Is Endhiran kannada film Hollywood remake?

The uncanny resemblance between Upendra’s 2002 sci-fi film and Rajinikanth’s latest has tongues wagging in Kannada filmdom.

The latest revelation about Endhiran, the costliest Indian film that has Rajinikanth playing three characters in the film, has people agog in the Kannada film industry. The whispers going around say that the film could be a lot more similar to Upendra’s Hollywood than anticipated.

Hollywood, kannada movie, directed by Dinesh Baboo, was written by kannada actor Upendra, who also played a triple role in the film. The film had Upendra playing a scientist’s (Anant Nag) assistant. The scientist creates an android resembling Upendra to help him win over a girl. The girl is charmed by Upendra’s brother (Upendra again) The android falls in love with the girl and tries to eliminate Upendra. In the end, the android gives up its life trying to save Upendra. (Download free songs and wallpapers)

The speculation about the resemblance of the two films started after it was revealed that in Shankar’s Endhiran Rajinikanth plays both man and the robot. With the latest news that he plays three characters, the chorus has grown and discussions on Internet forums have reached a feverish pitch.

Dinesh Baboo, who directed this kannada flick Hollywood, says, “I can’t comment on similarities as I have not seen Endhiran. But people here are telling me that whatever has been revealed about that film closely resembles Hollywood. If it is so, it will be a rich man’s Hollywood; ours was a poor man’s make. In our kannada film, the android also creates another robot resembling the heroine to fool Upendra. So there are two robots apart from the hero playing three roles.” A real monkey played an important role in Hollywood and till now Endhiran does not seem to have any animal playing a role.

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Kannada actor Upendra had earlier said that while he was working on the film, he had heard that Shankar was also planning a film themed on robots. According to Upendra it was only when Shankar told him that his film would be delayed that our Kannada star continued with his project. But eight years later, rumours have built up again. Australian actress Felicity Mason was the leading lady in Hollywood.


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