Kannada actors Valentine’s Day

They run around trees and sing duets in the Alps. SandlewoodBUZZ asks the people who do it all on screen about their off-screen plans on Valentine’s Day.

GANESH: I did have big plans for Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately, I’m shooting in Hyderabad. But yes, I have some surprises in store for my wife, Shilpa.

RAMYA: Since I don’t have a Valentine, I’m going to send Mutalik roses.

POOJA GANDHI: I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m single but because I believe that you don’t need a special day to express love. I’m going to be shooting all day and if I feel like it, I might just gift myself something.

KIRAN SRINIVAS: I’m not doing anything this time. I’m going to be home and plan a huge celebration for the next year. I don’t mind getting gifts though — dinner at a fivestar, some champagne and a chocolate hamper, perhaps.

My girl friends and I will be going out for dinner and will celebrate our ‘singledom’! And just for kicks we might attend one of those Valentine balls in the city. But I have to admit that it’s nice to see all those red hearts and balloons hanging in all the malls. It’s a nice feeling.