Kannada actress Neethu cheated by noted director

Neethu who lost the lead role in kannada film Huli to Jennifer Kotwal says it was because of director Omprakash Rao’s foul play. “When I was signed on for the film, I was told that I would be playing the role of a television journalist. Without assigning any reason or informing me, the director then signed on Jennifer Kotwal for the same role. He cheated me,” she says. The film has Kishore playing the lead role for the first time in Kannada.

Yet the chubby kannada actress neetu need not worry much for a lost role as April is turning out be a month for a 'Neetu Film Festival.' April 9 will see the release of her film Krishna Nee Lateaagi Baaro, followed by Aithalakadi on April 16 and Thyagu on April 23.

After shimmying with Baba Sehgal for a song in Punit rajkumar, Neethu shared the stage at the State Film Awards 2009 last Sunday with Puneeth Rajkumar. “I am so happy that my programme at the awards was with Puneeth. He was busy and rehearsed for just one day. But everyone is appreciating us for the dance,” says Neethu.