Kannada actor Puneet Raj Kumar`s new film Jackie songs

The audio of kannada actor Puneet Raj Kumar`s Jackie is all set to be released on August 20, the Varamahalakshmi festival day.

The audio rights has been obtained by Anand Audio Company which has been releasing many Kannada films including the Yogaraj Bhat directed Pancharangi. Though the audio company is tight-lipped about the money paid for the audio rights, it is stated that the rights have fetched nearly Rs. 45 lakhs to the producers which is the highest amount in these days when the audio market is falling. Jacky songs download.

However, the quality of songs in the film might have really impressed the Anand Audio group which has decide to promote it in a big way. Already the song `Ekka Raja`, which was leaked, has become a big hit. However, Raghavendra Raj Kumar who is in charge of the film says that the song is an uncompleted version. However sources close to the unit say that all the songs in the film including the three songs shot in Namibia, South Africa, Austria and Italy have wonderful music composed by music director Hari Krishna. The lyrics are by kannada director Yogaraj Bhat and Jayanth Kaikini. Download free kannada songs here. Download Ekka Raja here.

New updates:

The hugely popular song from Jackie, Ekka Raja Rani Nanna Kaiyolage, that was leaked on the Internet is nowhere on the OST.

The ‘leaked’ song of Puneeth Rajkumar’s new kannada film Jackie has become an instant hit. The song Ekka Raja Rani Nanna Kaiyolage, however will not be found on the original soundtrack of the film that will be released on 20th. The now all-familiar tune will feature entirely new lyrics Shiva Anta Heloke.

“The lyrics Ekka Raja Rani were used as dummy for the original tune. Somehow that got leaked on the Internet. The same tune is on the CD but not with those words,” said Mohan Chabria of Anand Audio, which is releasing the music. The song that found its way on the Internet and was a popular download talks about gambling and how addictive and ruinous it is. Some of the song’s phrases have become catchwords already.

“True, this is the best commercial film song I have had in some time,” said Mohan. All the five songs in the film directed by Suri have lyrics by director Yograj Bhat. Since the film is a home production of the Rajkumar family, some of the phrases have been deemed inappropriate. There were cuss words and lines like, ‘90 hodi’ (drink 90).

There are changes in the music of Yograj-Bhat directed Pancharangi as well. The song being played on FM radio stations, Lifeu Ishtene, has different words in the soundtrack of the film. “Eleven versions of the lyrics were written and the one being played on FM stations is not in the CD or the film. There are plans to release a separate CD containing all 11 versions of the same song,” said Shyam of Anand Audio.