Deepavali Binanza for kannada film fans

Kannada film indusrty is remaking a Telugu film industry tradition this time rather than releasing films during Deepavali. Kannada movie indusrty has adapted it to its nativity by announcing the launch of multiple films just before the festival.

October 15 will see the muharat of many films. On Wednesday, the shooting for Ramesh Aravind’s new film "Inti Nimma Preetiya, Ramesh," will commence.

Puneeth Rajkumar’s Prithwi will commence shooting on Thursday. After so much of speculation its not Ramya who is pairing with Puneeth. Its Parvathy menon, who paired with Puneeth in the super hit Milana, is the leading lady of the film to be directed by Jacob Varghese.

Another big film launching that day is Shankar IPS which has Duniya Vijay in the lead. The film will be directed by M S Ramesh who directed the hit(?) Thakat with the same actor earlier this year. Vijay who played a guest role as a cop in Gelaya will be portraying a full-fledged IPS officer for the first time.

Shravana produced by veteran producer RTO Shivanna also goes on floor on Thursday starring Vijay Raghavendra.

Youngster Vishwas (of Jolly Days) will be seen in Kalgejje directed by first-time director Bangaru. School-girl Roopika is the leading lady.

For years it was during the festival of Varamahalakshmi that many Kannada films would be launched or released. This Deepavali bonanza may well turn out to be a new trend.

Puneeth bags suri's next kannada film

Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar will be acting in ‘Duniya’ Suri’s next kannada film Jackie. Though this is the tentative title of the film, it is most likely to be retained. The film will start after Puneeth completes Prithvi.

“The two films I am most nervous and excited about at the same time are Prithvi and Suri’s next. The first one because of the combination of director Jacob (Varghese) and Manikanth Kadri (music composer). And any of Suri’s films will be a challenge,” Puneeth said.

Jacob Varghese has a tough follow-up act to do after the success of his first film Savari. Manikanth composed music for the film and the duo will now have the biggest star in Kannada to handle. Manikanth is the son of internationally renowned saxophone exponent Kadri Gopalanath. He has also composed music for films Ganesha and Mr Garagasa. That Suri will be directing a film for Puneeth rajkumar was in the news for some time. It is the title and schedule that has now been revealed. Suri is currently wrapping up Kari Chirate with Vijay, his third film with the actor. “Jackie is not about jockeys. It is just a name,” Puneeth said.

how much money did Raj - The Showman made?

This is some pure fun after a long hiatus and some gud work too. Gud work is film personalities come forward to donate money for victims of floods and fun is its the celebration of 50 days completion of flop film of the decade Raj - The showman!!!!

Monday started with new producer Darshan Priya writing a cheque for Rs 51,000 in aid of the victims of the flood in north Karnataka. She wrote the cheque while she was on the dais at the press meet of her film Hrudayadali Idenidu. The 23-year-old is producing her first film.

Later in the day, one of the producers of Raj — The Showman, Srinivas Murthy announced he is donating Rs one lakh (Still he has money!!) to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. The film has completed 50 days and the director, Prem, claims that the film has collected in its first week what other films do in 25 weeks!!! But even asking by the reporters he doesnt disclose the any figures and he played it safe !!.

The film’s making is said to have cost Rs 10 crore and Prem says the cost has been recovered in the first week itself. Distributor Jayanna was more forthcoming and revealed that the gross collections of the film have been about Rs 25 crore and its net earning is in the region of Rs 12.5 crore. Considering that the film ran well in the districts that now lie submerged, the contribution seems too small. Isn't it??

Puneeth Rajkumar, the leading man of the film said that his family’s Dr Rajkumar Trust will be doing its bit and will announce a donation on Wednesday. “I feel so sad at the people's suffering. I appeal to all individuals to do their bit for the welfare of the victims,” he said.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and the Karnataka Cine Artistes' Association are still silent on the issue.

Kannada power star Puneet in Jacob's next?

After the success of kannada movie Savaari, director Jacob Varghese is back in the news with his next film Prithwi. “I treat each film like it’s my last project. So I give it my best,” he says.

Interestingly, the kannada director, who doesn’t believe in directing remakes, made Savaari, a remake of the Telugu film, Gamyam.

“I have watched the original. And when it was offered to me, I knew there was plenty of scope for betterment. I also knew it’d work in Kannada,” he says.

After Savari, even though Jacob is flooded with offers, he’s in no hurry to sign films. “I want to be choosy about my projects. Besides, as a director, I have a longer shelf life in the industry than an actor,” he reasons.

The director is also keen that Prithwi should do better than Savari. “Puneet watched the film in the third week and loved the songs. So producer MB Babu set up a meeting for us. Puneet and I met a couple of times and discussed the film,” says Jacob. He’s all praise for the Power Star. “I had a totally different perception of Puneet. But once we got talking, I could relate to him. His views on movie making is very different. Puneet watches a lot of world cinema and appreciates good movies,” he shares. So are there any makeovers in store for the actor? “I believe in him and don’t want to change him in any way. I’ve bet on a winning horse, so half the work is done. All you need to do is make a decent film,” he says.

This kannada film will go on the floors sometime in the second week of October with the song recording starting from October 2. Manikanth Kadri is scoring the music.

Vishnuvardhan acts as Yajamaana

This is the greatness of our kannada super star sahasa simha vishnuvardhan. He exactly acted as yajamaana to protect his family and the victim!!

Archana, the sister-in-law (wife of late kannada director R Seshadri) of Vishnuvardhan stays with the star’s family in Jayanagar and works as a manager in a private firm. She started receiving obscene SMSes on her cell phone from a youth a couple of days ago. Archana confided to Vishnuvardhan’s daughter Keerthi. The latter told this to Raju, a staff member of the actor, who in turn complained to the police.

The youth was subsequently identified and picked up by Thilak Nagar police. After he was suitably ‘taken to task’ it was revealed that he was a relative of a top city cop. No formal complaint was lodged and family members of the youth apologised to Archana and Vishnuvardhan. The incident was kept secret from the actor and more importantly from his Vishnu Sene fans so that it would not be a repeat of a incident where two men were beaten up badly.

The issue was prevented from taking an ugly turn. A few years ago, a similar incident had resulted in two youth from Ramanagara being beaten up by Vishnuvardhan’s fans and dumped near Bannerghatta. Vishnuvardhan has now requested the cops not to reveal the identity of the youth.

“Thankfully Raju did not tell this to members of Vishnu Sene. The fans tend to be very protective about my family members. When Keerthi and Archana used to go to college by bus, fans used to escort the bus in auto rickshaws. I remember how two youngsters were beaten black and blue when they teased my daughters years ago. I do not want such things to be repeated. This incident only came to my notice when the family members of that boy wanted to apologise,” kannada cinema star Vishnuvardhan said.

ello maLeyaagide endu tangaaLiyu hELutide - Manasaare lyrics

Here is the lyrics of current number one song from manasaare - ello maleyaagide endu. Penned by jayanth kaikini, composed by mano murthy and sung by sonu nigam. This combination always enriched kannada film music and 'ello maleyaagide indu' is the another beautiful song showering good kannada music to us. We wonder to see the google search results for manasaare music free downloads by kannada music lovers. In this website you can download 'sangama' and 'psycho' music. We wish to publish the songs from manasare for free download once we get the rights. as of now you enjoy the manasaare song lyrics.

ello maLeyaagide endu tangaaLiyu hELutide
ille olavaagide endu kanasondu beeLutide
vyaamOhava kevala maatinali
hELalu barabahude
ninna nODida mELeyu preetiyali
beeLade irabahude
ello maLeyaagide endu tangaaLiyu hELutide

kaNNali mooDide hanigavana
kaayisi nee kaaDidare
nootana bhaavada aagamana
nee biDade nODidare
ninna gaanadi ninnade tOLinali
heegeye irabahude
ee dhyaanava kanDare dEvarigU
kOpavu barabahude

nenapina hoogaLa beesaNige
nee baruva daariyali
ODide doorake besarike
neeniruva oorinali
anumaanave illade kanasinalli
mellage barabahude
alemaariya hrudayada bErinali
neenu irabahude