Kannada origin Tamil actress Priyamani pictures

It’s working in the reverse for actress Priyamani. She’s already clinched a National Award, she’s approached for performance-oriented roles but what the actress wants is to go glam on-screen. WE have published a few sexy pictures of actress Priyamani here.

How different has life been after the National Award for Paruthiveeran (Tamil,2007)?
Personally, it’s the same, but professionally it has definitely been a big boost. I have become choosy about my roles. I was always careful but now even more so. Of course, it so happens that now I get approached only for performance-oriented roles.

Do you think that your being so particular about your roles has cost you a standing in commercial cinema?
In fact, that is why I have made a conscious decision to do roles that require me to be glamourous and provide me the scope to act as well. For instance, my Kannada film Ram or my Telugu film Golimaar, in both I have roles that balance the two. Though, even now there seems to be hesitation to approach me for glamorous roles.

The debacle of Raavan must have been a great disappointment...
Well, the Tamil version did do better than the Hindi one. When I spoke to many people here in the south and in Mumbai, they were appreciative of my performance and the cinematography too. Around the country, the press was all compliments too, saying that I was a fresh change. So I am happy about things.

Did the role shape up as it was narrated to you?
Yes, it did. Only some shots from Ranjha Ranjha song were missing. I guess they must have been edited out it due to the length of the film.

Who did you like as Beera, Vikram or Abhishek Bachchan?
Both have interpreted the character in their own styles. It would be unfair to compare. But I feel Vikram was flawless; I tend to favour him.

You were looking for this film to be your stepping stone to Hindi films.
Yes, I was and still am. I have Rakta Charitra, so let’s see what happens.

Tell us about Rakta Charitra.
I play Suriya’s wife. She’s a very earthy character. Everyone knows the film is based on real life experiences yet I can’t give out details about the character.

In recent times, the list of southern actresses wanting to make a mark in Hindi films has only grown. Why not, don’t heroines from there want to work in south films? It’s the same the other round too. Also fresh film concepts like Ishqiya are being made in Hindi. I do hope I get to do such cinema. And I also hope to get to run around trees, shoot in a country like Switzerland for 40 days. I’ll have a blast.

You grew up in Bangalore and have been part of the film industry for about seven years, but we are seeing you in Kannada films only now, and that too one release after another.
Thank God for that. I have been wanting to do Kannada cinema but some how the scripts or the roles did not excite me. My Kannada film Ram with Puneet Rajkumar released in 2009 and went on to become a huge hit. Yeno Ontara with Ganesh had me in a good role too. So am glad to be doing these films.

Now we are going to see you in Vishnuvardhana too. How did that happen?
Yogish — Dwarakish’s son — kept calling me. No, I am kidding. Well, Yogish and I had met a long time ago during my early days in the industry in Chennai. The project we discussed then did not come through. Once he narrated this script, I liked my role in it and here I am working with Sudeep.

Do you dub for yourself in all the languages that you act in?
Yes, I do. For Raavan, I spoke in Hindi and even Rakta Charitra (Download free rakta charitra songs, lyrics here), which is being shot in sync sound, has my voice.

What next?
I am working with Nagarjuna in a Telugu film. He is so suave and so down to earth. I have another Telugu film which is heroine oriented. I have just finished shooting for a Malayalam film with Mammootty sir, directed by Ranjit. It is titled Prajettan and the Saint.