Girish Kasaravalli' new film Kanasemba Kudureyanneri

Actors consider it a boon to get a call from director Girish Kasaravalli to act in his film. And it is not without reason. The winner of four National Awards for best film, he is considered lucky for actors too, many of whom have bagged awards in his films.

Girish is also known not to repeat his actors. Only Harish Raj and Umashree have two films with Girish. But who would have imagined Biradar to play the main lead in a Girish film. No doubt Biradar is considered a talented actor. But in mainstream films he has been delegated to play cheap comic characters and the first choice for a beggar’s role.

It was very rare for him to get meaningful roles. The roles he played in films like Akka Tangi were very few. But playing the lead role in Girish’s 12th feature film Kanasemba Kudureyaneri is a different matter altogether.