Kannada actress Aindrita Ray is not part of the Nannavanu anymore

Is kannada actress Aindrita Ray morphing into Sandalwood’s wild child? Only 21 and a handful of films old, the petite actress is never out of the news, be it for her slapgate with Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar, her party hard ways, her constant sightings with actor Diganth and now the latest controversy. Some time ago Andy had made it clear that she was no longer part of kannada film Nannavanu and would not be attending promotional meets of the film. She had, a year ago, complained to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, that her payment was due.

The film is releasing this week and kannada Director Srinivas Raju has opened a new can of worms. He says that Aindrita was an integral part of the film and though she is arrogant, she is innocent too. “She did not attend three days of the shooting after giving the dates. Luckily, those scenes just required her presence. We have paid her 80 per cent of the remuneration but she is still not cooperating with us. There is enough proof to show that she has caused losses of Rs 12 lakh by not attending the shoot. But I am not filing any complaint against her,” he said at a press meet.

sexy Kannada actress Aindrita took on each gripe. “I was informed about the press conference only on Monday morning. I had complained more than a year ago about non-payment and the director had accepted it in front of Jaimala (KFCC President). My remuneration was much lower than Rs 12 lakh, the amount they are accusing me of wasting now. They had to come up with something negative against me anyways. It is true that I did not attend the last two days of shooting as they avoided paying me 50 per cent of my remuneration. It was the patch-up shooting and they used a stand-in,” she says.

Aindrita goes onto regret her decision to go-ahead working on the film. “It was dumb of me to complete shooting the film even after being paid only half of my fees. The producer has suffered losses because extra two hours of film were shot and had to be cut from the final version and not because I did not attend two days of a patch-up shoot. I stand by my words that I will not attend the promotional events of the film. I am not part of Nannavanu,” she says. After Meravanige, Prajwal Devraj and Aindrita Ray are paired together in this film again.