Kannada Movie Review - Junglee

ACTORS: Vijay, Aindrita Ray, Rangayana Raghu, Adi Lokesh, Suresh Chandra

The camera work perhaps cannot get any better; Satya Hegde seems to be at his peak. The art work by Shashidar Adapa beats the best in the business. Kannada music director Harikrishna’s music is not great but good enough. Kannada actor Vijay dishes out another good performance. But it’s the film that is the problem. It has no story, too many dialogues for Rangayana Raghu and innumerable killings to keep count. In the least, the film promises a headache.

Prabhakar aka Junglee (Vijay) wants to be a screen villain. He comes to the city with his mentor Gudde Narashima (Rangayana Raghu) who has made good friends with the underworld. Half the film is tapori talk between these two characters. The censor board may be too decent to understand the vulgarity in this street talk. There is not much else in the film except for a couple of good songs and mass murders. But kannda hot actress andrita ray looks cute.

Suri, it seems, gathers all his information from watching films in bars. So, there are more than a dozen references to scenes from other films, and if not carrying a gun or sword, then the characters hold glasses or alcohol bottles. Free download kannada film songs here.

You have been warned, watch the songs on TV and save money.