Yograj Bhat new kannada flick Pancharangi with Diganth

After much haggling and brainstorming director Yograj Bhat has chosen a name for his new film with kannada actor Diganth and Nidhi Subbaiah. The film is to be named Pancharangi (five coloured). Bhat’s concept of the story is that a man’s life revolves around five important elements; education, career, love, parents and marriage/children.

“Whatever way we look at life, all aspects can be categorised into these five basic ideas,” says Bhat. There is a small hitch with the title though. Pancharangi Putta has already been registered with Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce by someone else and Bhat is trying to get a noobjection certificate from them for his title.

His close friend kannada director Suri, on the other hand, started with a title and afterwards wove a story around it. His film Jackie, with Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead, will start in February. Puneeth had said that the title was the name of the protagonist and was not to be confused with ‘jockey’.

kannada director duniya Suri lets out a little more about the film. “In local slang jackie is the moniker given to a person in a group who volunteers not to drink when the friends go on a trip. He is the one who drives the car and has to be on his guard. The title was taken from that concept,” he said.

Always tightlipped on anything about his films, Suri complains that most people in the industry are always on the lookout to steal ideas and concepts. “We have to safeguard the few ideas we use in the film with our lives. It takes seven months for the film to be released. Until then, it has to remain safe,” he said.