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In her two years as kannada actress, Radhika Pandit has bagged a Filmfare award for Best Actress in each. Now, she’s set to host a reality show.

Interview :
Your journey from being a TV artist to an award winning star in the Kannada film industry...
I have always loved acting and to have made a debut in a television serial (Nanda Gokula) that ran for eight months was a great feeling. Then I was lucky to get an opportunity to act in Moggina Manassu, which also did very well. All thanks to my supportive parents.

You have bagged the Best kannada Actress Filmfare award for Love Guru this year. You won the same award in 2009 for Moggina Manassu. Winning twice in a row and so early in your career must be a heady feeling?

It (the award for kannada film Moggina Manassu) came to me as a surprise because at first I was a bit too bothered about how my debut movie would do and if at all the audiences would like my performance. I am not a trained actor so the awards mean a lot to me. Being nominated alone was such a high.

How challenging was it to play a girl from the slums in the kannada film Krishnan Love Story?

It was very challenging. I was clueless about the way of life in the slums and had to train to understand what was required of me for this role. I tried to speak and dress like the slumdwellers.

What about the forthcoming film Gaaja Bajaana, tell us something about that.
It’s a youth-oriented movie with a lot of humour and romance. The story revolves around a dance class where the love story takes off.

Are you hosting the second season of Pyate Hudgeer Halli Lifu (City Girls Village Life, a TV reality show where city-bred girls get a taste of rural living)?

I am the brand ambassador of Halli Haida Petege Banda (Village Boys Come to the City) and I am very excited about hosting the reality show.

Did you always want to be a filmstar?

Oh no. I was good at dancing and would participate in a lot of cultural activities back in school and college. I never took the idea of me wanting to act seriously even though I had enough influences at home — my father was into theatre and has directed many plays.

What do you like about Sandalwood?
It’s a great place with versatile directors, music directors, some great technicians and amazing costume designers.

Favourite kannada actors?

Ananth Nag. As an actor, he’s multifaceted and as a person, a wonderful human being. I also admire Aamir Khan. Julia Roberts is my favourite Hollywood actor.

Any Bollywood director you would love to work with?
I love Ashutosh Gowrikar’s body of work. I cannot stop myself from watching his movies like Jodhaa Akbar, Swades and Lagaan, again and again.

So you are looking Bollywood’s way?
It’s only my second year in the movies, there’s a long way to go.

What’s the best and the worst thing about being an actress?
I love that I get to play a new character everyday. The bad part is the stress and work pressure we have to handle.

WHO'S AT home?
There’s five of us, my parents, my brother Gaurav, my uncle and I.

Who would you love to date.
Bryan Adams.

Favourite place and food?
I want to visit Australia. I love homecooked food, nothing can beat the stuff Mum prepares.

Fitness mantra.
I love to eat but I make it a point to burn those extra calories with a workout. I gym regularly.

Are you single?
Hmmm, yes!