that can be confidently categorised as wholesome entertainer. Kannada actor and director Ramesh wins hands down as a director, actor and for bringing together the perfect cast for a non-stop laugh riot. This Pink Panther style police comedy manages to depict believable characters.

Venkata (Ramesh Aravind) is a daredevil cop but one who is always unlucky in getting the credit for his good work . His junior (Devdas as Laddu) snags the promotions while Venkata is demoted, each time. One day, Venkata gets a chance to prove his mettle against a terrorist group which is sourcing lethal chemicals from a college. He poses as a student to uncover the goings-on and that results in some unusual, funny incidents.

Then there are the made-tomake you-laugh characters like the gluttonous old woman played by veteran kannda comedian Umesh, a fake godman, a group of naughty students and fumbling lecturers who are in perfect sync with the story. The highlights of the film are the quirky dialogues and the swift narrative.

There are a few unconvincing situations like the one where the Prime Minister attends a college’s anniversary celebrations in what looks like a television show set. But, in the mad rush of comic situations these are easily excused. Forget everything and join the fun.