Kannada film makers are testing promotion of new films online first

Until recently it was only television grab of Kannada film songs and trailers that were available on YouTube. Not anymore. Increasingly technology savvy directors are premiering promos and songs of their films on YouTube rather than on television. Online has become the new testing ground.

The two yet-to-be released kannada films, Krishnan Love Story and Naanu Nanna Kanasu directed by Shashank and Prakash Rai respectively premiered on YouTube recently. “The idea was to bombard audience from everywhere. The promos were first put up on YouTube as there are a large number of audience updating themselves there. On the very first day there were hundreds of comments. This is a very good response and the interaction of these potential audience creates the necessary buzz for the film,” Prakash Rai said.

“I wanted the feedback of the audience before going to television. There are a variety of comments, some negative also. I will get to know why people would like to see this film. Is it because of Ajay, Radhika or the director. We can stress on what is liked in future promotions elsewhere. There are five songs but on YouTube one or two of them will be viewed more. These particular songs will be promoted more on television. The comments by the audience is better than asking my friends to watch and give me feedback. They usually say it is good as they don’t want to hurt me,” says Shashank.

Ullasa Utsaha starring kannada acotr Ganesh has been delayed for a few months now. This seems to have created a big audience for it online. Songs of this film are so popular that on YouTube they have seen hits nearly 20,000 each.